“A Call from One Humanitarian to Another” by Luna – 10.25.21


Entry Submitted by Luna at 2:27 AM EDT on October 25, 2021

A Call From One Humanitarian to Another

What is a humanitarian? How do you know you are a humanitarian? Are you one? So I looked it up on the web. Let me start with what is a humanitarian?

Well the dictionaries description goes like this: concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare, person who seeks to promote human welfare; a philanthropist.

Here are some other words used to describe a humanitarian: Service to Others, benefactor, social reformer, do-gooder, good Samaritan, compassionate, humane, unselfish, altruistic, generous, benevolent, magnanimous, charitable, sympathetic, public-spirited, socially concerned.

What is a humanitarian job?

Humanitarians foster change within a society by providing money and resources for those in need, including shelter, water, food, clothing, medical supplies, and healthcare. Humanitarians do not work in one particular place. They work globally, in many different regions and communities. … Relief work.

As a humanitarian, I have an active belief in the value of human life. With the creation of  World Benevolence Group which was started with my partner Geo it is our intention to reduce suffering and improve the conditions of humanity around the world.


I wondered what the statistics were today for the state of poverty around the world just in regards for the basics like food, water, shelter. I found this UN agency listing 26 countries (around the globe. Yes many have had devastating floods or some other disasters but what about the times when they didn’t? Here is where I got the statistics below:

People in need   235.4 million    People targeted 159.9 million

Requirements (US$) 35.1 billion 

In 2021, 235 million people will need humanitarian assistance and protection.

This number has risen to 1 in 33 people worldwide – a significant increase from 1 in 45 at the launch of the Global Humanitarian Overview. Seriously look at those statistics. They are staggering and these numbers was put out by a UN agency. Seriously why has that number grown? I thought there were global agencies that were actually improving the lives of these people. How sad this is?

This will never happen in the new world how governments around the world have failed their people. I believe we are all well aware of the corruption and how rampant it runs all over the world.  Life has been difficult for all of us. Our quality of life was stolen from us and though there’s not much we can about our past I’m just concentrating what I can do going forward.  In the past, I just followed my soul and I embodied all that I was. I asked myself this questions all the time “how does it get any better than this”. I think I realized that I created my world so I just kept re-writing it when I didn’t like where it was going.   


When I started travelling in my twenties, I visited a few third world countries and I was struck at how much poverty there was. Then in my early ’30’s I went to live in the Northwest Territories in Canada’s Arctic and again I was struck by the living conditions of  our native people. It opened my eyes for sure because I thought of corruption in third world countries. Now almost 4 decades later, myself and all the humanitarians in our WBG group will get a chance to do what governments globally should of done in the first place. We the people will take care of we the people!  This is the sort of things we as humanitarians are getting a chance to do. I know we will do it right because we have our hearts in it. That what is missing in this 3D world! Work of service and working from our hearts. 

So this is my call to all of you humanitarians for we cannot do this alone and I wanted to reach out to all of you for I know that I am not alone in how I feel about humanity. This new earth will be a time of unity and united not only are we strong, but envision this if you could, thousands or millions of humanitarians working around the world for the betterment of humanity! Wow I can! Can you see it?  

Do you remember all the commercials tugging at our hearts of starving children? I do, and as a young woman it didn’t make sense to me with all the governments collecting taxes, etc. Now we all know why and so do you. Even if you didn’t believe it you will soon when everything comes to light. Those commercials had only one thing in mind… dollar signs so they could take money from all the good-hearted people who could barely afford to feed their own families, working two jobs or more, but who actually thought their hard earned dollars would actually reach the people on their television screen.

We are looking for all those good hearted people to join Geo and myself while we improve not only their living conditions but it is time for all of us to make each other shine. We are all brilliant in our own ways.

As a global humanitarian group we will need to set up many companies to help support all of our efforts including the business side of this.  For example, some of the first companies to be set up will be a Human Resources division,  Accounting & Legal firm, Architect/Engineer firms, Telecommunication, Construction, Financial (i.e. Payroll) Division, Real Estate, Manufacturing (new technologies), Sales & Marketing, Travel Agency, & Warehouses, just to name a few. So if you find yourself out of a job since this Pandemic showed up perhaps it is time for you to finally work from your heart.  If you loved what you were doing or maybe you want to try just working from your heart with a group that is heart centered perhaps you could consider joining our group.

We all have a magic about us and yes, we are all very unique and that is what we here at WBG are looking for. In fact here at WBG different is actually normal!  Miracles in our lives can only happen if we believe. Would you say that in these past two years you have changed? It is my belief that our world was shaken up to not only wake you up but to get rid of all that does not serve you. What was not serving you was the companies who were not what you thought they were. There was nothing benevolent about your companies even if they made you believe they were. Now you are waking up to the truth in your own world. Are you ready to take on this mission? A new way of living? You are worthy and you deserve to do the work you will be passionate about and one that has your back. Our world is waking up to this truth.

Our dreams WILL come true. We have been told that we can’t make our dreams come true or that there was a price to pay if they did. Well, that was to just keep you in fear because in this third dimension works just that way and it does it very well.  I’m sure many of us know lots of people around us that are all caught up in the fear of this plandemic.  But if you are reading this you are not them, you see you have been awakened and you no longer believe the lies you are being fed. Once you see or hear the truth you cannot un-see it. 

Once the RV/GCR happens we will make our dreams a reality because we were born creators. No one told you that either. There’s so much about you that you have yet to discover and being with people of like minds we will nurture that and help each other grow.

We are all God’s and Goddess’ and together we will initiate a new way of being. All the pieces of your puzzle are within you. Will you stand by the sidelines or are you going to jump in with both feet. All of your keys are inside of you don’t be afraid for it requires you to dig deep inside yourself and you will get your answers. You see fear has no place where we are going for it does not exist there and it can’t because the vibration in the fifth dimension is higher. 3D is only drama, chaos and fear. We are letting go of fear based consciousness and are moving towards a consciousness of peace, love and abundance. This transition has been filled with a lot of confusion, insecurity and sometimes despair. But I am here to tell you that all is not lost and that you have everything you need inside of you if you will only trust. You are here to witness this transition and it will be more beautiful than you could ever of imagined. 

Not many of us realized our dreams in 3D. I have never felt at home there. It’s not my natural vibration. I’ve always been a dreamer but that doesn’t mean I can’t realize all of  them for I believe I am here to not only witness this amazing transformation of our Mother Earth but to witness the dawn of a new earth!  If you want to see my dreams manifest then join Geo and myself at the World Benevolence Group and watch your own dreams soar!  

I am confident that in my future travels around the globe, I will meet many of you and I’m ready to shine with you. Let’s show the world what a true humanitarian looks like in this 21st century. I was born for this as I know you were too. I just want to go to sleep at night feeling like I changed even one person’s life. I am confident that each of my steps will transform this new world and I trust that my guides/angels will put who ever or whatever I need in front of me. I am ready to shine are you? Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions please feel free to write to me.


May you all live in joy!  


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