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Samson » November 7th, 2021

Basra University organizes a panel discussion on the project to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency

2nd November, 2021

The Department of Economics at the College of Administration and Economics at the University of Basra organized a panel discussion on the project to remove zeros from the Iraqi currency.

The seminar, which was attended by Prof. Dr. Sami Obaid Al-Tamimi and Prof. Dr. Youssef Abdul Ali Al-Asadi, aims to find out the reasons for the deterioration of the value of the Iraqi dinar. At the beginning of the seventies of the last century, one Iraqi dinar was worth more than three US dollars, and today we are at the end of the year 2021 equivalent to more than 1450 Iraqi dinars.

The discussion panel touched on tracking the value of the Iraqi dinar from 1930 to 2021, and the project to delete zeros from the national currency in terms of pros and cons, and finally submitting a scientific proposal to the Central Bank to implement the process of deleting zerosLINK

PompeyPete » November 7th, 2021



“The discussion panel touched on tracking the value of the Iraqi dinar from 1930 to 2021, and the project to delete zeros from the national currency in terms of pros and cons, and finally submitting a scientific proposal to the Central Bank to implement the process of deleting zeros….

WE KNOW THE BRIEF……”aims to find out the reasons for the deterioration of the value of the Iraqi dinar.”……

So why is the CBI interested in this now?   

Ryan1216 » November 7th, 2021

It’s “GO” time on raising the exchange rate. The CBI has the road map on implementation. I’m praying this gets done “ASAP”! Great news!

MilitiaMan » November 7th, 2021


The emphasis is on the last part of the sentence. IMPLEMENT the Project to Delete the Zeros… imo ~ MM

Al-Kazemi receives Al-Abadi and confirms: We are proceeding with the reform project  LINK

Enough said… Show time.. There is no time like the present. The scholars even say it.” TO IMPLEMENT”… Getter done is the proposal.. imo.. The looks of it is per the PM is that we are proceeding with the reform project. Like it or not..  In other, words, thank you for all of your GLOBAL SUPPORT!! Be rest assured your investments in Iraq are safe, stable and secure and we are moving forward with the reform project.. imo ~ MM

The discussion panel touched on tracking the value of the Iraqi dinar from 1930 to 2021, and the project to delete zeros from the national currency in terms of pros and cons, and finally submitting a scientific proposal to the Central Bank to implement the process of deleting zeros.

Samson » November 7th, 2021

Iraq buys a quantity of gold and maintains its global rank in possession of the yellow metal

7th November, 2021

The World Gold Council announced on Sunday that Iraq maintained its 39th position globally for the fourth consecutive month and the fifth in the Arab world as the largest gold reserve in the world, indicating that Iraq bought two kilograms of gold in April.

The council said in its latest schedule for the month of November of 2021, which was seen by Shafak News Agency, that “Iraq bought 2 kilograms of gold last April after it sold the same amount in January of 2021.” He added, “Iraq maintained its position of 39 globally for the fourth consecutive month out of 100 countries listed in the table as the largest gold reserves, with its gold holdings reaching 96.4 tons, which represents 9% of the rest of its other reserves.”

He pointed out that “Iraq also maintained its fifth rank in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria and Lebanon,” noting that “the total possession of gold in the five Arab countries amounts to 996.5 tons.” He pointed out that “the highest gold reserves in the world, the United States of America came first with a rate of 8,133 thousand tons, followed by 3,259 thousand tons, and then 2,451 thousand tons, while Suriname ranked 100, with 1.5 tons, preceded by Yemen, with 1.6 tons.”

It is noteworthy that the World Gold Council, which is headquartered in the United Kingdom, has extensive experience and deep knowledge of the factors that cause market change, and its members consist of the largest and most advanced gold mining companies in the world.  LINK


The Prime Minister was subjected to an assassination attempt by a drone

11/07/2021 03:14:35

The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, at dawn today, Sunday, was subjected to an attempt at his residence in the Green Zone in the center of the capital, Baghdad.

The Security Media Cell stated, in a statement that {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, about a “failed assassination attempt against the Prime Minister, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, by a booby-trapped drone that tried to target his residence in the Green Zone in Baghdad.”

And she added, “Al-Kazemi was not injured and is in good health, and the security forces are taking the necessary measures in connection with this failed attempt.  LINK

Within 24 hours .. Al-Hakim moves to hold a meeting of the three presidencies and political forces

7th November, 2021

The Wisdom Movement headed by Ammar Al-Hakim revealed, on Sunday, the latter’s move to hold a meeting of the three presidencies and political forces to discuss the results of the legislative elections and the attack on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s house, while stressing that the meeting may take place within the next 24 hours.

The leader of the movement, Rahim Al-Aboudi, told Shafak News Agency, “There is a move by the head of the Al-Hikma Movement, Ammar Al-Hakim, to hold a national dialogue that will bring together the three presidencies, the President of the Republic (outgoing) Barham Salih, the (outgoing) Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and the President of the Supreme Judicial Council Faiq Zaidan, in the presence of Leaders of Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish political forces.

He added that “the incident of the attack on the Prime Minister does not concern anyone, but rather the political reality, and it has dimensions that may topple the political and democratic process in Iraq, and therefore there must be a unified dialogue with the participation of all.”

And Al-Aboudi said, “The dialogue may take place within the next 24 or 48 hours, because the political situation is unbearable and very dangerous,” noting that “there are hands trying to tamper with the political and security reality in the country, mixing papers and dragging Iraq into the abyss.”

The leader of the Al-Hikma Movement explained, “The meeting will discuss the repercussions that accompanied the election results, the reactions and the attack on the prime minister’s house, amid questions about the presence of a terrorist group behind the attack and the failure of the CERAM system for the American embassy, and whether the operation was carried out by a drone or by missile strikes.”


At dawn today, the outgoing Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, survived an assassination attempt by drones that targeted his house in the Green Zone.  LINK

Al-Zubaidi: Al-Kazemi’s Targeting Is Intended To Lead To A Coup And Restore International Guardianship

7th November, 2021

The former Minister of Interior, Baqir Jabr Al-Zubaidi, revealed, on Sunday, the goals of the assassination of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi by targeting him with drones, indicating that the aim of the operation was to cause a coup and civil war, and then resort to international intervention.

Al-Zubaidi said in a post on “Facebook” seen by / the information / that “what happened yesterday in the targeting of the prime minister’s house is an escalation that we have warned of over and over again.”

He added, “The aim of such events is to drag Iraq into sedition (coups) and civil war, and then resort to international intervention and return the country to tutelage, which is something we do not accept for our country and people.”

Al-Zubaidi pointed out that “the voice of wisdom should be louder than any voice, and everyone should put Iraq’s interest above any interest, no matter what the sacrifices.”   LINK

A government source: Security tensions are behind the dollar’s rise in Iraqi markets

7th November, 2021

Today, Sunday, a government source attributed the rise in dollar prices in the local markets to the security tensions in the capital, Baghdad.

The source said in an interview with Shafaq News Agency, “What the Kifah Stock Exchange is witnessing now is the lack of supply compared to the demand for the dollar.”

He added that “the exchange offices are now keeping the dollars, and citizens have resorted to buying dollars for fear of the current unstable conditions,” noting that “the central bank’s cash sales, which amount to nearly 50 million dollars per day, have no effect on local markets.” He expected that “the coming days will witness a further rise in the price of the dollar in the local markets if these security tensions remain.”

It is noteworthy that the price of the dollar rose gradually in the Iraqi markets to reach in the main stock exchange 148,200 dinars per 100 dollars.


This comes at a time when Al-Kazemi’s house in the fortified Green Zone in the center of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, was bombed at dawn today by a drone, which resulted in the injury of three members of his protection, and severe material damage to the contents of the house without the first being hurt.

The failed assassination attempt on Al-Kazemi occurred two days after the ignition of the crisis between the demonstrators against the election results, who are supporters of Shiite forces close to Iran, and the security forces charged with protecting the fortified Green Zone, which includes government buildings, and the headquarters of diplomatic missions in the center of the capital, Baghdad, after the protesters decided to storm the area from some Violent clashes erupted at its entrances, resulting in a number of victims and dozens of wounded on both sides.  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » November 7th, 2021

Shall We Say Goodbye To The Dollar?

7th November, 2021

The United States of America has always used its currency to impose hegemony on various political, economic and military fields.

This has alarmed many countries, especially the allies of the United States, such as: the European Union, Japan and Turkey.

On the other hand, we see the (Russian-Chinese) alliance that is most upset and fed up with this prolonged domination.

It seems that there is a strong desire among countries with large economies to extract the hegemony occupied by the dollar, especially after America has turned its allies into “followers.”


Dominance of the dollar and the unipolar

“The search for an alternative bridges the economic gap and dismantles the American hegemony.” This is what we note through the headlines in which the economic newspapers are buzzing.

Will what we see of accelerated developments reach an actual result, or is it just a fake media propaganda?

The United States of America considers its currency as an economic power, and a powerful weapon that enables it to subjugate any world power that stands in front of it.

The idea of preventing the circulation of the dollar or dealing with it, and the prohibition of access to the American financial system, is a lethal weapon that the United States manages against its opponents.

This is what we actually see through the policies of the United States against some international companies, and even countries themselves, such as Iran, Syria and others. If we talk from a purely financial and economic standpoint, the financial system that links the world as a whole is the American financial system, which made the American currency the world’s currency.

Important numbers about the dollar will surprise you, according to US Federal Reserve statistics:

The dollar is used in more than 85% of exchange and trading transactions, worldwide.

75% of the $100 bill is traded outside of US transactions.

The dollar represents 60% of the global reserves of US central banks.


The European Union supplies more than 80% of its energy needs in US dollars

The United States of America forces its allies to rely on the US dollar for trading.

The end of US hegemony in the global economy, the Chinese yuan

Many believe that what is being said and analyzes about the dominance of the Chinese yuan or the European euro, and the rise of the Russians and their allies, is nothing but media exaggeration. And a false policy, to influence the dominance of the dollar and try to defeat it.

On the contrary, analysts believe that there is a great fear of the collapse of the US dollar and the demise of its hegemony. They noted that there are great opportunities for the Chinese yuan to grow and be recognized as a competitor to the dollar in the short term.

Especially after the great vibration that hit the dollar in light of the epidemic that spread recently and the rise in the value of US debts to a value exceeding 28 trillion dollars.

As well as the alarming growth of the digital currency market, and the quest of global economies and multinational companies to adopt and frame such currencies, and support them.

But all this does not mean anything in front of the American control, which has not been shaken so far.

Despite what is being circulated in abundance, the dollar today and in the short and medium term will remain the master of the world, economically, politically, and militarily.  LINK

New Report: A Quarter Of US Congress Members Invest In Oil


6th November, 2021

A report by the US Common Dream website revealed that one out of every four members of the US Congress are investors in oil and fossil fuels, which may represent a major obstacle in the way of US President Joe Biden’s agenda regarding mitigating pollution, climate issues and global warming.

The report, translated by the “Information” agency, stated that “Biden presented at the climate summit held in Paris an ambitious plan in which the United States pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, but the problem is that he will need members of Congress to pass legislation restricting fossil fuels, which is an industry in which dozens of senators and their families are personally investing.”

He added, “At least 28 families of US Congress members work in the oil, coal and other industries, where each family of the Democratic and Republican parties owns at least 3.7 million dollars in industry and at least 12.6 million dollars in oil-related investments.” He continued, “It is truly ironic that at least six senators who have personally invested in the fossil fuel industry are on the environment or climate committees at the top of the Senate.”

Senators have often worked to remove and disrupt any environmental or clean energy provisions from budget settlement legislation to protect their personal investments, which will put Biden’s credibility on the line after the climate summit.  LINK

Egypt : The Central Bank comments on the date of putting plastic currencies on the market and the paper position

7th November, 2021

Well-informed sources at the Central Bank of Egypt told Al-Watan that the Central Bank has not yet decided on the date of issuing plastic currencies instead of paper, pointing out that what is being conducted on the street and on some sites at the present time is about the date of issuing currencies made of paper. “Polymer” in the Egyptian market is incorrect, noting that all estimations regarding the shape of the first date of issuance are incorrect, and that the state will not yet take any action against paper money.

The sources added that there are currently no operations to withdraw the 10 and 20 pound banknotes from the market to replace them with plastic, explaining that paper money is officially handled and circulated.

Central: We have not set a date for issuing plastic coins

The sources pointed out that the circulation or dealing in paper money has not been canceled as it is circulated by some, explaining that these funds are the official currency of the state and have not been canceled so far, and that whoever refuses to trade and deal with it exposes himself to legal accountability.

The government is currently working on issuing the latest plastic coins in the category of 10 and 20 pounds during the coming period, to officially enter the monetary system circulating in Egypt, and according to the statements of the sources, the date of issuing the plastic coins made of polymer material has not been set .

The first goal of introducing new plastic coins is to eliminate counterfeiting, keep pace with technological development, and reduce costs.

Many advantages of plastic coins

Plastic coins and their issuance come about because of an urgent necessity, as they are difficult to visit and also because they contain many other advantages.

Everyone is waiting for the date of issuing plastic currencies in Egypt because it is an urgent necessity in light of the spread of epidemics and viruses, the latest of which is the Corona virus, which has caused a crisis and turmoil in all monetary and financial markets, and it is also characterized by its ease of use in automated teller machines, in addition to the ease of folding in cash wallets, and it is also easy to use in automated machines for counting money.

Source: Dinar Recaps


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