“Humanitarian Framework for Homelessness” by Bruce Haines – 11.12.21


Entry Submitted by Bruce Haines at 4:53 AM EDT on November 12, 2021

Humanitarian Framework for Homelessness

Fellow awake humanitarians all around Terra, the time for action is coming.  When, of course, we don’t know precisely, but our faith and patience has placed out actions in the hands of God and that timetable will be perfect. 

I plan on participating in the Love Won Society (LWS) format for many projects, and my #1 project will be to help the homeless, which is a global problem. While I plan on starting in the United States, I want to quickly follow a pattern of success and help in every country.  Clearly, this will be a very large effort as to logistics to accomplish this, so I thought with the time we have until funds are in our hands, it makes sense to share ideas and approaches on tackling homelessness so we can help each other to get the homeless population off the streets and into a safe home environment. 

So, I started to construct a template of thought on how that can be accomplished. I am posting it here  with the request that if you have an interest in working as a humanitarian to help the homeless, I encourage you to send me an email to me at and put the subject line as “LWS Homeless Humanitarian.”

As we look at the homeless situation, wherever in the world it might be, there will be basic information that must be gathered, so below is my thought template which I am happy to share, and/or happy to alter with input from you, the reader who wants to be in the arena for helping the homeless.

NOTE ON 3rd vs. 5th DIMENSION:  I have asked myself this question: Can a homeless person move into the 5th dimension?  Some of the sleeping “normal” people of earth will not raise their vibration to elevate themselves to the 5th dimension, simply because they refuse to see the facts around them or are choosing to remain in the 3rd dimension. If a homeless person has no method of receiving information about what is happening in the world simply because they have no means of receiving communication (no cell phone, radio or television), can they be aware enough as things happen to embrace the new 5th dimension world about them and remain homeless in the 5th dimension? I would say the possibility that many homeless people are perhaps even better suited to make the jump is a real possibility if, for no other reason, having removed themselves from the constant MSM bombardment.  Just because one has no place to call a permanent residence or address, does not (IMO) preclude them from having a deep spiritual consciousness.  Many who are homeless in the 3rd dimension can be homeless in the 5th dimension, so the need for working with the homeless is still valid, even in the 5th dimension.  If anyone has the opposite point of view, i.e., there will be no homeless people moving to the 5th dimension, I welcome the discussion of that logic in an open forum or send me your thoughts in an email. 

The thought template is below:


Ascending Consciousness Teaching

A Framework to Assist the Homeless (A Consciousness Adrift)

As the New Era of Mankind emerges from the grip of the Deep State (DS), the humanitarian projects that confront mankind are many and challenging. One of the most discouraging and depressing vibrational calamities of mankind are those who are homeless through whatever circumstance. I define a homeless person as someone with no permanent residence or place to live, with their Consciousness Adrift, i.e., they may have mental challenges that keeps their consciousness at a low vibration level. Their consciousness is “adrift” but with our help, hopefully they can address and overcome that low vibration level.  Given the right financial, spiritual, and physical help, that individual can leave behind their homeless scenario and return as a productive and happy contributor to their family, and community.

My humanitarian project of helping the homeless I have labeled Ascending Consciousness Teaching or ACT because it allows someone as a teacher to assist a homeless individual, which I will refer to as a Consciousness Adrift, or (CA). With our help, a candidate can learn to change their mental and spiritual self, their physical situation, and raise their consciousness from one of a low vibration to a higher vibration. The ACT teaching program goal is to teach anyone in a CA state to permanently change their situation and become a contributing member of society and leave the state of homeless and CA behind. I define a person leaving a homeless state as becoming an individual with a Consciousness Grounded (CG).

This template will evolve as the project takes definition. I plan on first helping those in my country, learn from that experience, then reach out to help other countries. The need is huge everywhere, so this template can be used to define and implement other ACT programs in other countries.

Outline of ACT Game Plan of Structure – High Level View

  1. Assess the CA candidate’s mental stability. 
    1. We need a small army of proactive “boots on the ground” interviewers to reach out to the CA in all areas – cities, counties, etc. This person needs to love people, be trained in self-defense, and given any additional support to ensure their safety as they find and log in homeless individuals.
  • What level of health care professional will do the assessment? Someone with a social worker background is great, but the most important thing will be to assess the person for their kindness and heart and willingness to serve. They must have empathy and be able to see hard conditions on the street and not let those conditions bother them. Some of the homeless cases will be challenging due to any number of factors – drugs, psychological issues, health problems, possible criminal or crime backgrounds, etc..
  • The CA candidate needs to be screened for:Mentally unstable not wanting family to be involvedMentally unstable wanting family to be involvedMentally unstable not sure if family wants to be involved. Mentally stable not wanting family to be involvedMentally stable who wants family involved. Mentally stable not sure if family wants to be involved
  • Create a comprehensive checklist to interview a CA candidate to determine their status in our process
  • Name, age, last known address, phone number – just the regular contact info needed to get him/her into the system
  • How long have they been homeless? Get their story and record it on video. 
  • Skill set including education level and prior jobs help prior to becoming CA.
  • Identify physical issues: Assess the status of their medical condition. Have enough assets to put these CA individuals through the medbed process when that is possible.
  • Identify mental challenges – a difficult part of the task which will help in how the CA will be coached, medbed assisted healing, and adapting through the program.
  • Identify substance abuse challenges. In preparation of the healing medbed experience, an assessment of any addiction issues needs to be analyzed.  Drug use, alcohol, gambling, etc.. A qualified psychological evaluation from a trained specialist is needed. 
  • Purchase several medbeds and make them “mobile” to go to places as needed.
    • Determine cost of medbed.  Can we have it manufactured for us and how can we establish that on an ongoing basis? How many can we obtain and how long before they are operational?
    • Determine how to have a medical operator or operators and how to deploy them for medbed inventory.
  • Arrange for temporary housing alternatives: abandoned motels and hotels, abandoned warehouses or large inside spaces not being utilized, shipping containers (can be mobile) closed military base housing still intact, FEMA camps.
  •  Construct a budget template of all monies needed and adjust/change as needed.
    •  Determine the level of per minute aid to pay each           candidate. 
    • Use the Love Won Society RSS feed through the QFS for tracking and reporting purposes. 
  •  Partner with non-cabal organizations. Organization research needs to take place into an organization’s effectiveness and “heart.”  There are a lot of non-profits listed that are very much “regionalized” to different cities or even countries. There are way too many organizations to outline is this summary. There needs to be a detailed research project to investigate those worthy organizations that may have great community reach without us having to reinvent the wheel.  These organizations will need to show a track record of maximum donated dollar utilized for their program with a very modest overhead for executive salaries.
  • Network with other humanitarians specifically funded through the GCR/RV.  Already identified for targeted Veteran’s homelessness is the Jilson Trust (created by a fellow humanitarian working in the LWS) where specifically veteran’s homelessness can be this organization’s primary help for our ACT program. This might take some effort, but the pureness of heart and forward thinking of helping mankind is the keystone of partnering with any other organization.  Fortunately, the QFS system will be a watch dog for not allowing nefarious activities to flow from the QFS bank account of any organization we should make a beneficiary of our funds. 
  • Advertise and celebrate as those CA individuals become CG individuals and if they want to teach and help others who were in their predicament of being CA, then make sure they are utilized as their experience will be a motivating influence on those who are trapped in that lower vibration of being homeless.  It is the

ultimate “I did it, you can do it too.”                     

  • Establish initially one website in the new “Odin internet” environment that can be a place to educate and advertise locations and how to get help.  Multiple websites are possible as we grow in size.  A toll free phone number for anyone seeking assistance from homelessness can be setup and manned 24/7.
  • How to start in any major city: 
  • Identify a home with 3-4 bedrooms in or near the downtown area.  Purchase the property or rent it?
  • Identify abandoned hotels or motels in or near the downtown area.  Purchase and renovate. 
  • Run ads in local papers for homeless who need help – no strings attached.  Show up in person (they may not have a phone or ability to get emails/texts) to a homeless meeting where the program is explained to them.
  • Those attending will complete a questionnaire so we can start to screen different categories.
  • Hire local downtown business owners to tell homeless they know about the program.  Print flyers to post and hand out.
  • Contact local police departments and fire departments to explain what we are doing. The local police especially may know the homeless by name and where they hang out.  This is a good entrée into the police and fire departments to start that humanitarian support.
  • Have a medbed available in each city at a purchased property to get the physical and mental issues of candidates taken care of.  A medbed operator will need to be trained and could possibly handle multiple cities, but ideally one trained person per city should be established, with another staff member to assist in the candidates being prepped and monitored as the medbed experience is accomplished. 
  • Contact local schools/trade schools/ etc. on taking in candidates for training and or jobs.  You will pay their tuition and provide the school assistance for helping in the program. 
  • Will need one staff member to be a liaison from the candidates to any family that is brought into the situation.
  • Will need one staff member to coordinate the ongoing training placement in schools or jobs.
  • Will need one staff member to coordinate incoming candidates as to needs and rules and managing their issues. Maybe a two person position –  one strong male who might have to be “the muscle” for those unruly candidates? 
  • Will need one property maintenance person who can take care of issues with the property and keep it in safe condition.
  • Will need an onsite property manager to oversee that property (maybe can handle several properties in a city?) to ensure things are in control and running smoothly. 
  • Will need one manager to oversee those staff members and report and adjust with my supervision what is happening.
  • Will need one manager to oversee the establishment of bank accounts to insure the QFS system acquires the new homeless person’s bank account. 
  • Will need a spiritual counselor to teach and guide/love the CA candidates from their CA level of consciousness to a CG level of vibration as they work to move back into society. 
  • Will need either a district manager covering a certain geographic area or possibly a national manager to oversee all the activity in the states.  Reports directly to the primary benefactor of the LWS. 

Note, all of the above is subject to alteration and, of course, any area that this initial thought template missed can be written and put into this template.   Send your input ideas to Bruce Haines at . 

The world we are ascending to needs a lot of help to make homelessness be a thing of the past. There is much to be done, but with the redemption process putting a very large amount of money back to the hands of those who want to serve their fellow brothers and sisters, the homelessness problem can start to be solved from day one after the funds are in place.

With Love and Light,

Bruce Haines


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