Dinarland Highlights for October 22, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.22.21


Is it a fact that Iraq has lower notes in their banks?”

No…unless the CBI talks about it or one of the banks in Iraq talking about it why would you even contemplate it? 


Frank26 (KTFA)

Expo 2020 Dubai is an opportunity to boost investment in Iraq

Assurances of the role of Expo 2020 Dubai in enhancing the reality of investment in Iraq, through the portal of openness to the world, where the wide participation of major international companies that represent a sober effort around the world.”



Vital Brad

Iraqi banks get a rating from international agencies

Article quote:
19 licensed banks in Iraq have obtained a rating from the accredited International rating of agencies – Capital Intelligence, Fitch, Moody’s Standard and Poor…”


Article quote:
reflects the development and the performance of the banking sector in Iraq and the solvency of banks and is evidence of their compliance with local and international standards...”

That changes everything.  Holy shit.  It’s saying Iraq is international standards.  I think it’s only a matter of time…I think it’s closer than ever



[via PDK]

I am…hearing very positive things from my Iraqi contacts who believe the rate change/value change will happen this weekend. What I am hearing from my Iraq contractors who were seeing the $4.71 rate is the last Thursday of the month or Oct 28th is when they will have access to those funds. This was changed from the 15th. We are certainly seeing and hearing many indicators that we are close.

…Its been tough…this wait is not for the faint of heart…its happening.

[So are we looking at next week now?]

Next week is very possible but I’m not ruling out this weekend. Things are positioned, people are in place and we are just waiting for somebody to flip the switch.




I’m not saying that an RI or an RV won’t be announced.  I’m saying that it makes more sense to me they’re going to let it go up in increments.  In fact it says something similar in here.

Article quote:
“…it is possible for the state to gradually improve the Iraqi dinar exchange rate because the shock method adopted and change in the exchange rate was not appropriate…”

More talk about the rate change.  That’s good…there you have it the talk about the rate change happening once again…



RV Update…Everything is moved to other levels this week. We will see tangible evidence of that when it’s at our level.  And that is where we are now. The liquidity and distribution phase.



So what are we waiting for? That is a question that everyone asks. The truth is… Iraq was devastated in the war and their infrastructure was completely demolished. This is a complete rebuild from the ground up…They also need to implement and encourage latest technology throughout the government, banking system, and educational system to educate the citizens. Not an easy task.  And then you need to bring multiple global businesses, organizations into Iraq to facilitate.

It is a huge undertaking. And like  I said numerous times, until Iraq’s economy prospers the Iraqi dinar will not go up in value.  So we need the newly-elected parliamentary members to be sworn in and begin to pass the necessary laws to encourage foreign investment. We need stability in Iraq to continue. We need the new prime minister to continue to implement reforms…   Sometimes I get nasty messages from people telling me that I’m ruining their dreams. Wouldn’t you rather know the truth…?



Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

one of our sources is saying that we are in the final count-down …second source said that the final count-down ends at 9:30 am Sunday…2 different individuals tell us we could be notified anytime from now all the way to Monday…So let’s just say this – all of these 4-5 different sources have said that this will be a really special weekend…I think with everything that I’ve gotten today it looks like we are finally at the end of the ride – meaning this weekend…So lets see what happens with that…

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