Dinarland Highlights for October 13, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.13.21


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The chatter from Iraq is that they are going to unpeg and the dinar is going to float in the near future. Most of the folks over there are looking at the 15th through the 17th. Buckle up.

I don’t think we are in a groundhog day. I think they are simply waiting . We heard waiting for Wednesday night to Thursday.   I know many folks are very positive for tonight and tomorrow.  [Gurus]Bruce, Holly…all saying positive things. I am hearing many of the same things and feel very positive for the very near future. My contractors in Iraq are still expecting new rates there on the 15th. That is just 2 days away…. I think this is an exciting time.

From all of my sources – it is moment to moment right now…We don’t have an idea on timing…I have been getting constant calls because they have everybody ramped up in anticipation.



Looks like some exciting news … The Sadr movement made some great achievements in the elections…they now control the parliament and this man is making a commitment that’s catching the buzz around the dinar community…there’s big talk about the change in the exchange rate of the dinar.How big?  Who knows.  We’re gonna find out here shortly…there is a lot of chitta chatter happening once again about the dinar...Sadr has 73 [seats in parliament] that’s huge…almost twice as many as [the group that came in] second…

I’m glad this election is over.  As you can see the rate didn’t change…people spreading rumors about how the rates gonna change on the day of the election although that would probably be a real sneaky tactic…What is the next benchmark here?  Oh yeah the 17th.  That’s the other one everybody is talking about.  We will see. Hang tight.  Like I said it won’t necessarily be an RI or RV.  We’re going to see it jump up in increments.  As long as the economy continues to grow in strength, the private sector is being built, they’re not relying so much on oil, there’s a lot of factors.  So far so good.  I’m happy and I’m curious to see who won…    


Mountain Goat

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) in coordination with the Finance Ministry will decide when the RV happens not some election cycle. They will do it based on sound economic and financial policies…First, we need to see the project to delete the zeros...There is a process involved…the beginning of the fiscal year is the most opportune time for the CBI to conduct this process… the first step being to kick off the process with the project to delete the zeros. Then the CBI monitors or watches for inflation (how long we don’t know and even the CBI does not know) and if all went well within Iraq they would then decide or decline to go to FOREX and reinstate the dinar. To ensure the crash of the Iraqi dinar does not happen upon the reinstatement, they are pursuing (have pursued) all avenues to beef up the dinar and support the new coming rate. …we all should be very happy this is taking place and witnessing it right in front of our noses.


Could the news get any betterYes, they are coming right out now and telling us now that they fully intend to go international (FOREX). I quote from the article above – “The people’s oil is for the people, and we will improve the dinar to be in the ranks of international currencies gradually and activate the role of clans to support the stability of Iraq”…


Desert Advisor

Who won the elections?  Al-Sadr. What happens?  He comes out and says this, article quote “We will work to raise the Iraqi dinar to be in the ranks of global currency gradually.”  This guy was just elected and right away he says we want to raise the Iraqi dinar in the ranks of the global currencies – gradually. Is that the 5 year plan they talked about with the reform of the white papers?  Does that mean there won’t be an RV?  But it’s slowly going to float all the way I don’t know.  The global currencies – their neighbor Kuwait at $3.32 and Jordan at $1.41 and if you may or may not know the Iraqi dinar was worth $3 in the 90’s.  So who knows what they’re going to go to in those ranks.



Deepwoodz (KTFA)

IMO…someone isn’t happy with the [election] results!  [Articles posted by Newshound Guru Samson] “Iran stops the process of exporting gas to Iraq, and a decrease in hours of electricity supply” “The Iranian press justifies the loss of Tehran’s allies in the elections with ‘Iranphobia‘”


Vital Brad’s Dad

There’s probably 5 people or less that have any kind of indication as to when it may actually fly.  And there may still be things we don’t know of that have to be put into place either in Iraq laws/governments/whatever before it can actually go…There may still be things out there that need to be done that we don’t know about…but again turn around and it could happen on the 17th...



Looks like the Sadrist bloc (Al-Sadr) will be the majority from the elections. They will have the right to choose the next prime minister.  Since he does not get along with Al-Maliki we can assume it will not be him or anyone from his party.  As for current prime minister Al-Kazemi, he may very well put himself in position for tenure as prime minister and to achieve his economic agenda.       



MilitiaMan (KTFA)

On the day of election results we see that Sadr is saying…  “We will work to raise the Iraqi dinar to be in the ranks of global currencies gradually,”I am not sure what his definition of  gradual is but, Article 8 is fully international, therefore, at the starting gate there needs to be a beginning. Going international at 1460 imo is not in the cards. Sadr is not the financial expert in charge of changing the exchange rate. The CBI is and will be. imo. Regardless, change is coming…       

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