Dinarland Highlights for November 6, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 11.6.21

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

It is not all about Iraq, it is far bigger than that… So for those that suggest 2022 era for a rate change may be short sited, because the thought that it is only about Iraq is not considering the Digital Transformation that is upon us now, not later…   imo.



They’re talking about rate exchange again.

Economist:  Reducing The Dollar Exchange Rate Is Exclusively In The Hands Of The Governor Of The Central Bank

The government can’t say or demand or do anything to change the exchange rate.  That is up to the governor of the central bank.  They’re totally separate and independent of one another. If the rate is going to change it has to be the governor of the bank not the government or parliament.  They can’t force the central bank to change the foreign exchange rate.

Economic expert had previously confirmed that the central bank can gradually reduce the price of the dollar…

This is what I was talking talking about – It’s being done in increments.


Frank26 (KTFA)

We’ve been telling you for a long time you’re far ahead of the curve, that the CBI would come out and show commercials and start explaining everything.  You’re seeing all thatHow come there’s nothing in print about what we’re telling you that  [Firefly Boots-on-the-ground] is being told by the CBI about the lifting of the value of their currency?  Why? Why? Why Because they [the media] were not allowed to ask any questions. You are now going to see questions and answers in print.  They’ll catch up to you being ahead of the curve once again…starting Sunday, look all over the place



[via PDK]

We are still seeing slow and steady progress. I had hoped the folks in redemption centers would have been called into work today. They have not yet, as of this morning. They are still on call though…So I am not going to rule it out yet. Everyone is geared up and ready… It is slowly headed our way. I still think they are moving slowly on purpose and may be waiting on a key crunch or event to happen.

I am very hopeful we will get notifications this week. I feel positive we are close.

[I heard there will be no negotiating rates at our exchange. There will be a set rate for us.]

Some people think they can go in to the banks and wheel and deal……I am being told the rate is SET.

[What are you hearing about the dinar.]

I am still hearing a street rate of $4.71 and a international rate of $4.71. I am still hearing there is a contract rate of close to $8 for us.



It’s good to have it refreshed in your mind – Why did they lower the value of their currency?  So they could pay off their debt.  Every country does that.  Look at the United States we’re going through inflation.  People who want to pay off our debt are happy as all get-go because that’s what you do.  You cheat.  You lower the value of your currency and you pay off your debts for dirt cheap…people think there’s all kinds of disasters around the corner – it’s not what is happening...



Iraq has a hundred trillion dinar in circulation. There is no significant overnight RV.  Remember one of the functions of the daily currency auction is to maintain stability. That is achieved by a balance in the market of dinar to dollars. Removing one or the other creates demand which affects the exchange rate.  The dinar had substantially increased (and not decreased…) since the first of the year due to the reduction in exchange rate to 1470 to $1…

Even if you don’t look at the CBI reports several economists (including former deputy CBI governor and the prime minister’s advisor Salih) have stated in the media how much dinar is in circulation.  And again we know the money supply has not been reduced because the exchange rate is stable in the marketplace.


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

…we do not go into rates much…but…we should have the type of numbers here for a period of time – not forever – but a period of time – that Dr Shabibi suggested at the International Chamber of Commerce  meeting in DC in 2012 – 9 years ago…



when you do make the exchange you are gonna want some professional assistance…I highly encourage you to speak with 6 CPA’s, 6 financial planners and 6 attorneys when this comes to fruition to make sure you have picked up and done the best you can.  The other part is that it slows you down a little bit.  Which is what you need to do because there’s going to be a lot of energy and confusion when this thing comes to fruition.  It gives you a chance to catch your breath, learn more and give yourself the opportunity to become comfortable in asking questions and talking to these professionals.  I highly encourage you in doing that.

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