Dinarland Highlights for November 9, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 11.9.21

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Transportation: anchorage of three tankers and a container ship in the southern port of Umm Qasr

More ships in an out mean they are trading, but, are they now starting to clear the trades digitially. The AMF has a report out…that shows Iraq in the graphs regarding blockchain… The fact that Iraq is included shows progress that the region is about to be or is on  a level playing field.


Frank26 (KTFA)

I’ve got no choice but to continue to tell you that the CBI is telling the citizens of Iraq that they’re going to raise the value and give them a new exchange rate because they ain’t telling them anything else.  Today there was a bit of a little time out IMO – Kazemi makes a phone call, ‘Hey CBI back off from the television because I want to use the television today.  I want to make sure that the people understand that I am in charge.  That I am the Prime Minister.  That I am their leader.  That I am in control of the government and the central bank.  I am in control of everything and another thing I know who did it…’  [Tried to assassinate Kazemi]

What you are seeing about the reserves is they’re showing you that the monetary reform is more than ready…digital transformations of what they’ve done internationally under article VIII, oh man that’s even more.  I’ve already told you security, stability, supply and demand, ‘glory days’, all these things showing the Iraqi citizens that the CBI is ready to raise to raise the value of their currency to do exactly what Sadr…is telling the citizens.


Mountain Goat

Yes, the Central Bank just told us once again they want to go back to the “glory days” of the dinar. If you query the Quantum Financial System (QFS) you will see a rate way over $4.00 and closer to $5 for the Iraqi dinar now calculated in place.

Will it actually come out at this rate? This is pure speculation as they could recalculate and have been doing so often. But we can see that the rate should increase much higher than the pre-1991 gulf war. They have been running tests on the system since 2012 and it is the goal of the IMF to soon use the QFS and roll out these news rates to balance to a “level playing field” of currency rates, as the U.S. president Donald Trump alluded to in a speech while in office…



[via PDK]

I am telling you everything that is safe to share.  I can tell you there is a mad dash to have us all rolling before the end of the month. There is so much going on right now. So much I wish I could tell you- but, I can’t. We are in a great window.

More news out of Iraq proper as they are announcing that they will have a higher value than before the Gulf War. They are being very transparent with their people right now. They have done some tests with lower denominations in some ATMs, and they are very openly talking about it. Perhaps we haven’t seen it yet this week because of the attempted assassination of the Prime Minister …but he came out fiery today. He was talking about the rise of the dinar and the Iraqi people…he also said he knew who came after him…and that he was coming for them …It was an interesting day in iraqi politics.


Sandy Ingram

Iraq’s oil potential still mainly untapped

Iraq appears to be slated to continue in the power of oil due to the untapped oil believed to be under Iraq.  Plus, Iraq has a great opportunity to cash in on tourism almost to the same level as Egypt and Jerusalem…



The rumblings are things are moving and happening...We still have yet to see it at our level.  Never, ever give up! 



Have you heard anything from Warka Bank?  For those of you who may or may not be aware… Warka…opened up it’s doors to allow people who were International to open up an account to be able to buy IQD there and store them there  [In Iraq]…About 30 days ago it went completely dark.  Meaning their website…went away.  The source I have…went dark…I sent an email inquiry to the CBI…nothing.  I do know they were insured and the account they’ve got are protected…the only thought I have is…either they’re being absorbed into another bank or they’re being overtaken and managed in the future by CBI.  But I don’t know exactly.

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