“Humanitarians Revealed” by Ron Giles – 11.7.21


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 2:03 AM EDT on November 7, 2021


Humanitarians to the rescue.

When you control the money, you control the public servants. The Humanitarians who will be involved with Love Won Society’s Revenue Sharing Solutions as Zim Benefactors are learning how to gain the power to make permanent changes in the economy that will financially affect every person on the earth. The Alliance with their GESARA plans will have taken away any government’s system of taxing people except for Sales Tax on non-essential items. The GESARA compliant governments of countries will not be able to borrow money against the goodwill of the people anymore, so how do they pay for wars if it is not in the budget? ! They will have a budgeted amount that is limited by sales tax only. So who is going to pay for roads and bridges and infrastructure improvements and things needed beyond the Sales Tax? The answer is WE THE HUMANITARIANS.  The money will be in the hands of Humanitarians who will use these large funds to assist communities in the things they need. The nice thing about having the Humanitarians involved is that they do not participate personally in Capitalism; they require no return on the use of their funds, they use it freely for things needed for communities and expect nothing in return. So if Africa needs 10,000 wells to be drilled into the huge aquifer under their entire African Continent, we get to fund it and Africans get to use it for agriculture and cities, etc. I suspect the draughts the animals suffer through will be mitigated as well as solar energy or free energy will be used to pump water year-round.

You see, Humanitarians with their huge redemption rates will fund the major bulk of things needed to be done to change the world economy, not just helping the poor and needy. We get to change the whole economy worldwide. So tell me, will 11 Million per 100 Trillion Zim Bond do the trick for what has to be done? That’s Cabal manipulation directly against Humanitarians if you can’t see this travesty yet look at it until you do. These are our enemies at work. That’s why I call it the gNN-guru News Network.

The Alliance has had a plan all along. They will have fixed governments and the way they govern with GESARA.

They have changed the Financial System and have made it safe and secure with the Quantum Financial System. We are no longer enslaved in our financial dealings. We get to come from our hearts because money will be Abundant for everyone.

They have given us a Voting system where everyone who wants to vote can, and each vote will count with no fraudulent or illegal votes intertwined in the results.


We will have a new Education system with a curriculum created by the Quantum Consciousness that will make really smart kids ready for the new Golden Age of mankind.

The Alliance has created a new Quantum Internet System that may even be implemented throughout the Galaxy for inter Galactic commerce. The Quantum Consciousness can do that, right? The Starlink system will have limited application and only in the transition. It will be obsolete soon after the RV. There is no need for satellites when we have the Quantum Consciousness working for us.

The Alliance will have provided us with an Alliance Agent for each Humanitarian who goes through the Redemption Appointment. This highly evolved Spiritual Being will be our Counselor, confidant, and friend as we learn to be the best Humanitarians we can be.

All we need to do is keep our love vibrations high and ask for the things we need. Can it be that we get to comprehend this promise of “Ask and It Shall BE Given,” in a way that finally makes sense to our minds, and in a way that we can really apply this promise in our lives to find the joy we seek? Is this what is meant by calling it The Golden Age of Mankind? Finally, we get to comprehend ourselves as Children Of God and find our Sovereignty within His Kingdom here on the earth. We are truly loved.

Love, Light, and Joy

Ron Giles

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