Dinarland Highlights for November 11, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 11.11.21

Bruce (The Big Call)

…where we stand now is I think a very good position…Iraq did what they were supposed to do…trading their Dinar on the screens and getting it to a level where they wanted it…trading internationally now as of Sunday night – they put a new rate up Sunday…even though there’s nothing live right now on the CBI website – they’re not going to put anything like a national rate on the CBI website until we’re ready to go – they just have this agreement not to put that rate out – even though they are actively using it… some that we talk to are looking at those screens and can relate what’s going on to us…

they are actively using lower denominations of their new currency in their ATM’s in Iraq…everything is moving forward – QFS is fully integrated with the banks…everybody is pretty much good to go…countries that have currencies that are going to be exchanging in the first basket 27 of them – are all solid and good to go...


Frank26 (KTFA)

The ‘countdown’ is not for a liftoff.  That was years ago.  The countdown is what you’re witnessing.  They’re counting it down every day to a date that they have in mind.  I have a feeling that it’s within this year. And if for some reason it comes out this year the citizens won’t be able to use it not until it’s officially handed to them.  I told you 2021 is the education.  I pray that they can get them well educated that they can give it to them now this year…

Where are we?

the campaign that we told you would be marched out to the citizens is in full bloom…we’re in the position where they’re continuing the education to the citizens.  There might have been a little bit of a time-out today but it’ll pick up probably again tomorrow and that was simply because of the nonsense [Assassination attempt on Kazemi]…I told you Iran was angry and they’re causing trouble…



Washington Post writer met Al-Kazemi in the bombed house:  The strike made the second term certain

The attempt on his life most likely backfired because he has drawn a lotto sentiment from all factions out there…this is good news IMO…4 years with Al-Kazemi is going to be interesting to watch…he has done a lot in such a short period of time.  I’d like to see him continue that…we’re going to get to the bottom of things and then we’re going to hear the results of the election…next week coming up is going to be a really interesting week in Iraq…



[via PDK]

I am hearing from a number of bank contacts that they have a final plan now for timing…my redemption center contacts…are planning on working this weekend. I don’t know if that means…if they will be exchanging us…but yes they are not “on Call” This time they have to work…They have been on call many times…but I believe this is only the third time they have been told they have to work. So this is interesting…My contacts that will be working at redemption centers also work in wealth management for a large bank.  They are specially trained for our redemptions. They have been trained to handle foreign currency transactions. We are at the end…hang in there…

no one knows the timing . So hang tight and be prepared. This is a great time to make your plans… No way would I rule out the weekend yet.  I still have redemption center contacts that are planning on working.



I just want to caution everyone we are close… can it happen tomorrow possibly, can it happen early next week yes… just know we are so close to this popping. So stay grounded and centered and we have never been closer…


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Guru Frank26]

Basra University organizes a panel discussion on the project to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency

This is not the first time…They’ve been having them at least once a month.  This past month they had a lot of them…they’ve been educating the citizens of Iraq for a long time about the monetary reform.  No, this hasn’t been put in article form…This article…is simply another announcement of the reinstatement of their currency and of a new exchange rate…education of the citizens of Iraq…this is what [we] told you that you would see and you’re seeing it now…When have you ever seen the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq come out and tell the Iraqi citizens we’re about to give you a new currency and a new exchange rate and these are the reasons why…?


Sandy Ingram

Central Bank:  Move to open branches of Iraqi banks in Turkey

The Central Bank of Iraq is in discussion to open branches of Iraqi banks in Turkey.

Does this mean we may be able to go to Turkey to exchange our Iraqi dinars

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

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