“The Destiny of Humankind Chronicles #43: Ra’an Message (32)” by Raanra – 10.30.21


Entry Submitted by Raanra at 7:25 PM EDT on October 30, 2021


The Following Introduction is for Those Who Have not Read it Before.

RA’AN’s Message Follows. 


I’m in FREE-WILL Communication, Coordination and Co-Operation with RA’AN.

On the Morning of 30 September 2021, RA’AN and myself Talked and We came to the Mutual Conclusion that it Would be for the GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, For RA’AN to Talk To You Directly.

Those Who Think that this is All my Imagination, Feel Free To Do So!


In This Case Just Take it as My Opinion.

If You Like to Get More Information on Such Things As: “Who is RA’AN?,” “What is this All About?,” or “What is this Communication Line Between RA’AN and myself?,” etc, You could find a Link at the End of this Post for More Information.



“We Like to Give You an Important Message; IMPORTANT, If You Want to Ever Get RV, CURRENCY REDEMPTION, HEAVEN ON EARTH OR HEAVEN IN ALL THAT IS.

“We’ll Do Our Best to Make it Super-Clear what the Current Situation Is.

“Basically, YOU are DECIDING Right Now, Whether You are Going To Get RV and These Other Things, Or Not


“YOUR ACTIONS or INACTIONS DECIDE RIGHT NOW, Whether You Are Going To Be on a Timeline with RV, etc, Or Not.

“As We have Told You Before, This is a War Between GOOD or EVIL Over ALL THAT IS.

“The REAL ENEMY OF EVIL BEHIND THE SCENES is Not of Flesh and Blood and Has A Lot of Power, IF IT Is FREE-WILL ALLOWED to Use ITS Power.

“Unfortunately IT Has Been FREE-WILL Allowed to Use ITS Power for Too Long Now, – Longer Than It Was Necessary to Wake People Up, For The GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL.

“Up to Now, IT Achieved This By Repeated Trickery, By Repeatedly Convincing the Leader of THE LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE that it Was BEST, to Postpone the Things Which Had to be Done Publicly, that Would Lead to RV and These Other Things; — By Convincing This Leader that It Was Best To Postpone Just A Little Longer, As Then More Arrests Could Be Done Behind The Scenes, On the Rationale that Eventually Enough Bad Players Would Be Arrested, So That The Power Of IT Must Collapse.

“This Is Happening Right Now, Once More Again.

“If You Want RV and These Other Things You Cannot Allow This to Happen, This Time.

“Because, What’s Really Happening and What Has Not Been Fully Appreciated by the Leader of the LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE Is, That IT has the Ability of Bumping Up Previously Minor Bad Actors, or Corrupting and Putting Old or New Bad Actors in Other or Same Positions of Power, Just About As Fast, As Previously Bad Actors are Arrested.

So the Enemy Has Not Collapsed As Fast As Expected, But has Created Again And Again a Situation Where it Looks to the Leader of The LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE that More Postponement May Be Needed, to Do More Arrests Behind The Scenes Again, Rather Than To Go Ahead With Doing the Things Publicly, that Would Lead to RV and These Other Things.

“If You Do Not Whatever Is Needed to Amicably Convince or Force or The LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE LEADER, To NOT Postpone This Time, You May Never Get RV and These Other Things.


“One of the Very Best Ways To NEVER Get RV and These Other Things, Would Be for You to Listen to the Guys who are Shouting “IT IS HAPPENING NOW!,” And Do, YOURSELF, NOTHING.

“Right Now YOU DECIDE With Your Actions Or Inactions, Whether You are Going to be on a Timeline With Or Without RV, Currency Redemption, HEAVEN ON TERRA or HEAVEN IN ALL THAT IS.

“If YOU Don’t Do What’s Needed Now, It Would Be Much Harder to Do It ‘Next Time’ and Much More Likely That It WOULD NOT HAPPEN AGAIN, Also Not ‘Next Time Around.’

“Do You Understand All This Very, Very, Very Clearly?

“Please, DECIDE Right Now, If This Resonates As YOUR TRUTH, Or Not.

“If It Does, You May Want to Think of Something Right Now, to Amicably Convince or Force the Leader of The LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE to Do NOW, the Things Which Have To Be Done Publicly, to Bring About RV and these Other Things.

“How To Do This?

“Think of Something! You Have FREE-WILL! 

“We Can Only ‘Interfere’ As Much As It Doesn’t VIOLATE HUMANITY’S COLLECTIVE FREE-WILL.

“This Message Is Such ‘Interference,’ Which Is Not Actually A VIOLATION OF HUMANITY’S COLLECTIVE FREE-WILL.


“To Tell You What to Do Exactly, We Cannot Do, As It Would Be a VIOLATION OF HUMANITY’S COLLECTIVE FREE-WILL.

“If You Don’t Amicably Convince or Force the Leader of The LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE to Go Ahead Publicly Now, it May NOT HAPPEN, in which Case You Could Forget About The RV and These Other Things, at Least For Now and Possibly, Forever.

“Without Giving You This Message, It Appeared More Likely that The LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE LEADER Will, Once More Again, Go For Postponement, Rather Than Going Ahead With Doing the Things Publicly, That Have to be Done Publicly, to Bring About RV and these Other Things.

“Hence This Message.

“We have Told You Before that it is YOU WHO DECIDE, Which Way This Thing Is Going To Go.

YOU DECIDE This Right Now Through Your Actions Or Inactions.

“So May We Ask You To DECIDE Right Now What Is YOUR TRUTH and Take Respective Action Or Inaction, Right Now?






For More Information on RA’AN, You could Refer to the Introductory Part of This Earlier Post:



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