Dinarland Highlights for October 16, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.16.21

MarkZ & Okie_Oil_Man

MARKZ:  I am getting fantastic chatter and I know you are as well…. I am getting solid stuff from the banking sideare you hearing similar things? …praying that you get to “land that plane” for us.  OKIE: I am hearing this also…I look forward to landing…nuff said.

I have had a number of confirmations from government contractors and government employees out of Iraq since yesterday that the rate over there is going to be $4.71.  This is what the contractors told me…many sources… We will find out for sure when Iraq banks open tomorrow…Let’s hope this is it…the news really has been phenominal!!


Bruce (The Big Call)

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we heard…that banks are no longer offering foreign currencies for sale – now this would be for any currency – that is how close we are…

…I know about rates but I can’t talk about them ok – I wish I could share it – but I can’t – it’s not possible – So – let’s say this – the rates are going to be great…



The CBI also published monetary policy expectations 2020 through 2022. Which included many steps including digital transition, banking insurance, development of the banking sector, facilitating financing and putting the dinar on par with the dollar globally. We shall see.


Vital Brad

We had talked about October 17th.  The Central Bank of Iraq put out an article “Instructions for buying and selling foreign currency for the year 2021” ...mentioning their currency being traded at the International window – am I interpreting it as a potential revaluation? Maybe.  I don’t know what’s going to happen that day…if anything happens I’ll definitely be letting you know if anything breaking comes.

This is what gets me interested…Right now Iraq’s currency is not on the International market.  It’s not a tradable Forex currency.  So why is this all the sudden saying that the bank decided to adopt in allowing foreign currency to be traded at what they’re calling this currency sale window That’s going to start working as of the date October 17th…I’m really interested to see what happens Sunday.




…RV Update:  So much is going on behind the scenes. You thought nothing happened yesterday but so much did. Just because you do not see it yet, so very much is happening and has happened… know this blessing is on hand and will be revealed soon…I can’t say more but you should be happy soon.



“The Second Central Bank Strategy (2021-2023) An approach to Monetary and Financial Reform”

Bunch of mumbo-jumbo about how they’re gonna do what they can to strengthen the economy of Iraq and making sure that their rules and regulations put everything in place so that it can help support the Iraqi dinar and strengthen it at the same time.  What I also like about this article is it talks about the different areas in which they’re going to help strengthen and help with lending and financing.  This is really good to help build the private sectors.  That’s what we want to see.


Desert Advisor

They started offering more bonds.

“The Ministry of Finance announces the issuance of construction bonds in the financial market”

Bonds are a great way to increase the reserves and get money out of circulation
.  You have investors, big banks, they invest millions of dollars into these bonds…that takes money out of circulation.  That’s one more way of increasing the value of the dinar.


Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

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