Dinarland Highlights for November 5, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 11.5.21

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Take note that Iraq has a new digital system in place now. We saw proof of that Sunday 10/31/2021… Iraq is not waiting until next year. Rate comes before activation. The same day 10/31/2021 the CBI stated that digital payments are imminent! Thus, the they intend to change the exchange rate, imo. … they signed a contract with the IMF… In other words, they just may finally have the green light to light up those digital payments and not with a program rate…We shall see. imo There is nothing stopping the CBI now… It is their baby, not the GOIs… imo.



If any of you watched the news today you’ve seen what appears to be the whole inertia of everything that the Biden administration was wanting to make in their 3.5 budget has been slashed and then recently have even been stabbed…the $10 million cap on our retirement accounts, the stepped up bases being taken away a few other odds and ends that were really concerns for us are no not on the table.  Now does that mean that’s permanent?  No…it could be brought back up but quite frankly I doubt it really seriously.  I think that all the plans that we’ve made before with our IQD plans are going to be very valid.  Extremely valid...


Sandy Ingram

The wealthy never ever spend the foundation of their wealth.  In your case it would be the profits from your Iraqi dinars and/or other foreign currencies.  Wealthy people invest their initial profits.  The first person they hire is a financial advisor.  The second person they hire is a tax professional to make sure Uncle Sam doesn’t get large sums [The proper amount so you don’t overpay] of their money.  If you do anything else you are in the fast lane to going broke.  


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Boots-on-the-ground Firefly Iraqi TV report]

The television is showing us now older currency.  This is different.  It’s from the late 1940’s and they’re saying that it was $4.86 and they’re telling us these were the glory days.

FRANK26:  Remember Mustafa said to them a couple days ago, ‘we’re taking you back to the glory days.’

FIREFLY:  Saying today’s rate must be changed.  It must be changed because it’s against the people and it hurts them.  They’re also saying that the reforms at current rate would cost Iraq much money.

FRANK26:  They already told you there’s a new rate coming…a new currency coming to match it.

FIREFLY:  They’re saying Iraq has had many rates of the years and then they show a $3.2 rate also.

FRANK26:  Every day the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq gets you closer and closer and closer to a date that is written in titanium

Have you noticed Biden is trying to pass a monster budget that he’s working on.  It’s doesn’t make sense mathematically especially when they’ve already passed a few trillion this year.  Now they want to pass 4 trillion – whatever the ridiculous amount.  Then he says to you don’t worry about it because it’s paid for.  What When they ask him how’s it paid for…he says well I’m gonna do it with capital gains taxes…the reason why IMO is because he knows the Iraqi dinar is about to go up in value.  He knows that there are hundreds of thousands of American citizens that have a lot of dinars so he’s going to tax the living daylights out of you…




…I wish I had more news. It’s has been very dry and very quiet...there is still progress going on. Redemption contacts, as of this morning, will be “on call” this weekend. They do not know for sure if they will be working or not. …Everything is poised and ready…it could go at any moment…Iraq contact is saying the earliest they expect to see it is on Sunday.



the CBI is educating the citizens and the delete 3 zeros program.  That might be but if so it’s not what we want to happen. Such an event is a re-domination / LOP which is a neutral event…the only delete 3 zeros talk over the last few weeks in Iraq is colleges hosting seminars / symposiums. Clearly they’re discussing a re-denomination/ LOP and the effects.  Not a RV.  Btw, these are not CBI official conversations but college professors hosting.



The rv can happen anytime now and we are having all readied to start…All intel points to it slowly but surely funneling down to our turn.  Let’s pray that next week actually is the end of this ride




Still trying to find out if this window is still open…They’re [They were] supposed to come out with an announcement the end of October when they’re going to have the meeting and present the report where they can make the decision and all of us are still just sitting here waiting for that …


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

…let’s talk about Iraq – It was said that they will revalue their currency again – they already have something in country that’s pretty strong but they are going to revalue again  – either Saturday or Sunday – I think it will  may be Saturday but they will have it available on the screen for international trading probably Sunday night…We were told today by certain bankers that we would be looking very good either to be notified possibly over the weekend Sat – Sun but more likely by Monday which is the 8th of November

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