The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 10-12-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 10-12-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday October 12th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in all over the globe

Ok let’s talk about where we are and see if we can determine where we’re going from this – What’s interesting to me is how much information comes and goes since the last big call which was last Thursday night and in fact days to the time of this call we had very strong indication as early as this past Friday that continued for a couple of days and then all of a sudden it got quiet really quiet yesterday and pretty quiet today – until later this afternoon and you know – it was one of those days that looked like the intel segment was going to be really short – It might still be a little short but not as much as it would have been so here’s where we are –

There are indications that there are two events that will be remarkable big things happening – one is supposed to occur after the President Trump rally in Grand Rapids Michigan tonight which is on now – and I don‘t know if it’s on any regular main stream media – only alternate media like Breitbart – Rumble etc –

There’s supposed to be something that is big – to take place after tonight’ – Now – there is also supposed to be something big to take place at noon tomorrow (Wednesday) Now – we don’t know exactly what those are – at all – at this point –  we don’t know

I may get off this call and find out – what one or two of those things might be – one suggestion that came through was that it is conceivable that the new internet system which is utilizing the ProLink or StarLink Satellite System that’s been in place for a little while now that will include that may be one of the big things – whether it’s the one after the rally tonight or the one at noon Wednesday – I don’t know –

I think the transition to that new internet supposed to be very fast and it’s supposed to be as far as the cell phone coverage when we transition completely to it; it is supposed to leap from 5G to something we would call 6G –  Now is that what one of the big things will be?  We’ll see – maybe so maybe not


In addition to that there was a conference call at least one of the major banks tonight and may have been system wide – on a number of tier 1 banks – and redemption centers – I know there was a call went for 2 ½ hours – I know that the Treasury is represented and a facilitator if you will of the new QFS – so you had an administrator of the QFS in conjunction with one of the representatives of the US Treasury on a call today for 2 ½ hours and we believe that the system is fully operational when we are talking about the QFS

Now they are supposedly four countries that still need some coordination and connection to the StarLink System and in so much as being connected that also means they need full reconnection if you will – to the QFS – so anytime you are introducing satellites and their connectivity it is in conjunction with the QFS and also quite possibly with our Space Force Program

Remember the Space Force Program is over all aspects of our military – all branches of the military and is sort of in charge of everything from space including the ProLink or StarLink satellite system – that’s big

So these four countries need to connect completely – I think that is sort of one thing that they’re waiting for to happen and that is supposed to happen – now what we did get from this information was the fact that we are able to go – meaning for our notifications to come out – and toll free numbers – in emails coming from Wells Fargo  – my understanding is it could go any second after tomorrow – (Wednesday)

Does not mean it could go tomorrow in terms of what we’re getting – its if tomorrow …  we have to go through tomorrow and through probably whatever that big thing is at noon – and whatever else – but then it brings Thursday into view – to clear view because it’s like any moment after we finish tomorrow it’s in play –

Now – believe me – this is anything besides trying to “call it” because that is not the way we want to do it – we are just making you aware of the information – each of us has to draw our own conclusions – about this – and this is a form of being ready and prepared for and eventual redemption center appointment or an opportunity to exchange our currency –

Everything that Iraq was going to do in the way of elections went through as we thought over this past weekend –Friday / Sat / Sunday – and of course we had a three day weekend – Sat / Sun / Mon – So even though banks were closed – redemption centers personnel were there to  test the phone system so that when we do call in to get connected to the call centers with our toll free numbers – the connectivity from the call center to the redemption center was being tested –yesterday – (Monday) on a bank holiday –


They have tested this thing every which way from Sunday BUT – we do believe it’s finally on its way to fruition for us – and we should see the … come full circle to all the way where it is we want it to show – I feel good about what I was hearing –

We had heard previously that today would definitely be in play for us for notifications but that wasn’t the case – it just did not work out – You can bet one thing – there is still quite a bit going on  in the way of kick off and drop off – clean up – globally – and there’s supposed to be something really really good coming out of the Trump Rally  tonight in Grand Rapids Michigan and I will probably try to catch some of that in some form of replay or whatever – but otherwise we’ll probably hear the news of whatever went on – what may have been said –  I can’t give that to you right now – But I would say we are in a good place right now and certainly more encouraged now than I was yesterday or earlier today when things were soooo quiet –

Usually when things are that quiet it’s a good sign – a really good sign – so we have to stay positive about even the fact that intel is quiet  – you know – we have to feel good about that – Usually no news is good news – because of NDA’s –  or gag orders – whatever –

Maybe there will be a call Thursday and maybe there won’t – we’re just going to have to take it one day at a time now and really the word was – after tomorrow – Wednesday – this could go at any second – that is what I’m hearing – I’m just taking it – giving it out – just like I got it – and let’s see what develops – alright Thanks  for listening

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:07:47

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