Dinarland Highlights for October 31, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.31.21

Bruce (The Big Call)

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My understanding is that in Iraq the lower denominations are already out – already in use – through their ATM’s and through their banks…


Mountain Goat

“At the bank branch of the Central Bank in the province of Basra, the delegation was keen to meet the staff of the branch and discuss the most important organizational matters in the work of the branch. The branch displayed large images of past and current dinars…a 1947 Dinar note with King Faisal II was shown in the Basra branch of the Central bank display.  Why did they highlight this past dinar note?  Look at the rate for the dinar during that time period.  It’s $4.86.  Go figure!  I do not believe in coincidences...”


Sandy Ingram

Iraq election body soon to announce final results after recount

Finally Iraq is almost ready to announce the results of the election after a recount.



I can’t state it enough, never put your dinar in anyone else’s hands to manage or exchange on your behalf you will never see it again.  Theft has been going on for years and this is just an attempt at stealing your dinar…crooks are relentless at making up scams to acquire your dinar dating back to flying people to Reno NV to meet with scam artists pretending they were bankers



Will there be a time limit to exchange?”

Likely not.  It would be no difference than it is right here.



We are so close to all things happening. We have never been this close…



Can you clarify the statement you made regarding exchanging the dinar as soon as possible in relation to things going sideways because of Iran ‘s influence and the RV?  What should we as investors look for?”

If Iran starts to get heavy-handed in the region then Iraq is going to add value to their currency.  They will.  That’s not going to stop.  But how does Iran take that power away from Iraq ?  What do they need to do?  What does the United States do to Iran ?

We do an embargo on them. In other words their market share is shrinking.  We’re taking away their wealth.  So that’s what Iran will do to Iraq .  They will make sure their markets don’t grow.  And that’s why you want to get out if indeed that happens and it goes down that route.  You want to get out of that currency as quickly as possible.  Because…the first thing that comes is destroying their currency.  And then they have to be that much more dependent on Iran …

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

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