The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 11-9-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 11-9-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday November 9th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in once again wherever you are all over the globe

Ok lets’ talk a little bit about where we are – now it’s always so strange when I come on the call Tuesday night and it’s been 5 days since we did a call last Thursday – and sometimes I have to refresh my memory a little bit on what we’ve talked about and the beauty of tonight is that even though today is relatively quiet we did get maybe more information Saturday and Sunday than we normally would get on a weekend –

It’s just the strangest thing you cannot predict exactly what you’re going to get and all of a sudden you get the mother lode of information – or it’s dry for a day or two – you have virtually nothing new – today was a slow day but the weekend was good – and where we stand now is I think a very good position –

First of all Iraq did what they were supposed to do and that was they had been trading their Dinar on the screens and getting it to a level where they wanted it – they’ve got it trading internationally now as of Sunday night – they put a new rate up Sunday and then they had it brought to around 9 o’clock – that is when they needed to have it on the bank screens for trading with South East Asia – and that’s about the time that South Eastern Asian markets open – which is their Monday morning at 9 or 9:30 am – in the same time frame – that’s when the rates needed to be together –

Remember we’ve got a lot of countries now that have – I don’t know the latest tally that have assets backing their currencies – their new currencies – so they’re trading and that’s moving along nicely –

Now – when it does get quiet like today it means that bankers are under NDA , gag orders – or hush orders and  you’ve got a few sources here and there that you can glean a little bit of information from – so we know – even though there’s nothing live right now on the CBI website – they’re not going to put anything like a national rate on the CBI website until we’re ready to go – they just have this agreement not to put that rate out – even though they are actively using it – they are actively using lower denominations of their new currency in their ATM’s in Iraq – ok –


So –it’s like things are happening sort of behind the scenes – we can’t really see it all unless you are privileged to be looking at a bank screen and fortunately we can sort of do that in a way – because the people – some that we talk to are looking at those screens and can relate what’s going on to us –

The next step really is these bonds that are paying out – the paymasters of the bond recipients – have been paying out for a while now and they’ve worked their way from the German bonds through the yellow dragon bonds – red dragon bonds – and other types of bonds – but they still have not paid out on the Zimbabwe sheet bonds – and similar to our Zimbabwe currency which is a bond – they have sheet bonds that have not yet been paid out on – yet – that is going to be the last ones to get paid out

We heard they were supposed to pay out on the zim sheet bonds – not us – but the zim sheet bonds tomorrow – I don’t know if that will hold up – we’ll see – if it does maybe I’ll hear about it – but the good news is – the bond holders can see the account balance in their account but they still do not have access to the funds – they see the liquidity in their account but they can’t get to it – they can’t spend it yet – why is that?

Well, are they waiting for them to be able to get access to funds about the same time that we get access to our toll free numbers to set our appointments for our exchanges?  I think it could be that they are trying to create a true shotgun start – even though it might be staggered a little bit – so that even the bond holders which are tier 3 – we are tier 4 – that they may not get access until we are set to get access at our first appointment – and by the way – if you’ve got currency whether it’s dinar – dong – rupiah – etc you will be able to get access to those funds on day 1 –

There is no settling of funds when it comes to these currencies – it is considered a currency exchange and if you have a million Dinar you would be able to gain access to the rate x 1 million that you will get on your Dinar in USN dollars – on the day of your exchange appointment – that same day – in fact you will have a debit/credit card tied to whatever account you want that you can use – ok

Now – let’s talk about 3 basic types of accounts that I am going to try to set up – the first one is the so called Master Account or Mother Lode Account – this is the one they are going to want to combine all of your currencies that they exchange including the zim bonds – that you redeem in one master account – not necessarily how I want it set up but that’s what their intent is – at the redemption center – they just want to throw the whole thing into one master account – so we get a structured pay out account on that but let’s say we want to get access to some funds – my intention is to set up a secondary account that the interest from the master account earns –  will spill over into the secondary account – at the same bank – So Wells for the exchange – Wells for the secondary account ok – in my case –  my situation –

So I do that and the main / master account earns interest but it pays out – say I have the choice and I choose quarterly- do it pays out every 3 months – every quarter – and so I have something in that secondary account – my spill over account – that I can use to do Humanitarian things with – and do my projects –and fund and just go nuts with that – ok –


Now I want to set up a 3rd smaller account which would be a bill paying account for just household – kind of like you have now already – and that would cover your bills and all of that stuff – your bills and small expenses – you’re not going to buy a home out of that account or boats or cars – out of it – that would be coming out of the mother lode  or secondary spill over account – but you could put a debit card on if you choose and it would not be the biggest  – just a small account like you have now

For me personally I don’t really want a debit card tied to the mother lode account obviously or the secondary account which would be the spill over account – I would prefer to use one or two credit cards and just have them automatically paid off every month – 2 days before the due date – that is what I am going to try to set up

So I am looking at three – and that third account called the household account – it does not necessarily have to be at the same bank – and you may want to diversify beyond just 2 banks and go to 3 or 4 banks –

We’re just going to have to see – the biggest thing we’re doing differently – is our banks like Wells and Chasse – Bank of America – and Citi – those are exchange portals – those are bank account portals – because our accounts are going to be held by the Treasury in a QFS Treasury account – in other words there’s no more FDIC 100 – 150,000 insurance on our accounts – are you kidding? – Accounts in the Treasury are larger

No one could insure that – even Lourdes of London – there is no sense in it – the insurance that we would have on the safety of the account is the fact that it is backed by the US treasury that has the gold that has the assets – that has what backs up the USN dollar – the USTN United States Treasury Note – they have to under Basel 4 and Basel 5 is compliance have physical assets to back up the deposit and that’s why everything’s going to change – it’s going to morph into the QFS Treasury account –

Now we’ll gain access to that with our own account name and number – and a password – and when we want to go take a look at our balance on our mother lode account we enter  acct name – password – and then it will ask for a secondary password –

Now in the past we thought we’d use a biometric finger or thumb print reader to gain access – I am not sure they haven’t done away with that for us – even for the mother lode account – so it might be as simple as acct name and 2 passwords – if we have the debit / credit card we might have a card reader that we could use to swipe the card in front that will read the info – we’ll see what they finally come up with –

Our mother lode card that would gain us access is supposed to be a titanium card meaning made out of titanium – they were supposed to get our initial card that we can use to spend from on day 1 at our appointment

Now will the titanium card be available on that same day – I don’t know – we’ll see – we’ll see what happens – but what we want to let them know is – let’s say they want to throw all of our money into one national account – that’s fine – but we want to tell them how much do you need or do you want to have access to – to spend – or give away – to tithe with – whatever you need – how much do you need for the first 6 months – let them know that amount –

What I’m going to do is take that because remember there is no interest yet – there is nothing in the spill over acct – it’s brand new – I am going to “seed” the spill over account with that amount that I would like to have in there for the first 6 months – that is where I can get access and spend from – ok initially – like on day 1 ok – ok – that’s the plan that’s what I’m going to do – if you want to do something similar that’s great –


Remember I am going to use  the proceeds essentially from the zim to be my so called “God Account” ok – and that means for all kinds of humanitarian projects – and humanitarian purposes – and the God account will be the master account – the mother lode account and I’m not going to have to worry about really tapping into that but the interest that it generates will fund the projects  and if for some reason I need a really large amount and I needed to go to the master account “fine” – but really the master account is going to be what the structured pay out would be using to pay from – so we’ll see how all of that comes together 

This thing has morphed in more than a few times – over the last 10 years so we never know what might happen in the future as well – but we’re ready to — let’s see where we’re going now –

Remember we talked about the adjudicated settlements – the CMKX – the fines – interest and penalties – the farm claims the ranch claims – the church group paid outs – the CMKX and adjudicated settlements payout was started paying out yesterday –and they were paying and then we had a bad apple or two stop it – until they could take those bad apples out of the basket – and then continue on with the pay outs on CMKX and they find another bad apple they have to pull that out – and I’m referring to people when I say bad “apple” you know that –  These are people that not supposed to be recipients – let’s just say it that way – and so that continued on  and should have continued through the night – I don’t know if it finished –

Fines interest and penalties were supposed to be paid out today – I don’t know and don’t have the status of that yet – of course I’ll hear more things after this call is over but it will be too late for tonight’s call

So where do we stand? We’ve heard about bond holders – we’ve heard about some of the other groups like CMKX and the rest of these groups are being paid now –

Bond holder money is being extremely active in terms of getting these funds out to tier 3 from Reno – Miami – Zurich and Hong Kong – they have been very active – but as far as we’re concerned we are supposed to go on the heels of the bond holders – but not have to wait till all of them are paid out – because it may take a while – to get all of them completely hydrated – so we had a time line that talked about us being underway meaning with exchanges before or by Veterans Day – Nov 11 –        

Guess what? Veterans Day is November 11th  Thursday – this week – sooooo –that means that we are in the heart of what should be getting notified – by the Wells  Fargo email and by the 800 number that I will receive 2 of them –1 for zim holders and 1 for everybody but zim holders that I will put out on our website

Now that is as close as I can say to the timing that we have been told – and this has been told to us by 3 separate banks – the lead bank a not such a big bank  and another bank that is international – let’s just say it that way – and they are all saying the same thing – or did say the same thing Sunday – Saturday and Sunday – 

They said Tuesday and or Wednesday for notifications well guess what>? I don’t think we’re getting notified by then now – We didn’t today – so it makes tomorrow look very keen – now the idea of us getting this underway  on or before Veterans Day was part of the plan – so let’s see if “the plan”  – which is to get this done and to get this started – now –there is also a possibility that the EBS will be utilized from several purposes and I’ve heard this date last week  that the date may be “tomorrow” – Wednesday –

And I’ve been told as late as a half hour before this call that we should be in for a surprise –  they did not describe what it was – but we should be in for a surprise tomorrow – so let’s hope that we get one – two or three types of surprises tomorrow –


I’m not like most guys – not too big on surprises I would rather have an idea what the heck is going on than to be surprised by something – and we know what we’re looking for –

We know we’re looking for notifications – we know we’re looking for the toll free numbers and we’re looking for this blessing to come in to finality but all the information that we have right now is triangulating and pointing toward the time we are in right now – and we’ll see

Remember – all I can do is bring what I hear and that is what I do every Tuesday and Thursday night – bring to you the best information that I can and make the best of what I get –and make sense of where we are –

So the rock is on board – everything is good – tier 3’s are paid out – bond holders are being paid out –  everything is moving forward – QFS is fully integrated with the banks – tiers 1 -2 3 – 4 banks – financial institutions here and around the world  – if they are slow to hook up it’s on them – everybody is pretty much good to go  – countries that have currencies that are going to be exchanging in the first basket 27 of them – are all solid and good to go –

There is always a little last minute parlay – between the treasury and the countries I.m sure everything basically is line up – and I hope there’s nothing else that we need to wait for – I don’t believe there is and if there is I have not heard of it  at this point –

So with that being said I would like for everyone to continue believing for this outcome to pray in this blessing – individually – corporately if you have a small group of believers and that’s what we’re going to do –            

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:11:50

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