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Recently a friend sent me a good metaphoric analysis of the current state of the GCR/RV. First of all, it only makes sense that there would be a chronology of events that had to take place for the GCR/RV to occur. What those events are, is and will not be known to the public. How many of those needed events have been actuated can only be determined by speculation.

The example given to me to explain it is this: Think of two master chess players engaged in a match. At a point one of the players realizes that in 7 moves he will have a checkmate and win the game. The other player, who will get checkmated, also realizes that in 7 moves he will lose the game. Both know the game is over in 7 moves yet they play the game to its inevitable conclusion. If you are not a master chess player, when watching the game, depending on your cognitive thinking capacity, the average person may only be able to see 2 or 3 moves ahead. The only way the player can lose the game is if he purposely makes a bad move.

The GCR/RV is the same thing. The chronology of events that have taken place are now at a point where the outcome of the game is inevitable. Both sides know the game is over, they are just completing the sequence of events or playing out the moves to its conclusion. At this point the bad guys can’t do anything to stop it and they know it. They will make all the moves they can to slow it down, make the best money and power grabs they can and find safe places to retreat. But it can’t be stopped.

What remaining moves or events that have to take place to realize the GCR/RV only a handful people would be aware of. Everyone else, bloggers and Intel providers in particular, can only speculate, embellish and exaggerate in an attempt to connect the dots to feed off the curiosity and misinformed perceptions of the involved public . But they DON’T know.

We all need to look at things more realistic and stop looking for some grandiose reason to confirm our perceptions. What we are seeing in the GCR/RV is the natural evolution of technology and restructuring of fiscal policy.

Before banks were created people hauled around bags of gold or silver. But that was subject to robbers holding you up and stealing your money. That evolved into putting their money in banks and instead of moving large bags of gold and silver you got a piece of paper that represented the deposits of the gold and silver. That evolved into a central banking system whereby banks could move money and talk to each, via paper. Then technology advanced and they started communicating via wire. Wires could be cut or interrupted and the message altered. Then we evolved to computers. That created a means to collect data and transfer large sums. Then that became corruptible because the message defining the money or transaction could be interrupted and changed then passed on. So it has now evolved to a message delivery system that can’t be corrupted or interfered with. As the world grows and technology expands it only stands to reason that we would have to adapt to more efficient ways of doing things.

GESARA/NESARA is an ideological theory. There is no GERSAR head office or headquarters. There is no Quantum Financial System (QFS) head quarters. What is referred to as the “QFS” is merely quantum encryption and an unhackable message delivery system. Message delivery systems are what moves money throughout the world of commerce.

What happens is of little significance compared with the stories we tell ourselves about what happens. Events matter little, only stories of events affect us. Remember the eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.




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