Dinarland Highlights for October 27, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.27.21

Petra (KTFA)

…we are right in front watching it occur.  And now, we are at the stage where implementation has begun formally with the ATM’s redistributing the money supply…know that this one small move will ignite the WORLD!!! …do you realize the HUGE progress that has been accomplished????  Absolutely astounding.

…Yes, one simple move….and the WORLD changes!!!! And I don’t think I even need to say IMO because it’s history we are watching!! …How long ago have we said…this is not just about Iraq?



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I want to address the losing the 6 zeros in Iraq and Vietnam.  Remember before they devalued these currencies…those currencies had a much higher value. They devalued them so they would be cumbersome, not easy to work with. This was their way of sanctioning them financially. So what they do when they fix them is they don’t just chop off 6 zeros. They revalue it and then they print new bills that are lower denominations. They no longer need the larger notes.

When they revalue the Iraqi dinar and you have 25k note (example to make the math easy). Say its $4 (example) …Say they used to use one note to buy a loaf of bread and now it’s worth  maybe 25 grand or 100 grand…how would they make change for these?  So they change the value and release the lower denomination bills without all the zeros on it…this is exactly what they did in Kuwait …Iraq has done this 3 times over the last hundred years. This is the same thing they did in Japan after world war 2 and the same thing they did in Germany after World War 1 and 2…there are many examples of how they handle this throughout history.

late last night I thought there was an excellent chance that I would be starting this…with the golden egg shirt…There is a lot of pressure not to talk a lot at this time amongst many of us…So details will be getting a bit thin from now on. I am very encouraged that things are moving forward right now…



Maybe you can answer the question for skeptics/beginners…I started looking at my XE app at the surrounding Middle East oil countries and the values of their dinars, most of these prove Iraq is undervalued?”

Bingo.  Brother, you just said it.  Investing is about comparing.  How can Iraq be one of the top oil markets on the planet yet have one of the lowest currencies in the Middle East…on average they should be .50 – .60 cents compared to what everyone else is doing…



Now this is interesting.  Listen to this because this should tell you what you need to know about cryptocurrencies and the great reset…  Article:   “Al-Kazemi advisor comments on a Shafak News report on ‘digital currencies and warns against one of them”  Listen to this because this is going to tell you why you should support cryptocurrency …cryptocurrencies are now coming into Iraq.  There was one that was created and now starting to pick up steam as people have more faith in the cryptocurrency than they do its own currency.

Article quote:
Salih told Shafaq News there are two types of digital currency, one of which is called cryptocurrency,’ noting that ‘it is a system outside the control of central banks and financial markets, and it is traded through its subscribers and founders, so that there is a commodity exchange and coverage of transactions outside the control of international finical supervision.’ “

Don’t you love it?  Of course.  That means a currency for the people by the people.  That is cryptocurrencies.  He’s telling you it’s outside of their control.  They can’t control it.



MilitiaMan (KTFA)

There is reason to be excited! …The evidence is quite clear they have every intention to be digitized, down to their currency. It is no secret anymore that the world is going to be operating at a far more advance pace…So, what can we expect going forward? Global inter-connectivity. We have been told by the CBI / AMF that they have successfully cleared the Euro with the Jordanian Dinar (JOD).

My understanding is, that success story was not the only story to be successful…The communication system will require the cross border payments to be transparent, fast and secure. And it is. So, now we just have to watch and see how long they can last without 1,000 – 10,000k notes, let alone 25k notes.  Fairly sure they told us they have been paying citizens electronically and as recent as this past week, so if everyone that gets electronic payments now will be ready for the switch over to having less cash on hand. I’ll be looking to have a little more…lol 



I often tell people we need to be patient with Iraq because the most important thing is for them to build a private sector economy.  If they do not succeed they will have no choice but then Redenomination the dinar (LOP) notes. Which is not what we want to see.  Despite the frequent nonsense…about deleting three zeros as something that is good. What the Iraqi government is talking about is not. It is a neutral event that does not provide any significant gain to the Iraqi dinar.

Building an economy / private sector improves Iraq’s economy in all phases…manufacturing, tourism, agriculture etc. That kind of success growth then would warrant the value of the dinar to gradually appreciate…Having the dinar rise in value is the result of that success. There is no shortcut that is good.


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

I’m looking for the timing and trying to get as close to the actual release times as we can get to bring you intel that is accurate – I glean through everything that I hear and try to formulate a way to present it to you in some type of timeline…I think…we are looking good…from noon to 4 PM on Thursday…as a likely window for us to get notified… the funds for us are at the banks ready to go – they have been there for about 10 days now – and so we are lined up…So do what you need to do to get ready…


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