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In a simpler time it seemed easy to discern the truth. Another way of putting it is “ what to believe or not to believe”.

The decisions we make in life are based on what we believe to be true and accurate. Reality is a belief that has no relation to the truth, nevertheless it is an essential part of human existence.

Whatever you believe is true is true even if it is not true. Belief is exclusively a matter of personal domain. It has nothing to do with reality.

The never ending manipulation of this basic human need, ( the need to validate one’s perceptions) is the main culprit for the chaotic world we live in today.

Pick the subject , GCR/RV, politics, ideologies, religions, foreign affairs, the economy, health, even science, for some reason, does not matter what it is, there is never an absolute that one can bite into.

The attempt to deliver the truth supported by facts and common sense has very little to do with reality. The only way to know if something is true or not is to let it happen and look back at the results. Kind of the definition of “history”. Even that can be skewed depending on the point of view of who is writing the history. I always thought the term “ rewriting history” was an oxymoron.

Over the past couple of decades the GCR/RV information pools have embellished, exaggerated or speculated on the when, where and how this event will take place. In most cases the facts and common sense don’t support any of the information presented. Yet the public disregards reality as long as it fits a narrative they want to hear that supports their belief system.


How is it that the Intel providers and gurus put out some pretty detailed information on the how and when this thing will happen, we are talking exact dates and time of day on that date with precise instructions and every time , I mean every time, it doesn’t happen. Yet the public keeps believing them every time these people have something to say. Talk about “Cry Wolf” and Charlie Brown keeps missing the football.

As a result, the articles I used to present were based on research into known facts, and have morphed into philosophical commentary in an attempt to wake the sleeping masses.

I have determined at the end of the day, whatever you need to believe to get you through the day is all that matters. In other words “ whatever floats your boat”. When this event transpires there will be NO gray area. It will be apparent for all to see.


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