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In the late 1800s, during the latter years of the long reign of Queen Victoria, the British Empire had risen to be the global leader among all the colonial leaders. The most powerful and far flung empire the world had ever seen included strategic colonial dominance in S. Africa, Rhodesia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Canada, and other nations.

The alliance of the British crown, already cozy with the City of London and the British East India company, with the Rothschild banking family in that generation had manifested on Gaia a very “winning” formula. Europe’s 99-year “Pax Romana” 1815-1914 was only interrupted by the German trouncing of the French in 1870 in the brief Franco-Prussian War and the ugly but also brief Crimean War.

The British had enough military and economic clout to see the pound sterling become the reserve currency of the world, though the French franc was also well accepted. The English financial wizards of the day, full centuries ahead of the rest of the world, were able in their London bastion, to set the trading price of gold for most of the world at the American equivalent of $21 per ounce. This price for gold was managed, and for good reason was sustained (amid all mining supply changes), at this price for decades. The empire’s economic clout led to a highly stable financial system globally and was a boon to world trade and economic stability. This in turn paved the way for a highly coherent global bond market. As we know, a bond is simply a loan at a stated level of interest for a specific term in years. While simple at this fundamental level, bond markets emerged that let to the active trading of bonds. The bonds tended to achieve greater demand as the stability of the borrower  (and the likelihood of proper re-payment) became better known. Thus, highly stable and successful company = more desirable bond. The need for lesser known entities to borrow using bonds, required that they offer higher interest to attract investors. 

The world economy, thanks to the dominance of the colonial powers in world affairs, began to see avenues to improving trade and even pursuing large infrastructure projects in various countries. These projects, such as the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, and multiple national railroad systems required vast sums of money at a level not previously seen. The wizards of course devised a bond funding mechanism where projects could be funded by a broad base of bond holders, often the wealthy elite, while at the same time arrange the costs involved to be amortized by user fees (payable for many decades). Bear in mind that all bonds of that era were purchased with gold, the pound sterling, the French franc, or fully gold-backed currencies. It was all ingenious to say the least, and led to a more rapid pace of infrastructure project completions. These bond loans in a large way propelled forward the world’s movement into modernity and societal benefits of the new technologies.

Unfortunately, the halcyon days of Queen Victoria’s time broke down into near immediate disarray in 1914 as WWI erupted in Europe. The war ended in November 1918 and the peace treaties were largely all signed by 1920. A mere nineteen years later, an even more devastating war erupted and saw Great Britain and France utterly drained of sovereign gold, a defeated Germany, a bankrupt Russia, a devastated China, and a big winner in the USA. It also finally led to the unleashing of atomic weapons for the first time. 

Due to the horrific disruption to the world’s economy and the re-mapping of nation-states in many cases, the age of empires began a steady slide downhill. By 1950, the colonial powers began to gradually lose their power to govern distant nations desiring political freedom and true sovereignty. 

Amidst all of this, many of the historic bonds that were extant in that era were never repaid. But, they are still due to be paid, and at expanded interest accrual terms – that is, at least, those bonds that survived the wars and the random destruction of these elaborately pieces of engraved paper. Of course we see that the old trade relationships, sustained for centuries in some cases, did not just go away. Trading power and Banking power were the money-generation power of the mercantile age. This power structure certainly did not die in 1945. But it did require a large new measure of cerebral re-jiggering.


A huge breakthrough in modern banking (and re-jiggering) came with the advent of electronic computers. The banking system (along of course with military leaders), became quickly aware of the gigantic possibilities and were early pioneers of computers. Just as the colonial system began to break down, with all its political disruptions and mini-wars, and as the Cold War emerged in earnest, the computerization of money opened a window into a highly lucrative new system of debt placements, societal control using money, and more massive profits than they could have ever dreamed of in the past. The wounded tigers of the war period, still great nations, quickly healed and sprang back to be more fit, more hungry, and potentially more dangerous. Their banks were the key instruments of dominance, as ever, but now vastly superseding guns and ships.

With computerization, the fractional banking system and fiat models of massive debt formation attained a greatly expanded dimension of wealth creation and what we now derisively call debt-slavery models. The introduction of the petro-dollar in the 1970s enabled the U.S. dollar reserve currency to remain viable for expanded decades, yet also saw the rise of new centers of sovereign wealth based on (1) in-the-ground oil, gold, and other minerals; (2) thriving economies based on the industriousness of their people; and (3) an avalanche of new patents, new technologies, and new business models.

The world’s most astute economists, brilliant mathematicians all, knew by 1970 that the fiat model, braced only temporarily by the petro-dollar and an expanding central bank model in all counties (save five), would eventually crack apart. This antiquated but brilliant system (from the cabal perspective) was correctly judged to have a finite life span. In the midst of all this, it became apparent that perhaps the world, the planet Gaia, could invent a completely NEW concept of money…a system that would be capable to vastly reduce or even eliminate global joblessness and poverty, the albatrosses around the necks of the old system.

The QFS we now speak of (as if we fully understand it) became possible based on discoveries in theoretical quantum physics. Emerging as exotic and ill-received science in the 1930-1955 period, quantum physics was so advanced (disruptive) that even Albert Einstein could not fully embrace it. The great man, who introduced the world to the fact that there is a very real relationship between energy and matter, saw his own theories rigorously explored and tested for many decades. Every planet in every solar system in every galaxy that has intelligent life will have an evolutionary path to comprehend, or not, the relationship of energy and matter. Gaia made it through that portal. This has led to a completely new era of Life on Earth. We are all here witnessing the child’s first year of kindergarten.

Not visible to the human eye, the minute particles and energies that are an inherent aspect of our universe, with incredibly diligent research and funding, rapidly became better known to this world’s top theoreticians as our studies of electricity and magnetism proliferated. And of course we still don’t know it all yet. Too, the phenomenon we call “Light” has been especially targeted in our era and we obtained lasers and a multiplicity of related useful light technologies. The explosions possible with fission and fusion were dangerous results of other explorations into energy release, but were also made (arguably) beneficially useful. In a world of Free Will tip-toeing its way through the minefield of Duality, success in science for ever so long has had an existential aspect. And still does.

In our own lifetimes, as the emergence of the miniaturized but powerful computer chip steadily changed modern life (and banking), the world’s leading companies became highly motivated to explore a NEW kind of chip. The 1s and 0s gateway model was too dumb and too slow. They eventually came up with the Q-chip. The science it reflects is still very secret and yet its banking iteration will now be released to affect our lives and our machines in ways barely imagined in the past.

In short, the new QFS banking system, properly safe-guarded, is capable to usher in an age of mankind where there is no poverty, no lack of needed health care, no debt slavery, no need to even work unless you want to (yes some people like to work, have soul contracts to work, need to work), and can help eliminate organized sovereign warfare and organized crime. 


Because banking SHOULD BE a service function to aid humanity’s interactions, and not a POWER MECHANISM of an anachronistic neo-colonial model of world dominance, the necessary changes have been made and are being stabilized as we speak.

QFS Basic Functional Layers:

Bitcoin – Store of Value; a digital proxy for gold; large sovereign holdings, treasury links, designed to end irresponsible fiat money creation (highest sovereign security required). 

Etherium – Central Bank Approved and large mega-bank and insurance company digital money system to network their transactions with safety and reliability; talks and interchanges with all (Paris Treaty and highest sovereign security required). 

Ripple – Worldwide international ledger adopted by all nations; XRP super=fast trading of cross-border money movement (with safety) stocks, bonds, and derivatives; married to but hegemonic to Swift, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Western Union, etc, etc. Daily use by the entire world. Ledger model is designed for integral security.

Stellar – XLM coin will be massively available; daily use by the entire world; it will be the preferred coin of the phone-networked and on-site merchant payment systems at the register and at the ATM. Daily and hourly use fully integrated into the other three.

Other digital asset companies with useful technologies and good people will be bought out or merged into the above. Highly speculative and scam coins will disappear.

Restive Sage


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