Dinarland Highlights for October 12, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.12.21

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

We know from the White Papers put out that Iraq is ready now and will be cleared through the Digital Platform “BUNA” owned by the AMF. So I expect that will be similarly true with the FOREX, we shall see. imo…All is very good. The UST, G7, G20, WB, IMF, Cetral Banks meet on the 12th -15th.. They are going to be going over “Economic Inclusive Recovery’s”, keep that in mind…



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[What is your gut saying as far as RV timing?]

My gut is saying anytime in the next 2 weeks based on what we are seeing in Iraq, all of my redemption folks and bankers.

Showing a large golden egg…inside this golden is another golden egg…and inside that is another…and so on…Like the RV. Our first golden egg will be the RV and the wealth transfer…and all the other eggs inside will be us helping the world, our friends and families…its going to be awesome.

…Most of my folks believe we are waiting for an event that starts on Thursday. I have no idea what it could be. Last night though we did share some fantastic stuff out of Iraq as their new “Acting PM or President or interim leader” Al Sadr is saying that now that they have won…they are going to increase the value of the dinar. This was huge news from Iraq direct from the mouth of the new leader…Remember- it’s an “when” not an “if”..



…Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has been quoted saying, “If I am re-elected, Iraq will be rich.” He is obviously talking about the re-establishment of Iraq dinar on the world stage…People from every nation will flock to Iraq…This world remains topsy-turvy, right is wrong and wrong is right, it’s all upside down. Until there is a solution brought about…There can’t be an RV…In closing…don’t give up your currencies….Hang in there.



Some have confused the idea of exchanging USD in the country of Iraq for new smaller bills in Iraq as an in country RV.  It’s not.  The only way you have an RV is if the rate of the dinar changes. Even if you have smaller notes, it doesn’t do you any good unless you add value to the rate of the dinar. Any change in the rate would be seen on forex and on the CBI website



Here’s what everybody’s talking about.

Al-Sadr: We will work to raise the level of the Iraqi dinar

On Monday Sadr himself said they’re going to work to improve and raise the level of the Iraqi dinar to be in the ranks of global currencies gradually. Pimpy, didn’t you say it might go up in increments?  I did.  As much as I want an RI or RV it was my thought they should do it in increments just to make sure it doesn’t damage the economy. There’s plenty of reason to believe that Iraq’s currency can stand at a much stronger rate than currently is.  Only because of all the positive things…this is big news.  This is going to be spreading like wildfire.  Sadr saying they’re going to raise the level of the Iraqi dinar...


Vital Brad

Iraqi electoral voters are being manipulated by the unrealistic promises made by the political candidates in the 2021 elections

These political candidates are promising enhancing the exchange rate of the dinar…the misinformation out there – you’ve got to really be able to discern what’s happening.  IMO…there’s certain politicians probably in the know…why are they putting this information [Article like this] out To try to scare politicians or people about talking about this reset/rate change…I think we’re closer than ever.  I really think it’s only a matter of time…


Samson (KTFA)

Al-Sadr: We will work to raise the level of the Iraqi dinar

he pledged, We will work to raise the Iraqi dinar to be in the ranks of global currencies gradually,


Mountain Goat

So now the election is over.  Al-Sadr party won the majority of election seats… he supports implementing the White Paper…and Al-Kazemi will most likely be the candidate that Sadr will chose and it will be official soon.

…the election is not a trigger for the RV. It never was and never will be…There never was any indication that the election had to be done first to get the RV… Just like the budget having to be passed each year…So, was the election on Oct 10th important? Sure…I believe that Al-Kazemi will continue as the prime minister and this is a very good thing…



We will work to raise the Iraqi dinar to be in the ranks of global currencies gradually,”

Great news indeed.  Now time to put it in action…


RVAlready (TNT)

…The RV is in the hands of the CBI. The RV should be done by a month from now…Independent of the election, etc, etc…They do not need a new government to do the RV. They need a govt, but not for the RV…the IMF is pushing the CBI to get this done already.  CBI declared Iraq stable months ago…It looks better to me now, than any time in the past. Iraq has laws in place, and the QFS is operational…

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