The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 10-19-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 10-19-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday October 19th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in all over the globe –  where ever you are

Alright here we go guys – This is interesting because here we are on a Tuesday night – I told you I wouldn’t be here anymore on last Thursday – we thought for sure all the information we had that we would be doing or last call – last Thursday – and instead – I am going to suggest that this is “probably” our last call tonight –

I have to say probably because I never completely – absolutely know you know – that it is the case – but I feel like with the information we got over the weekend – yesterday – and again today – and ohhh for some of you that with this intel segment on Thursday night where I had a difficult time trying to recall some of the information two specific dates – I think I have those for tonight – so at least that is one good thing I can bring to you tonight –

The real emphasis right now is that we are hearing that the bond holders who have still not received their 1 or1.2% are in a position to receive it overnight tonight and tomorrow – so there’s a lot of things that could be released that had been waiting to be released already – that is really good news because we need for those things to happen and it should help us to get a virtual shotgun start – on everything we’re looking for

So tonight being the 19th what we had happen yesterday or Sunday night – was — the significance of that date was that certain nodes were connected to the power grid – around the country in various power plants and various power companies’ structures to interconnect to the Tesla free energy –

Now remember that Tesla was one who said that a bunch of the satellites had been working with our government to send up satellites for the ProLink System also called the StarLink System – ProLink is the Military term and StarLink is the civilian term for those new satellites that Elon Musk put up in space


He is also involved in this free energy – he bought this property down In Texas in an old quarry still doing all kinds of work down there – that was not related to the space launching – so we knew a while back that he is involved in this – I would say almost a year ago –

Now – what’s cool about it is – the system is connected and we should see something with that free energy fairly soon – it may be introduced in the second date that is very important – it may be introduced as part of the Emergency Broadcasting System – that is ONLY a theory – and when is the EBS going to originate? It’s supposed to start – we had a date of the 23rd  which is this Saturday – but we have heard since then – in the last few days that it could start as early as this Thursday – hence Thur /Fri/ Sat we are being told that the EBS will be utilized –

Now what exactly will it look like? It’s hard to say – you can read some things on line – may be true and may not be true exactly – but we can understand that the main stream media – news stations – will probably be blacked out in favor of this EBS – so be prepared for “something” I can’t tell you exactly what – but be prepared for something to start Thurs – Fri – or Sat – with the EBS

Now let’s go back to the free energy – the system is hooked up – it doesn’t mean that it’s already started yet – but look at it this way – the energy that Tesla is going to be beaming to this various nodes of every power companies grids in the United States – It is coming as a replacement source to some of the other fuel that is used to generate power – Coal is the biggest No#! – and that is not exactly the cleanest form of energy as we all know – Coal – Nat Gas is used and runs clean over all – and then you’ve got hydroelectric power – you’ve got nuclear power in a few areas –and then you have wind and solar – I don’t think the wind is particular good for the birds – they get disoriented with the EMF and the different magnetic fields that come off of those windmills – I think solar is perfectly good – not as expensive as it used to be –it is getting more price efficient – it takes a lot of solar panels to generate a lot of electricity – but I still believe in solar

But if free energy comes it does not necessarily mean that our electric bills are going to be free – but from what I’ve got from a couple different sources makes perfect sense to me – It is coming in through our normal power grid – In other words the power stations – the transmission line – transformers – etc – all of that delivery of energy we have now in place brings it right into our homes at least for the foreseeable future that would stay in place and be utilized

But the cost to deliver that would be dropped – I understand by about 75% – So if you had a $200 electric bill – the reduction means your new power bill could be as low as $50.00 – if in fact it is a 75% reduction in cost of a 25% total cost to have that electricity –

So that is something that is very meaningful and we could be looking forward to that – and see how that is going to work out – but that got connected and was supposed to be effective or available to be tested or used and brought into the grid yesterday the 18th


Alright I told you about the EBS and the other information obviously has to do with us- We have reason to believe through a few different sources that it finally time for tier 4 A&B to get started – We’ve heard something to the effect of the next couple of days is the window – I believe we are going to get notified tomorrow – and I believe it will be by lunch time –

Now don’t hold me to it if something happens that I don’t know about right now but that looks good – the theory is that if we get notified before lunch tomorrow that we could set appointments in a couple hours and start in the afternoon tomorrow – they may decide to do nothing but take appointments all day – tomorrow – and then maybe start us on Thursday –  I don’t know – I don’t know – they don’t want us to know – it is only projection on my part but that could be the case – I hope we get notified mid to late morning tomorrow and we start our exchanges tomorrow afternoon –

I know redemption centers are ready to roll – they have been ready and testing and so on – everything is good to go – the phone system that we’re going to use to call in with our toll free numbers has been tested all the way down to the redemption center level where they will talk to you if you are a zim holder – you will be routed that way – and they will be taking you from that terminated phone call and setting appointment for you to set your appointment for the redemption of your zim – and your other currencies as well

The other point was that as of Sunday we had all the currencies that are in the first basket on screens ready to go – we had connectivity issues so that every country’s connectivity could take place with the QFS – that has been completed – finalized now – and the StarLink or ProLink satellite system is fully integrated and connected and we’ve even heard that the switch over for the new internet which will be much faster – is already connected

I don’t know that we have seen it as our individual level – the military is on the new ProLink system is using the 6G cell service that is also available and I believe we will also get to a 6G system here pretty quickly =

So this week is just full of good news for us and I believe we’re going to get some very interesting broadcast on the EBS – I think we’ve had – some of you may know your cell phone had some issues over the last few days –  I have – noticed a few things – maybe dropped calls here and there – just small things – interruptions – whatever – that has been happening for a lot of people we’ve talk to – But I believe over all we’re getting reconnected and everything is going to work out just fine –

So that is what I wanted to bring to you tonight and I don’t think I left anything out – and let’s continue to believe for this to come to fruition –

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins 1:10:20

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