Dinarland Highlights for October 29, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.29.21


Would a currency seller be a better or more immediate option?”

As far as a currency dealer verses a bank you go with who will exchange it for the best rate.  It’s that simple.  Who can exchange it for the best rate.



…We have been asked to remain quiet and so we are watching what is going on for the moment…The main problem has been that they are trying to tax an event that is non-taxable. No one knows the rates…



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A lot of people are out there “Chicken Littleing” because we havn’t seen it yet. I’m not worried because we are seeing steady progress.  Its curious timing that Biden is out of town this week…we were told years ago the potus would be out of the country during the reset…very interesting timing. My belly is telling me [we are close].

[Did your Iraqi contractors get paid yesterday?]

My contractor guys who were expecting full use of those funds yesterday, were now told they would not have full access until Sunday or Monday.  I think that tells us a lot on what they expect our weekend to be like. Sounds like Trick or Treat is the big question for our weekend.



Oil price is rising which is what you want.  It’s now up to $85.72 – help generate more revenue for Iraq which means IMO let’s go ahead and restore the old rates at the very least going into this next year.



Mountain Goat

What do we know for sure?  There is an overall long-term plan or strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) when it comes to implementing reforms for the monetary policy for the dinar. They have told us this plan way back in 2011. What we don’t know fully is the timing of the execution of the plan. I mean “fully” because we do know some pieces and we have already witnessed them playout. So we know they are working towards their stated goal of reviving the Iraqi dinar back to it’s “glory days”. Remember years ago when they used this term?



I’m struggling to find a bank that will exchange the IQD?”

Obviously.  None of them will at this point in time.

Question Continues:
“…is that because it doesn’t have any value yet?”

Banks and other exchange services simply don’t have an answer at the moment. However, considerations I might suggest is putting your IQD in a valuing service…they will actually do the exchange for you once the RV happens after you determine the rate  acceptable to you.  What’s the advantage of that?  First of all safety, ease, comfort.  They already have several sources where they have a private agreement with…including a bank…that’s a serious consideration to take a look-see at.


Bruce (The Big Call)

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…it has been very quiet…the bankers are quiet…kind of a gag order…a lot of them are under NDA’s – some of the other people we talked to are laying low…I don’t know if we’re going to get this before the weekend…this Monday November 1st could be a different story all together…we are very very close – so I am not going to write off the weekend yet – let’s see if something magical happens tonight…A lot of good things are going to be happening very soon…


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