Dinarland Highlights for October 20, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.20.21

Frank26 (KTFA)

The Arab Monetary Fund, in cooperation with The International Monetary Fund’s Center for Economics and Finance in the Middle East, organizes a course on “Exchange Rate Policy

Like we told you...the CBI will have commercials and…that has now started also we told you the commercials will educate you [Iraq Boots-on-the-ground Firefly] on why you have a new exchange rate and a new small category note to match that NEW exchange rate and as you can see that has started.



[via PDK]

[Can we negotiate the rate?]

I am told Dinar and dong….all of it will have a set rate…no negotiation. 

I am hearing fantastic things…especially from Iraq. …article from Iraq:  “The Arab Monetary Fund, in cooperation with The International Monetary Fund’s Center for Economics and Finance in the Middle East, organizes a course on “Exchange Rate Policy”  CBI is starting these commercials…educating the people on the lower denominations and what it means for products and costs…They have announced they have started that new exchange rates education. …this was huge…nobody controls the exact timing so buckle up because it is rolling out…It will roll out the way they have planned for it…it does appear to be rolling out quicklythere are also rumors that forex rates have been entered, but we will not see them until Thursday night after the Thursday night update.

The $4.71 appears to be what the in-country rate will be. Contract rates are expected to be $2 or more over the street rate.

[once the IQD goes..will we be able to exchange at our banks?]

Once it goes you should be able to exchange at banks…you will be settling for a smaller amount instead of exchanging at redemption centers for contract rates.        


Mountain Goat

there is no new signs or evidence whatsoever that they are going to RV any time prior to the beginning of 2022. …However, this was a busy period for news from Iraq and lots of good news. This does not mean it is going to RV tomorrow or even in the next coming weeks. The NEAREST window I can see is January 2022 and the signs are all pointing to this period. WOW! ARE YOU READY!


I think they are trying to warm us up to the FACT that they are more than ready to revalue their currency. This is just one more article informing us.



The Arab Monetary Fund, in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund’s Center for Economics and Finance in the Middle East, Organizes a course on ‘exchange rate policy‘ “

…people went to learn on different subjects.  One of them had to do with the exchange rate policies…people thought this meant that the rate change was going to happen.  Every time an article talks about a rate change that does not mean that they are telling you a rate change is coming…the courses are meant to help get everybody on the same page and to do what they can to strengthen their economy but especially their local currency…




Do you think the CBI is waiting for their economy to diversity away from oil before they complete the revaluation?

No I don’t.  I think they can add value to their currency today.  I think…there’s a lot of influence from Shia/Iran in the region and they can burn anything they want down.  What Iraq is trying to do is – how do they build this up so they don’t piss off the Saudis which is Sunni and they don’t piss off Iran which is Shia. They keep those guys at bay.

Not only that but they can’t piss off Russia .  They can’t piss off the United States …that’s where the hesitation comes from.  It is tough.  That’s why the opportunity is such a great opportunity.  Most people won’t risk to get into that.  To me it’s not a risk.  I can take the currency I bought and exchange it for what I paid for it.  It’s that simple.  But they don’t need to diversify.  Iraq – their currency was at $3.25 just selling oil and they want to get it back to that.



Though everybody would like to see things begin…we have to keep in mind that we just had an election a few days ago and Iraq has a tendency to drag out the process of forming a government for months. I wouldn’t expect a fully seated government for at least four months.       

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