The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 10-14-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 10-14-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday October 14th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in all over the globe – glad to have you  wherever you are coming from

Let’s talk a little bit about not only where we are but – I am going to create a timeline for us tonight – and I think this is something we can sort of track and we’ll see if it becomes real and accurate or not –

You know that I’ve been in this 17 years – I’ve been on the Big Call for 10 years another call for about a year prior to that – but what I do is try to glean the truth out of what I hear and I get a lot of information – I do not read the blogs – occasionally someone will tell me what so and so said but I do not incorporate that in terms of what I bring to you –

Sometimes if I hear something and it might get confirmed or by another source that I’ve heard about – it might be something that we have some agreement on but most of the time the kind of information I get is a little more specialized and a little bit more specific and unfortunately some of it is just not available to be put out on a public call and so I have to use discretion when I get something to try to I hate to say it but dance around it – but that is sort of what I am doing – trying to give you the gist of it without getting myself  and people in trouble –

There has been something that has been said to me about a week ago that it’s desire is for everyone to be quiet or not share as much – its sort of in that time where you are not being nozzled but you’re actually being told not to talk about certain things

Fortunately for me and for you that listen to the Big Call – that hasn’t been really told to me – I have not been told – now there are certain things but they don’t talk about it – I am not supposed to talk about rates –


I know about rates but I can’t talk about them ok – I wish I could share it – but I can’t – it’s not possible –

So – let’s say this – the rates are going to be great – don’t even worry about it – that is the least of your worries and the other thing that we can’t control is the date of when everything is going to go –

So what I’m going to do is try to create for you a timeline based on the intel I received over the last several days – we did a call Tuesday night – I told you I believe we were looking for something in the next couple of days – that would have been yesterday or today – nothing has manifested for us yet – nothing has happened

However – let’s start our timeline out with the 10th & 11th of this month and that was earlier this week – I believe – that was Monday or Tuesday –

So what I heard then was the StarLink System was fully complete and integrated – the Military refers to it as the ProLink System – it’s the same satellite system that Elon Musk was instrumental in getting many of these satellites up into orbit -I call it ProLink sometimes and other times StarLink –

 So that is what occurred I believe on the 10th or 11th – was the completion of that – now as a result of that – the Military is on the new 6G system  that I referred to in the past – which is available through the ProLink system

They are on the new internet through the ProLink system – we are looking to get connected to that as our new multi fast internet and 6G – we’re going to leap frog 5G – we are going to go to that – we’ve been hearing mid November but it could be a little sooner – we’re just going to track that – and see when that actually is announced or it happens


Now continuing our time line –  bring us to today – and the information is basically – things are still moving forward and tomorrow morning after 3 am Eastern – we’re expecting several things to occur – we’re expecting the bond payments to resume  – and we’re also expecting the adjudicated settlements – fines & penalties – CMKX –  and so on to pay out –

Now the bonds are going to pay out for quite possibly as long as a month – before completely finished – but they are going to resume again after 3 am –

So there is a time line piece I want us to remember about Friday 15th of October – we should see some action in those –and those that are paid out in a very real sense – that is a somewhat of a shot gun start –  for those items to all be paid approximately the same time – I am going to call it overnight tonight – actually early morning tomorrow

As we move our time line forward that was the 15th in the morning – there is a source – banking source – that is talking about as a result of those may – maybe – I am going to give it a low percentage – in my opinion only – that we could get notified – the tier 4  would be notified – that means emails distributed until toll free numbers are out –  a low percentage possibility of that happening tomorrow – afternoon

There is a higher percentage from other bank sources that we have that are talking about the weekend – which is the 16th 17th  – Sat & Sun – for our notifications to go out – yes even Sunday –

One source is saying we believe tier 4 will start for us on the 17th  Sunday – I don’t know – we have not been able to reconfirm that at the time of this call – but I give it a low percentage – but also possible –

The so called – and I hate this term – conventional wisdom – is that if we do get notified sat or Sunday – that the 18th Monday – would actually be our start for exchanges – so we’ve got a pretty strong weekend possibility this weekend

Alright let’s go back to our time line to the 16th which is Saturday – Australia is supposed to declare their sovereignty from the United Kingdom – from Great Britain – specifically on that day  – Saturday – On Sunday the 17th  Canada is to declare their sovereignty from France – I don’t know if we are also talking the sovereignty from the UK or Great Britain – when it comes to Canada but I’ve heard specifically sovereignty and departure if you will under the auspice of France – so we’ll see how those manifest and if we’re even given anything about that – over this coming weekend –

We’ve talked about the 15th 16th 17th – the 18th – I think Tuesday –  (MONDAY IS THE 18th) is an important day for us and I am going to have to go back and revisit that – I am going to jump us forward to the 23rd which would be  a week from Saturday – The 23rd is when we are supposed to have the  ??? right now I am having difficulty recalling what it is exactly – but they are going to be significant dates – I am trying to remember what it is  –

I believe the 23rd is very significant for us and it’s more about the – ???? just going to have to revisit it – if I get that to come back to me before this intel segment is over I will reconstruct that – I apologize


I want to say this in the meantime –  staffing at the redemptions centers has been spotty – they have had some time off but have been on a 1 hour “on call” basis – the last couple of days – they have been doing conference calls – Tuesday and Wednesday – talking about a lot of different things in 2 ½ hours –

I think they are as ready for this to happen as we are – quite possibly – its going to be a relief to them when they start redeeming zim and exchanging currencies –

The other thing that we heard today was that banks are no longer offering foreign currencies for sale – now this would be for any currency – that is how close we are – there may still be a few currency sellers on ebay or great American coin company or whatever that may still be selling but the banks have not – that is telling us something –

I am sorry that I cannot recall the significance of the 23rd and the 18th –

I have been told that this is my last call but we have been told this before – I don’t know –  obviously there is a lot going on behind the scenes  –  we just have to wait and see –  thanks everyone for tuning in

Bruce’s Big Call Replay Link Intel Begins 57:15

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