Dinarland Highlights for October 15, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.15.21

Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq Boots-on-the-ground Firefly TV update]:

FIREFLY:  Tv today showed CBI rep saying they now are in the second phase of strategy for economic and financial reforms in accordance with the white papers for years 2021 to 2023. They went on to talk about all the parts the CBI banks are and will do for the white papers…Sadr back on tv saying the peoples oil is for the people and we will improve the dinar to be in the ranks of the international currencies gradually…Saying Iraq’s people should be rich it’s in their constitution that the oil money belongs partly with the citizens it’s their right to have shares of the oil revenues…saying from finance minister Iraq needs to adjust dollar exchange rate as the price of oil exceeds 80 a barrel….

FIREFLY:  Sadr…on tv saying…we will improve the dinar to be in the ranks of the international currencies…

FRANK26:  Improve your currency to international levels …no kidding… and he [Sadr] says that Iraqi citizens are about to be rich… no kidding …Like we need to hear it from him lol but you will soon hear it from Kazemi and the governor of your CBI …by the way…the auctions today they are at a phenomenally low level for a phenomenal reason



{Election} It’s looking good.  There are some discrepancies but hopefully nothing major.  Let’s hope that all the right people we want to see get in office get in there because we want to see them raise the exchange rate of the dinar against the international communities…

The International Monetary Fund expects significant growth in the Iraqi economy and decline in inflation in 2022

Heck yeah that’s what we want to see.  The IMF is predicting that Iraq’s economy will improve by 10.5% next year.  That’s awesome .  And there will be a decrease in inflation by 4.5%.  That’s exactly the type of thing we are looking for.  This is going in the right direction…when you want to talk about things to look for indicators that their currency is going to grow in value these are some biggies right here…this is great news…it’s looking really good for Iraq.


Desert Advisor

Iraq’s Government Interventions Prompt Improvement in Forex Reserves

They’re heavily talking about Forex publicly now…they also mentioned that Iraq is trading strong against the global currencies already.  Which I was kind of confused because I really couldn’t see anything else to verify that it is trading internationally but that article mentioned it so check it out yourself…



I owe so much to so many for all their prayers. I believe those prayers are literally keeping me alive. I just passed my 80th birthday and I thank the good lord for giving me enough years to see us all in the position we are in right now… I am expecting great things to happen rather suddenly. I have been in this since 2003 and…I am expecting it rather soon



The IMF came out…stating that they expect significant economy growth in Iraq next year to 10.5% and inflation to go down to 4.5% out producing all other oil producing Middle Eastern countries.  To be honest those are pretty big numbers coming from the IMF so they must be confident that Iraq is about to turn the corner and build their economy.



…the chatter has been phenomenal. There is lots of anticipation for this weekend.


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

…basically – things are still moving forward…bank sources that we have…are talking about the weekend – which is the 16th 17th  – Sat & Sun – for our notifications to go out – yes even Sunday…if we do get notified sat or Sunday – the 18th Monday – would actually be our start for exchanges – so we’ve got a pretty strong weekend possibility this weekend…

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