“New Financial System” – RV Intel Update from The Green Lantern, Holly, and Wolverine 10-18-21


The Green Lantern Monday Update

Hi my friends 

This is truly incredible news we finally have D day.

Received a call from our closest contact and  he has received an email of confirmation and it’s all positive. The release is anytime on Tuesday PST ( Pacific time) 

Please stay calm and have faith and allow God to take over the steering wheel.

God bless you all

Holly Monday Report

I am going to say very little. We are close. Do not fret the hour or the day.


Do not question all the details.

Know it is happening and underway and will come out in the perfect time on God’s timing.

Make you appeal to heaven. Holly

Wolverine Monday 10-18-2021

Most of this information comes from sources within the hidden economic system and is related to the implementation of the new financial system.

New Financial System!!



This will happen at the same time as the Event, and in fact is part of the operation.

Day 1

When a critical mass of pressure is exerted on the Federal Reserve, it will be forced to pay all the money they owe to many people for their fraudulent operations. This will force the Federal Reserve to file for bankruptcy as they don’t have the means to pay this money. This will generate a chain reaction that will lead to bankruptcy from IMF, World Bank, and all central banks around the world.

 Extreme volatibility in markets will lead to closure of stock markets worldwide, including NYSE. All financial instruments like options and CDS will be cancelled.

All ghost accounts will be closed. All Cabal related accounts will be confiscated. All public and private debt will be cancelled (mortgages, loans, credit cards…)

Days 2 to 7

Benches will be closed and there will be a lot of uncertainty and confusion. Some businesses will remain temporarily closed. Those who remain open will only accept cash or gold or silver. Credit cards won’t be able to be used as the system will be down. There could be affections on the distribution chain, so it is recommended to stock up on food and gas.


After a week of the Event there may still be problems with the distribution chain.

New financial system backed by Yama****a gold will be introduced. This gold will be guarded in a place that still needs to be revealed. You won’t be able to trade Yama****a’s gold in commercial banking. A basket of currency that includes the dollar, the euro, the pound, the yen, the Swiss franc and the yuan will form the basis of this new system.


Benches that have no connection to Cabal, and that have prevented bankruptcy will reopen. They won’t be allowed to charge interest. All your accounting will be completely transparent to the public. The bag won’t open again.

Re-evaluation will be carried out. This means that exchange rates between different currencies will change, but not drastically. Currencies will more reflect the productivity of nations. The Iraqi dinar won’t gain much value, unlike many people who speculate otherwise. Federal Reserve notes, and other bank notes will be accepted for a few months, while new money is printed, and then will be gradually released.

All transactions, contracts and responsibilities done honestly will be respected. Those agreements that have Cabal links will be cancelled, null and void.

After a few weeks

Multinationals will be forced to buy their shares and this will bankrupt them. They will separate, and nationalize portions of those companies.

The existence of the Global Settlement Fund will be revealed to the general public.

These funds include $ 70 trillion dollars connected to the Positive Militia, $ 100 Trillion White Dragon Society’s $ 120 Trillions of the Resistance Movement and $ 10 trillions of Saint Germain’s fund.

The Global Settlement Fund will also include all the money and confiscated assets of the Cabal.

The Global Settlement Fund will serve many purposes. First, all public and private debt around the world will be paid off. After that, all people are paid for all Cabal’s robbery and criminal activities.

Afterwards, the Prosperity Funds will be delivered to the population and environmental and humanitarian projects, and new technologies will be funded. Part of Saint Germain’s money will go straight to Lightworkers, while the rest will fund projects connected to First Contact.


“All countries have started and are nearing the end of comprehensive reforms based on the GESARA Agenda”

According to Union sources, GESARA is not a law, statute or treaty.  It is an Agenda implemented by ‘New Elites’ who are patriots in countries and around the world.

This action program has been accompanied and supported for decades by the Coalition of Top Secret Military Officials, global community organizations, and divided government programs to implement these actions.

Missions with different roles to achieve the ultimate goal of saving people in and around each country.  the world.

Jorge H. A*******

Source: Dinar Recaps


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