“They will Cut off the Zeros and Nothing will Come of it?” by Reader P – 10.14.21


Entry Submitted by Reader P at 3:59 AM EDT on October 14, 2021

I’m afraid they will cut off the zeros and nothing will come of it.
Today 1,000,000 (one million) Vietnamese dong = $44.12
When they cut 3 zeros
1,000 dong = still $44.12
[1 dong = $0.04412]
When they cut 4 zeros
100 dong = still $44.12
[1 dong = $0.4412]

I’m afraid that’s what will happen and it won’t do anything that you have hundreds of millions of dong. After trimming the zeros, you will still have the same value.

The same situation with the Iraqi dinar

Today 100,000 (one hundred thousand) Iraqi dinars = $68.73
When they cut off 3 zeros
100 dinars = still $68.73
[1 dinar = $0.6873]
I personally have 1,700,000 dong and 80.000 dinars.
I am from Poland and I dream about having 1780000 Polish zloty after RV 1:1.
Then I could give away more than one million PLN to others and help others. But I’m afraid that they will cut off the zeros and the value will still remain the same and we will still be poor.
You in the USA count on $1 for 1 dong or dinar. You write about rates like that. I would even have $1,700,000, but then what will be the exchange rate between the Polish zloty (PLN) and the USD?
Will it be 1:1?
or just like now 1$=3,8PLN?

Even if they cut down the zeros and add value, it won’t make any difference.
For example the Iraqi dinar
Today 100,000 (one hundred thousand) Iraqi Dinars = 68.73$
When they cut off 3 zeros
100 dinars = still 68.73$ which means
1 dinar = $0.6873
If they cut the zeros and added the value
Let’s assume that 1 dinar = $3
But remember they cut the zeros, you have only 100 dinars x $3 = $300
You bought 100,000 dinars for $68.73
After trimming the zeros and adding the value, you have 100 dinars worth $300
This is not the deal of a lifetime…
It’s probably not what will satisfy you…
Yes, if you buy 100,000 dinars for $68.73 and then sell them for 1dinar=1$
Then you have 100,000 dollars!
68.73$ = 100.000$ !!!

Many believe that this is what will happen, but I am afraid it is too good to be true….

Greetings and apologies for any linguistic shortcomings.



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