Dinarland Highlights for November 10, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 11.10.21

Mountain Goat

There is some very good news coming out of the Central Bank. I am told they are still working towards the early January 2022 revaluation of the dinar. There is a huge necessity to actually conduct the project to delete the zeros as the first step and this could happen any day now as we move closer to 2022. I do not believe the assassination attempt on al-Kazemi’s life will make any difference as the project is part of the solution not the problem. Everyone should relax and be glad we are entering an ending period to this long-awaited process of currency reform.

Iraq is now pumping over 1/3 more oil. There are also the fertile banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that have been drained and now produce net exports of vegetables and fruits. Then two huge gold mines discovered since and the Central Bank now has more than required gold reserves to back up the dinar, according to Basel requirements. We know this because of the Basel rules currency now enforce asset backed currencies and Iraq has tremendous assets much more “realized” assets then it has even in 1991 when the rate was around $3.22… 



The news I am hearing from all sources is we are finally there. Things are finally moving and the flood gates should open soon.  I don’t want to give any timeframe as this has a life if it’s own but the indicators look like this is imminent.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

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Because the Q & A’s are now shared with the citizens of Iraq you will now see the Q & A’s in print very soon.  There were interviews…whereas before they were lectures…now it’s different because it’s coming to an end…the CBI governor Mustafa tells the citizens, ‘Ask your questions.  Fire away.‘  You are ahead of the curve.  You are now going to be seeing the questions in print form.  That is the next thing that you will be enjoying very soon.



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We are still getting more news out of Iraq that they are still looking for a rate that is higher than before the Gulf War. So imo- we are looking at $4+.  This lends credence to the $4.71 rate my contractors in Iraq were told…

I have been getting some pretty interesting stuff today guys. I have been told from a number of banking contacts that they have now set the timing schedule to finish things. Yes they say they now have a schedule . They would not share this set schedule with me…  I did ask a redemption Center contact if they would be working this weekend. The comment from him was “Yeah I’m 100% certain I am going to have to work. This was after today’s meetings… My phone has been lighting up today with folks saying they finally got the timing set. Very positive… The avalanche is rolling down the hill.



MilitiaMan (KTFA)

The process of the digital transformation for and of Iraq has been underway for years now. They have had international support from the major players and will be ongoing in the future, as managers and partners in the digitized path Iraq is headed on…Aside from the important e-government aspect, there is e-finance, e-payments, e-commerce, e-payments, and yes, e-dinar is on the horizon. …They say there is a need to expedite the e-government projects and reforms imo, therefore, we should expect them to do so and quickly now…imo.


Frank26 (KTFA)

Basra University organizes a panel discussion on the project to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency

This is an announcement from the Central Bank of Iraq at the University of Basra telling the Iraqi citizens as plain as English can be, as plain as Arabic can be, ‘We are lifting the value of your currency.  We are removing the 3-zero notes. We did this.  We accomplished it.  It was a long study…do you mind if we add value to your currency?  Do you mind if we introduce to you a new denomination that would match that currency? Do you mind if we enter the digital world of transactions to be internationally recognized and grow as a currency mega force in the Middle East?  Do you mind any of this Iraqi citizens?’

“Have the Iraq citizens seen the new lower denominations?”

No.  But they have seen the older lower denominations and were told to prepare themselves to go back to the glory days when they used to have lower notes…



The launch of 4A and 4B is planned for this week at any time, the Army, UST, and banks want the start of 4A and 4B as part of the new Quantum Financial System, scheduled to start as quickly as possible, during the next 48 hours.  When they finish allocating funds for levels 1 to 4, it will be the start of the shotgun, we only have FAITH that everything is on the right track…




The idea of a significant RV of the Iraqi dinar with 100 trillion dinar in circulation when Iraq is only worth $16 trillion dollars including all oil and minerals in the ground is absurd.

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