“The Destiny of Humankind Chronicles #36: Ra’an Message (25)” by Raanra – 10.25.21


Entry Submitted by Raanra at 7:59 PM EDT on October 25, 2021


The Following Introduction is for Those Who Have not Read it Before.

RA’AN’s Message Follows. 


I’m in FREE-WILL Communication, Coordination and Co-Operation with RA’AN.

On the Morning of 30 September 2021, RA’AN and myself Talked and We came to the Mutual Conclusion that it Would be for the GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, For RA’AN to Talk To You Directly.

Those Who Think that this is All my Imagination, Feel Free To Do So!

In This Case Just Take it as My Opinion.

If You Like to Get More Information on Such Things As: “Who is RA’AN?,” “What is this All About?,” or “What is this Communication Line Between RA’AN and myself?,” etc, You could find a Link at the End of this Post for More Information.



“A Few Weeks Ago, It Didn’t Look So Good for RV, Currency Redemption and HEAVEN ON EARTH, But Because of Humanity’s FREE-WILL Requests for Us to ‘Intervene,’ We Could Do So, and Your Potential Near Future Looks Much Better Now.

“But This Potential Near Future Depends on Your Continued Requests for Us to ‘Intervene.’

“If You Would Like to Make This ‘Potential Near Future’ Even Much Better and Faster, Your Most Effective Action Would Be to Redouble Your Requests for Us to ‘Intervene,’ As We have Covered Throughout Our Messages, Including Here:


“If You Should Like to Do or Re-Do the Experiment Described in the Above Message, We would Like to Suggest You Use High Quality Headphones, So that the Subtleties of the Music Come Through.

“Your Second Most Effective Action is to Redouble Your Actions in the Physical; – TO START ALREADY CREATING NOW THE FUTURE YOU DESIRE, As We Have Covered Here:


“However, Regarding the Message of the Link Above, We Would Like You to Know, that the Situation We Had with the LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE has Been Resolved, – Made Possible Through Your and Humanity’s Requests For Our ‘Interference.’

“The UPPER LEVEL ALLIANCE and The LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE are Now Working Together Very Well.

“But This Doesn’t Mean that We Wouldn’t Need Your and Humanity’s Continued Requests For Continued ‘Interference,’ to Get You RV and These Other Things As Soon As Possible, As Not Everybody is on the Same Page; – Not At All.

“You May Want to Realize that This WAR OF TERRA, Is Really A WAR OF ALL THAT IS.

“Because The Future, – GOOD Or EVIL, – Of ALL THAT IS, Is Potentially Decided in This War.

“Therefore You are Not Only Up Against Enemies of Flesh and Blood.

“Truth to be Told, You Need Our HELP to Win This War, and We Need Your HELP to Win This WAR.

“The HELP We Need from You, is Your Continued and Preferably Redoubled Requests, for Us to ‘Interfere,’ on Behalf of GOOD, which Includes Such Things As RV, Currency Redemption, HEAVEN ON TERRA, And HEAVEN IN ALL THAT IS.

‘Aren’t You Tired of Us ‘Keep Telling You Basically The Same Things?’

“Please Forgive Us.

“May We Ask You to Also Understand, that We are Not Going For Maximum Entertainment or Popularity; – We are Going For Winning this WAR OF TERRA, And OF ALL THAT IS.

“This WAR Could Still Drag Out for Many Years, Such As, For Example, to Clean Out Fully the Remaining Enemy Bases from the Inside of TERRA.

“But This Doesn’t Mean that You Couldn’t Have RV, Currency Redemption and the Beginnings of HEAVEN ON TERRA, Much Sooner.

“How Soon?

“Please Realize that YOU are Determining This.

“So You May As Well Ask This Question of Yourself.

“It Really Depends On How Effective You and Humanity Are with Your ‘Most Effective Actions,’ as Covered Above.

“John 15:7:

“If You Remain in Me and My Words Remain in You, Ask Whatever you Wish, and It Will Be Done For You.”





For More Information on RA’AN, You could Refer to the Introductory Part of This Earlier Post:




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