Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 2, 2021


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 2 Nov. 2021

Compiled Tues. 2 Nov. 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

God Bless America & Patriotic Music – The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square – Bing video

Judy Note: The latest rumor was that on Wed. 3 Nov. at 9:30 am in the East Room of the White House Trump would be making an announcement, the QFS would be put into place. Nesara would kick in somewhere around Wed. 3 Nov. or Thurs. 4 Nov. and the EBS would go off somewhere in there and by Thurs. 11 Nov. The Alliance has promised us Christmas in November and remember, “The Military is the Only Way.”

Whiplash347: The Storm is almost here. Make sure you have the necessities. 2 to 3 weeks worth. The Military will also supply food and supplies. We are going to Full Global Martial Law, changing over from Crown Maritime Law to 1776.

  • We are going to gold/asset-backed standard, not gold standard. Big difference between those two. Gold standard can still have exchange rates manipulated via manipulation of gold price.
  • Supply Chain issues could last as long as the Pandemic. You were advised to store food and supplies for you and others.

Simon Parkes: “All currency test-runs done. HSBC will lead the process. [Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp.] U.S. on full alert for the Redemption process. Temple Texas—NOT Reno—sets it off. DOD & Military is pushing everything out tomorrow (Fri. 29 Oct. 2021). Heavy roundup happening of remaining Deep State Cabal as NESARA is fully installed. United States Navy ready to go. Gold-backed currency locked in. Lots of it (_?) funded. Advanced healing technologies making its rounds. Humanitarians worldwide will be funded.”

Mon. 1 Nov. MarkZ: We are expecting a lot of movement in both Reno and Miami today. In Zurich they are still sitting on their hands waiting. Many received funding last week and I know some who are expecting funding later on today.

Monkey works said that over the weekend there was a lot of movement of military planes ….very strange things are afoot.


I hear Nesara kicks in somewhere around Wed. 3 Nov. or Thurs. 4 Nov.

There are a number of banks that are closing retail spaces unexpectedly. ATMs are closing then opening….strange things going on.

There have been a lot of resignations in key positions in several banks as repo operations are being shut down. 

Redemptions will take place at the same time all over the world.

We actually have people receiving money now on the bond side…..real funds in their pockets.

Holly: Reports state that the First basket contains: Afghanistan Afghani (AFN), Kuwait I Dinar   (KWD), US Dollar (USD), Russian Ruble (RUB), Chinese Renminbi, or Yuan (CNY), UK  British Pound/Pound Sterling (GBP), Qatar I Rial (QAR), UAE Emirate Dinar (AED),  India Rupee (INR); Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Mexican Peso  (MXN), Venezuela Bolivar (VEB), Brazil Real (BRL), Saudi Arabia Riyal (SAR), Malaysian   Ringgit (MYR), Iranian Rial (IRR), Iraqi Dinar (IQD), Vietnamese Dong (VND), and Zimbabwe ZIM/Bond.  I am told the Hungarian Pengo is also included in the list.

Restored Republic


NESARA/GESARA: Expected to kick in worldwide around Wed. 3 Nov. or Thurs. 4 Nov.  G.E.S.A.R.A LAW was signed off at the HAGUE (International Court Of Justice) by all World Leaders. Win by any means necessary. Flipping of 1871 Act of England. Flipping of Balfour Declaration. Capturing of the TITLE 4 FLAG.

Global Military Intelligence Operation. Trump’s Executive Orders 13848 and 13818 have basically seized the World for anyone linked in Crimes against Humanity & Foreign Election Interference….Whiplash347

Schedule: (11:00 min.)

On Wed. 3 Nov. at 9:30 am in the East Room of the White House Trump will be making an announcement, and then he and Melania will head to Andrews Air Force Base where the QFS will be put into place.

Somewhere between Wed. 3 Nov. and Thurs. 11 Nov. all things will fall into place, including the EBS. 

On Thurs. 11 Nov. things will be completed.  Christmas in November. Military is the only way.

GESARA, Intelligence Companies Removed, Tesla Free Energy, Whiplash347: Gesara = 1000 yrs of peace, no more wars. This is why the tunnels are being bombed too apart from rescuing children & killing Chimera’s. This is why all private intelligence companies are being removed from existence. Ie Mossad/CIA & 5Eyes. Only intelligence staying is military.  RE-READ the FIVEEYES Drops. This is why we are moving away from Oil, Gas & Fuel to Tesla Wireless Technology. This is going to be dramatic. No more George of the Jungle styles, Tesla Wireless Technology. Moving from Oil, Gas & Traditional Electricity to Metals, Green Technology, Wireless Electric. On the news right now. Petrol & Diesel vehicles will be banned by 2025. They are saying Australia will be the dumping ground for petrol and diesel cars. Now learn how the Bitcoin/Crypto Mining  ets is going and moving to Green Technology. USA vs CHINA Technology WAR. Q Save The World tells you. Not just about CRYPTO and the New Quantum Financial System. The Whole Lot is connected.

Food, Goods, Fuel Shortages:

U.S. faces engineered famine as COVID lockdowns and vax mandates could lead to widespread hunger and unrest this winter. As the nation’s supply chain crisis worsens, three things are becoming apparent. Number One was that there doesn’t seem to be a solution.

Trump Predicts What Will Happen to Gas Prices, And It Sounds Horrifying: “Gas going to be over $10 a gallon.”


Supply Chain Issues Could Last as Long as Pandemic:

Amid Shortages and Delays, Industries Question Old Inventory Strategies:

Shipping Companies Fear ‘Catastrophic’ Supply Chain Fallout Over New California Port Fees:

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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