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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 10-26-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday October 19th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in all over the globe

Alright, let’s talk about some intel – let’s see where we are today – Now I know that we have had some close calls – we’ve had some situations where we really thought this was it and we were going – and we’re going today – or we’re going places – you know – and it’s difficult because I get let down too –

I get let down because I’m looking for the timing and trying to get as close to the actual release times as we can get to bring you intel that is accurate – I glean through everything that I hear and try to formulate a way to present it to you in some type of timeline – some kind of order – so that we could go .. okay – I can see what’s happening – very little of what we know right now is something that is evident to us that we actually see – most everything that I bring up to you – a lot of it is behind the scenes – a lot of it – clean-up is behind the scenes – you have to use your imagination for that – it’s the same thing with what I’m going to tell you tonight –

They intend for it to be that way – so let’s talk about sort of where we stand right now – We got word Saturday – a pretty big day for intel – Saturday we got word that we would have 136 countries having asset backed – which is gold  – precious metals – oil – and a number of other assets that are valuable – weighed – with a country to give them an asset backed currency – 136 of our 209 countries in the world have asset backed currencies that were put up for trade starting Sunday night after 7 PM EDT

Those currencies – and we have about 27 unless they add one or take one away – at the last minute – 27 currencies that we know are going to be in the so called first basket that will be available for exchange –  we may have 5 -6 -7 or 8 of those currencies – we don’t have all of them – we haven’t learned about all of them –

I know about most of them but I only have 3 or 4 – I do not include the Zim in that – it is separate – we look at that as more of a “bond” or a hybrid between currency and a bond –  and of course it’s value is so crazy high that  is why they want all zim holders to do projects  – and why you will be looked down upon if you do not have a project – and you go in with it –


(Bruce chuckle ha ha) what are you going to do with all of that money – how many cars are you going to buy – how many beach vacations are you going to have – you know what I mean? It is not about you – at that point none of it is really about you – it’s more about what you can do for other people and how you can improve their lives – globally – not just here in the US

So – alright we’ve got that happened Sunday night –at 7 PM  So that means at 9 or 9:30 when they start trading in the Far East those currencies including our USN – our new currency – including the Iraqi Dinar – the IQD – or I guess IQN their new dinar – and all the other currencies were available to be traded as of Sunday night –that’s good –

Now what other things have happened? What else has happened is – you know we’ve talked about the bond holders – bond recipients – of the funds that will come to them for trading in or selling their bonds – and that’s what’s happened – these people have not received even the 1% 1.2% or 1.5% of their total and these folks like us have been pushed 2 days – a day – 2 more days – pushed just like we have –

We did hear of a couple of special cases where bonds were fully paid out Sunday – and the actual bonds start was Sunday morning to pay these guys out finally  – they have started at 10:30 am Sunday – to pay out the bond holders – now – they have been paid out and letting them go up to so many and then there is a pause – it’s not being “stopped” it is a “pause” – and then they continue – it happened Sunday morning –  Monday – and happening today – that is continuing – and will continue – and some of the people  that we know personally that are bond sellers have been told they have a window in which they are to receive their liquidity and access to those funds on Thursday – between noon and 4PM –

There is a 4 hour window they will be notified then given access to 1% 1.2% or 1.5% depending on what the contract calls for –

So what I am being told is that we tier 4A and 4B are to start in that same time window with notifications – meaning the emails that are coming from Wells Fargo – the 800 numbers – the notification is to occur in that time frame – both plus and minus – noon to 4PM on Thursday –

Now if that happens which I fuly hope and believe it will finally – we would have the opportunity to set our appointments – when do we start our exchanges and redemption of zim? I believe it would be on Friday – I believe we are setting appointments literally from noon – on when we get the notifications on Thursday and then unless I’m wrong – and I hope I’m wrong – this goes before then or goes where we can exchange on Thursday –


But what seems to make sense – if anything of this makes sense – is that they would use that time to take appointments for the next week or ten days – and then we would go ahead and start on Friday – so let’s see if that’s what happens – we’ll find out – we’ll find out soon enough

Another source said to us – just stay tuned over the next 2-3 days – the next 2-3 days will be monumental – that is what we heard from another source – so maybe they know something we don’t – maybe they are correct – Maybe 2 days to get notified and on the 3rd day we exchange – I hope so – that is what I am envisioning –

Alright let’s talk about some other things that have happened – there is a lot going on in the world with clean-up – I think it has been said that world war lll started on Saturday morning – early – and the reason is  because we are in a so called cyber war or digital war  – You kinda know what that refers to – it’s ongoing – and I think will be ongoing – and it may go through the end of this month or beyond that – but I know it’s something that is necessary – and taking place and there is a lot of clean-up on isle 3 – 4 – 5  believe it –  that is a good thing though  – a good thing for us – for the country –

I cannot get specific on it but there is quite a bit of activity – not just in North America – but globally – all across the world this is taking place now – the same time –   I think it is a very positive thing –

This is being done as a part of getting every country ready for GESARA – we are already somewhat into NESARA and GESARA – that we are being told and we’re going to be in it fully – taking advantage of what NESARA has for us and what GESARA has for the globe the rest of the world starting Nov 3 or 4 – not too far away – next week –

In terms of what we can expect when we talk about NESARA kicking in – in a big way – I know of 1 thing we can look forward to – if you are 65 and older – you’re going to see a significant increase in social security benefits starting in November – and gosh the amounts are way higher than you have thought and I would think – I don’t want to bring it up because there is a range and it’s going to be increase of ??

I don’t even want to say – but it’s several thousand dollars of an increase – a few to several thousand $$$$$ increase – over what you are getting now – are we going to need that? If we are over 65 and in this are we going to need this especially if we have zim? NO you’re not – but you are going to receive it – you can do something with it – something good –  but I thought you would like to know that is part of what’s happening – with NESARA –

The rest of the other debt jubilee – and everything we have talked about in the past – you’ve got birth certificate money – debt certificate money –taxes paid throughout life time – interest paid on loans – all of that is going to be refunded to you – again – you are not really going to need it – but you probably won’t turn it down either –  When is that going to happen? I don’t know – but we are supposed to be more in NESARA starting on the 3rd or 4th of November

Here is something else that’s going to be interesting for us – with the technology that we have with the ProLink System / StarLink System  – and they are slightly different –  there is probably some overlap – ProLink is what the Military call the satellite system and the StarLink System is what is there for us – nonmilitary –

I understand there is going to be a new phone coming out that will use that system – the StarLink and use Quantum computer to coordinate it and it will be called the QPhone –  that is going to be interesting to see – that may roll out I believe before Christmas – but we’ll find out – don’t hold me to that – but it is going to work using in the satellites and it may incorporate or not incorporate the cell towers – it will of course be 6G – but may also work in remote areas just on the satellites themselves –  it will be like a satellite phone and that is pretty cool – and should be a lot more affordable than a satellite phone – I am excited about that –


There is a question to Sue about Hawaii – We have redemption centers here that are tied to tier 1 banks – some of them are connected to the building of a bank – some are separate – and in Hawaii – you are going to have some major banks that I can’t tell you exactly where the redemption centers are –

What I would do if I were you – and I had currency – If you had a lot of currency you would definitely let the redemption center know when you get the toll free number that you are looking to exchange in a redemption center – because I can tell you this – if you just went to any ole bank over there – it would be just like if you went to any ole bank here – you would not get the best rate you could get –

Our redemption centers which by the way – they are not staffing the redemption center today or tomorrow so that is why we can sort of write off tomorrow – but the redemption centers are where they expect us to go in – especially if we have zim – and do a presentation that is 5-8 mins long for our projects –

And as we do that they will evaluate and assign a rate to us – commensurate it with the quality of who we are and our presentation –

Now if you have zim and it’s not a suitcase full – coming to the mainland – and consider going to Phoenix – maybe LA is going to be pretty busy – Salt Lake City – I don’t know – I would consider looking into that – because I think what you get – now – this is the only thing that can prove me wrong on this – yrs ago when I looked into this – we did not have that I was aware of – an HSBC Bank in Hawaii – Honolulu – maybe that has changed –  maybe it is there – if so ——- you will do fine – because HSBC is the lead bank on international exchanges – Wells Fargo is the lead bank in North America – obviously Hawaii is part of the United States and yet they are pretty far out in the Pacific right –

So  you want to look at it like check with the larger banks don’t call now – but once this goes and you know it’s real and we’ve got this – and hopefully we get notified Thursday – you know who your bigger banks are – in Hawaii – you could check with them – I would call the 800 number and get an idea – if there is a redemption center on each island – and an actual redemption center –that is tied to a tier 1 bank – like a Wells Fargo – or Citi Bank – Bank of America or a Chase  (also Truist)

Or if you have an HSBC there – you have that option – otherwise your Bank of Hawaii – just get with the biggest National bank you have in Hawaii – or make the trip to the mainland – and do an exchange at Wells Fargo redemption center – Because you are so far out off the Pacific Coast you don’t really want to go all the way to Miami or Dallas  – necessarily – but you could – you could go to Dallas – you could go to California too – it’s just so crowded there – Can you believe that gas is over $8.19 a gallon in the Valley In California? – Give me a break man – what’s going on?  We are still at $2.93 here Broken Arrow (Ohio?)

Look – that is the gist of where we are – I think with all that has been brought tonight we are looking good – this thing you know – I know we are pushing the end of the month- we really are – today is the 26th  we are talking the 28th 29th  – the public is going to be pushed way back too – probably as late as mid November – they may go a little sooner than we have been saying – we may go 5 days or 6 days later after we start but we are concerned about us – the bond holders are getting paid out now even though it is slow going –

The beauty is the QF System is it’s not hackable –and even though people had tried in the past the bond holders movement has not stopped due to some fiasco with the system – everything is moving along – slowly but moving and we are going to have our turn very soon – In fact one of the sources said tier 4 will go right on the heel of the bond holders – and that’s why when we were told the window – for certain of  these bond holders that we know personally is from noon to 4 PM on Thursday that was given as a likely window for us to get notified –

It’s not a true shotgun start – it is certainly a modified shotgun start – but I think they really are trying to coordinate the funds that are going out – all the funds from Dubai 1 – 2 – 3 have been sent – the funds for us are at the banks ready to go – they have been there for about 10 days now – and so we are lined up –


So do what you need to do to get ready – this is quite possibly our last call – do not worry too much about doom and gloom – the so called 10 days of darkness – nay – not really going to happen – you may see some blacked out areas in certain cities – might lose cell service and internet – for a short period of time – not like 10 days or anything – it’s there for a reason and you can only imagine when we talked about clean-up what the reason is – so don’t sweat that – not a big deal – I am not concerned about La Palma – I think that is a distraction and don’t you worry about that either

Take care – stay in touch

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins 1:19:25

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