“The Destiny of Humankind Chronicles #46: Ra’an Message (35)” by Raanra – 11.2.21


Entry Submitted by Raanra at 9:15 PM EDT on November 2, 2021


The Following Introduction is for Those Who Have not Read it Before.

RA’AN’s Message Follows. 


I’m in FREE-WILL Communication, Coordination and Co-Operation with RA’AN.

On the Morning of 30 September 2021, RA’AN and myself Talked and We came to the Mutual Conclusion that it Would be for the GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, For RA’AN to Talk To You Directly.

Those Who Think that this is All my Imagination, Feel Free To Do So!

In This Case Just Take it as My Opinion.

If You Like to Get More Information on Such Things As: “Who is RA’AN?,” “What is this All About?,” or “What is this Communication Line Between RA’AN and myself?,” etc, You could find a Link at the End of this Post for More Information.



“In Case You are Wondering What Was Meant with ’45’ in the Last Post, Think of ‘The 45th __ of __.’

“He Loves to do Things Slowly, Publicly.

“It is Not Clear Right Now If He Will Keep Insisting on the ‘Continued Slow Drip, Drip, Drag-Out,’ Or If He Decides to Get Things Done Now, and Over With, Publicly.

“However, He Is Aware that The More Time Goes On, The More People Will Likely Realize that HE Is The One, Who Allows the Show of Destruction of This Country and the World to Continue, and That This Probably Cannot Go On For Too Much Longer, Without People Starting to Look At HIM As the Enemy, – Not the Savior.

“We, Ourselves, Would Much Prefer, If He Replaced the ‘Continued Slow Drip, Drip, Drag-Out,’ with Getting It Done Now, Publicly.

“We Go by the Principle of the GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS.

“If He Decides to Get It Done Now,  We Ask For Your Support of Him.

“Similarly to How It Could Be Much Better to Rip Off a Band-Aid Quickly, Rather than Slowly with Prolonged Excruciating Pain, We Consider it to be the GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, to Bring the Show of ‘Destroy America and the World’ to an End, Right Now, Publicly.

“There Can Still be Plenty of Opportunity for the Remaining People to Wake Up; – It Is Not Anymore Contingent Upon a ‘Continued Slow Drip, Drip, Drag-Out.’

“There Can Still be Plenty of Opportunities for Sting Operations and Arresting of More Bad Actors; – It Is Not Contingent Upon a ‘Continued Slow Drip, Drip, Drag-Out.’

“There Can Be Still Plenty of Time for Cleaning Out the Remaining Deep Enemy Underground Bases; – It Is Not Contingent Upon a ‘Continued Slow Drip, Drip, Drag-Out.’

“People Who are Using the Above Arguments to Justify a ‘Continued Slow Drip, Drip, Drag-Out,’ are Working For the Enemy, Knowingly or Unknowingly.

“The ‘Continued Slow Drip, Drip, Drag-Out,’ HAD Its Valid Purpose, But It No Longer Has It, in Terms of THE GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS.

“However, Once Again, We Have to Tell You that it Is YOU Who Determine Your Future.

“Should You Decide to Make It Very, Very, Very Clear that You Will No Longer Tolerate a ‘Continued Slow Drip, Drip, Drag-Out,’ This Would Likely Convince the Leader of The LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE, that The Purpose of Waking People Up, Has Been Achieved for All Practical Purposes and Intents, and that He Now Can Part Ways With the ‘Continued Slow Drip, Drip, Drag-Out.’

“Should You Decide to Be Indifferent or to Not Make This Very, Very, Very Clear, the ‘Continued Slow Drip, Drip, Drag-Out,’ Will Probably Continue, with Excruciating and Prolonged Pain for Some, as in the Example of Ripping Off the Band-Aid Maximally Slowly, With Maximum Pain.

“So We Would Like to Encourage You to Make Up Your Mind, what You Really Want, and Encourage You to Realize that YOU Determine Your Future.

“And Then to Take Action Or Inaction, According to Your Preferences.

“Because Here is the Really Gruesome TRUTH:

“You Are Responsible Too, – Not Just The Leader Of The LOWER LEVEL ALLIANCE!





For More Information on RA’AN, You could Refer to the Introductory Part of This Earlier Post:




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