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Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 4:30 PM EDT on October 11, 2021

Once again I see a lot of in-fighting amongst the Gurus, some even relentlessly attacking others.

This concerns me greatly.

It is a reflection of the consciousness of the beings that are blessed to inhabit this planet. GESARA is the antithesis of this thinking. GESARA is about equality, unity, care for each and every sentient life form that inhabits mother earth.

Agreed, opposing points of view need to be handled with robust discussion, but with respect and dignity. For example, I strongly disagree with CW and SP’s view that greed by a few will stop the RV. Why would the greed of a few stop the release of healing technologies and funding that can assist so many in dire need of these services? It is incompatible with the spirit of GESARA. Yet even though I disagree with their viewpoint, I have the greatest respect and admiration for both CW and SP. Even though they have been heavily criticised, they have never responded by attacking their critics. They hold their own truth (sometimes different to mine) with dignity and grace. This is the true essence of GESARA.

Dinar Chronicles very nearly lost Holly because of this relentless negativity propagated by ‘enlightened truthers’. Holly a very big kudos to you to reach deep in the moments of darkness and to rise beyond your own needs and to continue with your truth postings as you realise that they are more important to the many than your own discomfort. Giving us who seek information a perspective that we may never have had. You are truly inspirational!

Understand very clearly, this is a thought constructed Manifestation! Your thinking creates feelings which give energy to photons to coagulate and fomr into physical reality.

A question to all the readers. What are you thinking? Is it fear based or joy based?




I once wrote an article on different thinking styles which I feel appropriate to include in this post. Please read it and determine your predominant style. Take note and if necessary make adjustments to your thinking. This will play a large part in the Timestream that you will gravitate towards.

There are three main learning systems in which the majority of the human population’s  neuropathways (beliefs) are formed. These learning systems mould our thinking processes and one of them becomes our predominant means of interacting to external stimuli. A fourth system exists but is seldom consciously utilised or even acknowledged.

  1. Dogmatic – No free will – Do it this way or else! No thinking. Just do as I say. (The preferred control mechanism of the Cabal)

Information is prescribed, force fed, no room for discussion or another point of view.  This is the way it is and that is that! There is no, or extremely limited, free will! Only subservience to the chain of command.

The importance of free will cannot be understated. It is an underlying principle of creation in the universe we exist in, a blueprint for the reason to existence, to utilise independent thinking (free will), to create and become more.

Unfortunately, dogmatism, the least worthy of all the systems, is widely used on this planet in formulating belief systems, stifling creative independent thinking, going against one of the prime objectives of creation. Schooling systems, religions, cults, military, businesses, etc. are primarily dogmatic in their application.

For example, the military uses this system to great effect as it requires certain indoctrinated responses from the foot soldiers in battle. “Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die.” ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’, by Alfred Tennyson. 

Interestingly the higher up the chain of command you go, dogmatic thinking becomes a hinderance, not an asset. It seems the system demands no free will with the masses, but the higher up the chain of command you go, the more you are required to use independent thinking or free will, in your decision making.




Yet no system is pure or perfect, and even the free will universe accommodates different levels of free will.

A new born child must be dogmatically told what to do for their own safety. Fire burns so don’t touch the stove, you can drown in a swimming pool, be careful of strangers, and so on. They need to understand the norms and laws of the system that they are born into and this is the best way to teach them. 

In the formative years of your child’s development you, the parent, are ‘god’ in their eyes. They see you as the ultimate authoritative figure and dogmatically learn from you. Not only from what you say to them (auditory sense), but more from your behaviour and actions (all five senses).  A child is built with an innate directive to mimic what they see. This is the primary modus of learning in infants. What young children see, is interpreted by their limbic (emotional) brain more than their neocortex (thinking brain). They seem to understand the intent or motive behind your behaviour and not the actual behaviour itself.

That is why it is important to be authentic in your dogmatic approach to their development in their formative years. You must truly believe that your directive to them is instructed on heart- based values. What you truly believe to be the right thing for them at that moment in time.

New born babies have no free will. They are simply born with a pre-programmed directive to suck. This ensures the sustainability of their human instrument. Varying from person to person, on average, by the time they are eighteen years old, they will have most of their independent thinking capabilities functional. They have become unique individuals with their own unique identity and are capable of self-sustainability.

As children grow older, they should be weaned off a dogmatic approach and given more free will. They need to start to make their own judgements and given more responsibility.

Empirical and axiomatic reasoning should be engendered as they grow older to develop their individuality, so they can best utilise their free will to become an effective member of society.

  1. Empirical – Free will –  But limited only to information fed into the five senses. An experiential process. A process measured and tested by the five senses, and logical conclusions if the measurements are extrapolated beyond the five senses. (Again a system predominantly controlled by the Cabal which feeds us the ‘laws’ and how to do the tests.)

A far worthier system than dogma. Basically, it means don’t take what I say for granted, measure it and test it and then react to it.

Unfortunately, the majority of the population only have the tools of the five senses, or the technologies that the five senses have developed, to measure and test information before they react to it. Indeed, most believe these to be the only tools that are necessary.

This is not necessarily a bad thing as the limitations of the five senses is a pre-requisite to individuality, a limitation imposed on the human instrument affording it individuality; requiring the human instrument to master the limitations of the three-dimensional domain we live in.




Axiomatic thinking develops an independent thinker, a person who realises they have the free will to accept or reject any situation.

It also stimulates creativity and growth. By analysing data or information, eventually someone will realise the picture is incomplete. This is because truth/reality is constantly evolving and can never be complete. It is in a process of flux, a process of evolving into something more than before.

New theories are postulated, then we develop the means to test these theories. A new law is discovered or rejected and the old laws are reinforced, negated or modified. These new or modified laws hold true for a moment in time and then someone redefines them. This new law in turn only holds to be true for a period of time as someone else will come along and redefine this new law into a greater more accurate explanation of natural laws. Creation or growth continues.

This is the cycle we have experienced since time immemorial. Whilst housed in the human instrument we have an inbuilt desire to improve, to become more. An important part of this process is the testing the boundaries of physicality, defining and then redefining the said boundaries as we acquire more information. Built into our DNA is a Divine Directive to master the physical, to seek that which is beyond.

As you sit reading these words, know that the greatest scientific minds on this planet know emphatically that the physical world is a result of a higher intelligent energy system instructing virtual (non-physical} particles to manifest into a physical state that we call reality. Our current scientific endeavours are only confirming that which has been well known to mystics from time before recorded history.

Newtonian/Classical Physics has primarily employed the use of the five senses, progressing mankind into a far worthier existence than that of the dogmatic institutions.

Even with the limited use of the five senses only, a person can employ empirical thinking into their decision making in order to make better decisions, create more, and live a better quality of life.

  1. Axiomatic – Free will thinking through wisdom – An axiom is a self-evident ‘truth’ that can be replicated in almost any and every situation.

It is far worthier than the preceding two systems.  It can be equated to wisdom. It is a constant in any system, similar to a fractal, and it self-replicates. In terms of your everyday life, you can master almost any situation or solve any problem by applying an axiomatic law to the situation or problem.

For example, an axiom is “What ye sow, so shall you reap”. If you plant and nurture tomato seedlings, tomatoes will grow, not chillies.

Or if you apply this axiom in a different manner, if you don’t study for the exam, (sow) you will not get more marks (reap) than if you do study.




Or, if you spend quality time with your child engendering joy and happiness, (sow) you will have a relationship that is more joyful with each other (reap) than if you don’t. Even if the experience is not immediate. Your children will also experience a lifetime with more joy than not.

Perhaps one of the greatest axioms known by mystics, is As Above So Below, or the Microcosm is a reflection of the Macrocosm. This can be well illustrated by the image of a manifested atom, and the image of our manifested solar system. At the centre of an atom is a positively charged nucleus. Orbiting around this nucleus are negatively charged electrons. The positive nucleus holds the electrons within its field of influence causing them to rotate around its attractive field of influence. At the centre of our solar system is the positively charged sun. Orbiting around the sun are the negatively charged planets, held within its field of influence.

The current depiction of the solar system is an exact holographic/fractal image of the Newtonian depiction of an atom. They are intrinsically intertwined, connected by an indivisible web of intelligence, made of the same stuff, or perhaps it is more correct to say that their instruction for manifestation comes from the same source.

A code imbued into creation that is way beyond the five senses. A code that is a fragment of its creator, First Source (god). It is pertinent to say that First Source cannot create anything that is not an integral part of itself.

According to mainstream physics are our human instruments are made up of atoms. Is everything in the physical manifestation not also made up of atoms? Are we not an integral aspect of First Source?

It stands to reason that you and I, as well as everything in the manifestation that is perceived by our five senses, are one and the same. Each and every sentient being is a fragment of First Source, containing within its creation All That Is. From the minerals to the plants, from the animals, to all aspects of human incarnation, we are truly One.

The paradox is every sentient being is unique in its expression. No two fingerprints are the same, no two snowflakes are identical. This is due to the fact that although we all originate from the same source, imbued with the characteristics of the original source, we have been endowed with the gift of Free Will. Each and every part of creation is gifted with varying degrees of Free Will and it is Free Will that forms our uniqueness.

Of course, the mineral kingdom has less free will (uniqueness) than the plant kingdom. Yet it still exists. For example, expert diamond assessors from De Beers Diamonds can subject a diamond to inspection and based on its unique properties tell you from which country or even province or particular mine within the said country, that that particular diamond was mined. 

The plant kingdom has more ‘free will’ than the animal kingdom. Mankind has dominion over the animal kingdom. This is because mankind, your human instrument, has more ‘free will’ than the animal and mineral kingdoms. We have more consciousness.

But it goes further than that. We have more free will than anything in creation. More than the interdimensional beings, including Angels, Arc Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim and Elohim.




The greatest free will is gifted to those that chose to incarnate in the Manifestation.

So even though we are all one, we are also individualised through the gift of Free Will so that we in turn can become creators. What is hidden from many is that the axiom As Above So Below is only a part of an ancient ‘truth’. The full axiom is As Above So Below, So Below as Above, or The Macrocosm is a reflection of the Microcosm, the Microcosm is a reflection of the Macrocosm.

The implications are profound. As we are created from Above, we in turn effect the creation of Above.

Another example of applying the axiom As Above So BelowSo Above would be to look at the ethos of the creator of a company. This will give you a good indication as to how you will be treated as an employee or supplier of that company. Or to look at the president of a nation, and understand the protocols and sentiment of that nation.

Let us delve deeper into the axiom, ‘What you sow so shall you reap’. The bible refers to this axiom in Leviticus 24:19-20  And if a man cause a blemish in his neighbour; as he hath done, so shall it be done to him; Breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for tooth: as he hath caused a blemish in a man, so shall it be done to him again.”

Or simply put, ‘What you do unto others WILL be done unto you’. This is the underlying principle of karma; that at some point in your existence, the intentional pain that you inflict upon others will be inflicted upon you; either in this life or your next. Why harm someone else when the end result is you are only harming yourself?

Another way of saying it is that you are not punished for your sins, but you are punished BY your sins! Understanding and integrating this axiom into your Uniqueness automatically ensures a huge leap in consciousness. The more consciousness you have, the more power you have to create!

Understanding and utilising axiomatic thinking ensures better decision making and a better quality of life. Unfortunately, axiomatic reasoning is not a subject taught in education systems and is often the responsibility of the individual to integrate into their reasoning, thinking and their decision making in order to make better decisions, create more, and live a better quality of life.

  1. Photonic – Intuition/Inspiration. Guidance from that which is not physical – beyond your human instrument. The highest of all thinking processes that the human instrument is capable of processing. The freedom from spending the majority of our day working just to exist that GESARA will bring to us, gives us the opportunity to develop this aspect of our thinking (with a little bit of help from the QFS).

Light or photons are the quanta of creation in the three-dimensional world. In other words, photons are the smallest unit of energy that are responsible for the creation of all matter. Photons are the transition between the physical and non-physical realms, the creative force of physical matter, all aspects of physical matter.

Quantum Physics postulates there are various dimensions of existence. Of the ten/eleven postulated dimensions that exist, your human instrument or ego identity exists in the lowest dimension. Rest assured that You exist in all possible dimensions of creation. 




Photons/Light are the carrier wave that transcends the limitations of your five-sensory human instrument. It is the mechanism that connects your Divine Spark to your human instrument/ego identity. Photons are literally the ‘messengers of the gods’, or more aptly the field of pure potentiality that await the instruction of Your god-self to potentialize.

There is a two-way communication between your Divine Spark and your human instrument. This occurs below the level of ‘knowing’. The major access point of this communication is your enteric brain, housed in your gut. This major doorway gives you access to other dimensions beyond your ego identity.

If you reflect on your life you will be able to recall many instances when your gut feeling told you to do or not to do something. This normally occurs when you have a thought or idea that is critical to your development, or when your emotional intensity is at its highest or lowest vibration. Often logic dictates otherwise, yet we don’t follow our gut; only to reflect in introspection after the event, that we should have listened to our gut. We tend to shut down the ‘logic’ of the gut feeling and gravitate towards societal norms (the major source of the human instruments indoctrinated logic).

Photons, or light particles, exist both within, and beyond the capabilities of our five senses. At times, when you are in resonance with a thought or idea, the photons carrying information relevant to that thought or idea enter into your enteric brain and filter into your consciousness, via the heart and then to the brain. This information is ‘divinely’ inspired, or perhaps it is more accurate to say, is drawn into you from higher dimensions.

That ‘gut feeling’ is almost never wrong. Even though it may mean taking a step backwards, in the long term it will dramatically accelerate your growth, or even save you countless heartaches and pains.

Due to the fact that this system of information processing is not taught or even acknowledged in main stream society, very few people utilise it consciously. In fact, the dismisses it. We immediately go into an internal dialogue between the egologic, and the information fed into our enteric brain from higher dimensions.

One of the greatest skills that you can develop, is it differentiate between these two voices and utilise the higher dimensional guidance which is connected to information way beyond the five sensory logic of the human instrument.

I can assure you respect for each other in a world of unity and love is a prerequisite of this thinking. Those who attack and belittle others are sadly not going to access this wonderful new consciousness that is engulfing us as we read these very words. This golden age of enlightenment.

We need to remember where we come from, to remember that divine aspect of ourselves that has been beyond our reach due to the indoctrination of those that were in power. It is where we have come from and to where we are returning.

Jai Guru Dev





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