Dinarland Highlights for October 21, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.21.21

Bruce (The Big Call)

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We have reason to believe through a few different sources that its finally time for tier 4 A&B to get started – We’ve heard something to the effect of the next couple of days is the window…I know redemption centers are ready to roll – they have been ready and testing and so on – everything is good to go… as of Sunday we had all the currencies that are in the first basket on screens ready to go...So this week is just full of good news for us…



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Most of my sources in Iraq are looking for a change in value of the dinar this coming weekend. I am hearing very positive news from the middle east for a Saturday valuation on the dinar.

Overnight I heard people are still sitting in a holding pattern. I have heard…that they are still positioned and ready for the release early this weekend or early next week. I don’t think there is a hold up…I think it is literally rolling out!!!

I am hearing fantastic news…we hope it pans out… I spoke with a contact in Iraq that is squarely looking at Saturday …possibly late Friday; Buckle up we are about to hit many ups and downs as we finish this thing…that is what I believe. I think this is it. … I believe the pieces are falling place and we are hitting that perfect storm where events are coming together.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

…’Europe’ said it best…‘The Final Countdown’



Yes, that’s right there’s talk of an exchange rate change and that’s got the big-what-to-do going around the dinar community…

After the rise in oil, expert reveals the possibility of reducing the dollar exchange rate with this mechanism

Here we go.  This is what everybody’s talking about…What they’re talking about is decreasing the dollar against the dinar – giving the dinar more purchasing power.  That’s the direction we want to go into

an economic expert revealed on Wednesday the possibility of returning the dollar exchange rate to its previous era…”

When they say era I think they’re talking about where it was prior to this last move.  Instead of getting 1450 dinars for every dollar you’re going to get 1190 dinars…not the big jump.  Not yet.

I do think it’s going to go up in increments a lot faster than people think.  We don’t have to wait for an RI or an RV.  Through a normal course of how currency gains its purchasing power we can watch for that because it seems to be happening



Claire (KTFA)




Raising the value of the Iraqi dinar is not an arbitrary event it is a tool used to counter inflation created by economic growth, success and a influx of capital in Iraq’s economy.  Until Iraq passes laws, and begins to build their economy nothing is going to happen…The Iraqi dinar is not a lottery ticket there will never be a single event, RV or revaluation. If the dinar ever goes up in value it will be gradually via a float over time as Iraq’s economy grows



…There is no negative news. There are no hold ups. Things just slowed down this week. I won’t go into the details, but it is all positive. Still expecting news of the start any moment


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