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From Flemings Site Friday 10-29-2021: 

Liquidity vs Spend-ability

There’s a new word for our personal dictionary – Spendable isn’t new. Spend-ability takes it to a whole other level. We’re finding new words these days because we’ve never experienced another time like this in history. These new words are apropos considering incredible circumstances. 

“Spend-ability” is one such word. Made necessary because “liquid money of account” is no longer adequate to describe what we have here. Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, all have “liquid money of account”, which is definitely good. Liquid money is money that is released by the principal sending party. All is settled and the principal sending party has signed off, DONE.

So if the principal sending party is done, said the deal is done, notified everyone required that the deal is done; and this is the leading principal that’s signing the contract the bank is facilitating; how is it possible that we haven’t heard that these accounts are spendable?

The answer to this (normal) question is only one more unknown that we can chalk up to no transparency, or possibly unexplained phenomena . What we can know is that there’s a window of time that the recipients MUST be paid. If not done, the Agreement is null and void. The money sent by the “principal sender” can be pulled back… yes, that’s always possible. It’s also a worse case scenario.




 There are a couple of things that might be causing this “hold on accounts”. First and foremost, TIER 4 must be notified and invitations must start. No Tier 4 invitations = No Release of Funds. This is a necessity, agreed to in writing, in order for all funds to be finally released and there is no shortcut possible.

We know this is the case because of the generous sharing from Nick Fleming, who is a part of the process, requiring notification by the World Court, and by the banks, and DoD. 

With the lack of “intel updates” shared lately by “Our Military Intel Contact”, it’s clear that DoD is failing on its commitment to Nick, to provide the kind of information he can share with all of us here in Tier 4.

It had been stated that the Department of Defense asked Nick to be the Lead Guy they coordinated with on behalf of Tier 4. He was chosen to be the specific guy they could coordinate with to deliver real factual details, both confirmations and denials; on exactly where we are in the RV GCR process.

He’s been this guy for a couple of years now and they did a great job with communication. Lately, there have been no shares from “Our Military Intel Contact” since early September, when we were told he had Covid. Even before that there were only sparse comments shared for the month of August. We can only pray he’s alive and recovering. God help this generous man. The DoD are MIA (MISSING IN ACTION), in every way imaginable.

They have not delivered as agreed to Nick, with information and updates. They have also not demonstrated their coordinated effort in support of completing the RV GCR either. Didn’t we hear that the RV was squarely in the hands of DoD? Yes. We did.

 Maybe it is squarely in the hands of the DoD, and they have done all that was needed to be done. AND IT IS DONE. We just haven’t had the benefit of their explanation yet. Might be that “research” is being done on these accounts – holding the proceeds, as we can expect to happen and as part of the SOP — of the “Financial System” to determine any possible “money laundering” and other possible criminal activity, which we can also believe.




Last guess here and the one we all have to take a deep breath on, is there have been further attempts to delay the process as the CABAL continues to try new ways to subvert the RV GCR process. Followed by arrests (recently reported more than 100,000), and more arrests. 

Without the input of DoD all is just a best guess scenario. Perhaps the DoD, just like the Chinese/Royal Families involved in this global contract that have been so quiet for the past few weeks, are all waiting on the delivery to happen.

It’s got to be happening right now because they won’t wait forever. RIGHT NOW is viable time frame because no one, especially at this level, with their history and experience, will enter any Agreement of any kind, without Penalty language and definite action items spelled out in depth. This must be the case. We can know this is the case. The D-Day is upon us. 

There have been discussions shared among various RV pundits, “exchanges are now happening,” and they can’t all be wrong. Exchanges are happening. Not the type of exchange that anyone should participate in though. Reason being, these entities are attempting to manage side-by-side closings, with no money out of pocket, and only promises, while expecting RV to start simultaneously. It happens a lot.

People that take advantage of a fast buy/sell, position themselves with a banking relationship to coordinate this transaction, taking a nice slice out of the deal for their trouble. When you hear about VND AT $1.10 and IQD at $2.20 (or so), this is a side-by-side buy/sell deal. You will be leaving a lot of spread on the table, because the rates we expect to see are quadruple that.

So, if you hear about an opportunity/invitation to benefit from a “private bank exchange” and are told you’ll have cash in your account within 24 – 48 hours, this is a side-by-side buy/sell.  Don’t do it. When we exchange at the Redemption Center, or in the Bank, there will be cash in hand delivered immediately.

We simply won’t have RV exchange – RV GCR, without receiving cash immediately in hand – at least when exchanging in Tier 1 banks. Might be the case for smaller banks. For currency exchange in Tier 1 banks we’ll have credit cards and all accounts, all banking, etc., facilitated immediately. Or we won’t be exchanging. It’s that simple. 

Every time we have an inkling of the RV GCR starting, these (private bank) exchanges escalate and more (fearful-innocent-unwise) people take the bait. Such a waste… If they are lucky, they might get a little advanced head-start (with less cash in hand), but so far no one has received access to proceeds from these transactions.

A very few lucky individuals have received 1% in their account, but this isn’t across the board. If you are one that decides to take advantage of this early invitation, you had better remember the phrase (and employ it), “teeth in the deal”. Translation, the ability to bite the ass of the other party, to make it hurt, should they default on “reasonable terms”.

You can know that for 100% of the time, this (Penalty Clause) will not be allowed in a side-by-side buy/sell currency exchange.  There’s no way any (RV GCR, exchange) buyer would be subject to penalty when the chance that they won’t be able to deliver on the Agreement made, is so very high.




If the banks have this new US Treasury currency in the drawer, as we’ve been told, then the RV GCR is Ready, Willing, and Able to launch. So, what’s the holdup? Might be that the principal holdup is the Current Administration, and the New Green Deal, with the demand of Treasury/IRS’ oversight over every bank account held by every US passport/ID holder, anywhere in the world. The holdup is Draconian oversight, which we’ve been told will not happen under NESARA compliant laws. 

The 1776 Constitution must be validated and this government step down.

Have a Blessed Weekend.

Source: Dinar Recaps


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