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Entry Submitted by Luna at 3:18 AM EDT on November 5, 2021

The Winds of Change are Upon Us Now

While I sat down here to write an article tonight a notification popped up from Jason Shurka . It was a video and Jason said he had a big announcement regarding the Rays of Light book. He was giving it to us to download for free.  Wow how many out there in his community do that? As he was saying it, I was typing in a search engine:  Voyage of Light. Crazy eh?, I was also searching for information on the Rays of Light about 4 days ago.  So there is literally light all around me and including my birth name means Light!  Can this be construed as just a coincidence?…Nah,  I don’t think so and I will explain why below.

Follow me if you can. We are rapidly moving to a higher dimension and so we are going to feel that in our being. Or thoughts that we wouldn’t think we are starting to think. Or subject matters that we never cared for suddenly we do. Also, I know from my guides that codes are being downloaded and/or activated so again, you are going to feel that on some level but especially if you are connected to your body. Our bodies talk to us all the time like “oh you shouldn’t have eaten that” or “said that to whomever”, and so on. Do we listen to that voice? Do you? I have been fortunate to hear that voice inside of me but I didn’t always listen to it the way I should of. In other words, I would tune it out just because! I found that at time it was like a game and so I would test it. Let me tell you, that was never a good idea myself, because the lesson was harder than it needed to be. A lasting impression so I wouldn’t do that again.

Have you had any conversations with your higher self? If not, you should. You would be surprised how amazing it is to have this intelligence inside our being. I have always felt like my body was inside a computer. Any and all information is stored within our bodies. Even emotions which get stuck in our emotional bodies and filter into the muscles therefore cause us pain in one form or another which is then remembered with your body memory. You are given choices and even then YOU have FREE will to choose.

I chose to be awake in this life, I choose to pray, I chose to love, I choose to listen, I choose to create, I choose to be in this moment, and  I choose what I want to put in my body. Finally, I choose ME, and I choose to be all that I AM!  It’s that simple but it isn’t unless you believe you can and that you will have all that your heart desires. No one teaches us this stuff but it is vital to our well being to know that we are the creators of our own lives. Of course, the powers that be don’t want you to know that because that doesn’t serve their purpose.

Just like the ego that will talk you out of your dreams by attacking your self-esteem and it will literally lie to you to stop you. Why you ask? It knows it will die if it doesn’t talk you out of it. Fear is a powerful thing when you believe it is real and it immobilizes you. In other words it will keep you stuck doing the same thing over and over again like a robot.  

FEAR… False Evidence Appearing REAL that’s the acronym for it. Crazy right! When you understand that you are CREATING everything and literally everyone that comes into your life it becomes a game changer. You realize that it’s ok if you make a mistake because you know that you can also fix it.  You just have to fine tune it like a radio station.




So by dreaming you are actually helping yourself to create even faster! They call it creative visualization.  You are literally changing your belief system and likely one that was ingrained into you through your upbringing either by your schools where you were being trained how to be and act. Your free will has literally been taken out of it even our governments and churches were telling you what to think, believe or do. They tell you what you are supposed to be like and act like, basically what they tell you is what they want you to do and be like. We comply because that’s our programming or indoctrination through those institutes I mentioned above.

Mankind is primarily obedient and kind being by nature. Not everyone can love or even give love but we care about our fellow man if we are connected in our bodies. Then we have the capacity for love. What’s required now in this new earth is to be connected in your heart and to want to help your neighbor. Oh, you don’t know them?  Well then, I guess you are in the percentage of those people who just like robots get up, get ready for work, work all day then commute back to their homes and do it all over again the next day. No time for anyone. In other words, you have been programmed to do the masters bidding. Those who programmed you to be a good little robot!

Have you ever asked yourself any questions? If not, you have been way too busy for anyone else and obviously too caught up in your everyday life. It’s not a wonder then, that you are not dreaming of what you love or want to create in your life. Your world looks the way it looks because you have created it that way. Conscious or not you did it! I’m not saying it’s right but what I am saying is that there is a better way! Your way! You are told this is your life and yet you are not creating what you call your life. You are just existing! So, of course, nothing can change because you are not present in any real moment in your life you just think you are.

For myself, it’s always been like this: if I don’t like what I see or feel I change it. Period, end of discussion. My emotions tell me lots even with no words.  First of all, I’m not afraid of change but I know many are. I welcome change because when change is blowing in your life it’s a positive thing. Change is telling you that you are stuck? Or something or someone is holding you back. If you are not in tune with your life you can never make the changes necessary to retool it to suit your desires. I think of all the possibilities and there are many because we are multi-dimensional beings and so I look at each one analytically and pick the one that feels right for ME. Just in case, I usually have a plan B but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe I can create my dream it’s just in case, that way I have options.

Now looking back, I think how could I have kept that all in line and in my head while I was raising my four kids as a single mom. Wow I never thought of all that I carried on my shoulders because I just did it! But I also was never told that I am a Creator and with the capital ‘C’!  Since there was only myself; I never thought about how I was going to do it I just did it.  I think it just  made me feel better knowing that I already had all the possibilities in my mind tucked away just in case.

Well, today decades later and no kids at home, I find myself dreaming more and effortlessly.  Its quiet now and so I can just let my mind wander.  Like I used to when I was in grade school. I was always looking out the window and I would only come back to ‘earth’ when I would hear my teacher yell my name out loudly and she snapped back into the room and out of my dream. So you see, I have been creating my life since I was a child but I never stopped when I was older for the most part because it became a part of me and it felt natural. Children do it like it’s part of playing for them. I guess I was dreaming my dreams one dream at a time all along!

I know the time is rapidly approaching now. I can feel it in my being that something is happening silently around us. Ominous or not we all know the RV is just around the corner. Are you ready? The winds of change are upon us!




 I’m not just saying that! I truly mean it! I see it, I feel it, I just know! How do I know you ask? With every fiber of my being I know it to be so. I am just living my best life because when the RV arrives I will have officially recreated myself or in today’s lingo re-branded myself but this time with a huge difference. Money will be used for the LIGHT. In other words, for ‘We the

People’! All the wrongs will be righted one country at a time by the millions of us which I call humanitarian or earth angels. I didn’t know that’s what I was until just a few years ago when I heard about the ZIM and that it was to be used for humanitarian purposes. Helping people comes naturally to me and being in groups working together is also natural to me. But you see I have never really been alone. I have been connected to my guides and listening to that inner voice but it never takes my free will away. I always have the last say. 

I have always helped people that I believe God and my Angels have put in my path. All my life, I have had contact with the angelic realm and it doesn’t matter if you believe that or not. What’s important is that I did and I listened. There are a number of places I could of ended up in but I am on this path with each of you and it is not by coincidence either! If we did one thing differently we wouldn’t be here! That is a fact of everyone’s life awake or not.

I heard many words of encouragement when I needed it and of pure love for my well being. Even though, I didn’t really understand what was happening to me, I knew how I felt and that was at peace I didn’t have in my home as a child. But I knew it had to be good and of the Light because it felt so good. Intuitively I just knew that and I accepted that truth with nothing but how I felt. I think that’s also called faith. I have been told that I have a deep faith and I never really thought about that much until it was pointed out to me. You see it was all I had growing up and it was everything in my life and I trusted it without question and yet in my outer world I didn’t not trust many things or people. I always checked with my inner self and so it was possible for me to navigate my life without too many problems except the ones I created for myself and I was even aware I did it. We are masterful! 

I chose me and this path for me to be all that I can be and to also be there for those that needed someone who genuinely cared about them. Yes, I had to learn I can’t fix everyone but you try because you love them and you want the very best for them. We need to remember they have to want it too or it just won’t work.

So what is your dream? Are you dreaming it? If not, why? If you need help with it? That’s where Geo and I, with the World Benevolence Group come in. We are a bunch of like-minded humanitarians with huge hearts. Join us in our Zoom gatherings on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s @ 2:00 pm. We post on our Telegram site and on Signal about two hours before. Ask all the questions you want or if you prefer a private zoom just contact me at the address below. We can also help you with your projects at no charge.

I wish you all this life can give to you but remember that it starts with you and you are the dream!

Peace, Love, Light & Joy


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