The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 11-11-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 11-11-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – and Happy Veteran’s Day – it’s Thursday November 11th and you’re listening to the Big Call –thanks everybody for tuning in all over the globe – I’m excited – we’re going to have a really good call tonight

Alright let’s see – where are we now – we had a call Tuesday night – some information had come in over the weekend and a little bit of trickle in on Monday and not too much on Tuesday – so we structured that together – – at the time we had the impression that we would be notified by the middle of the week or so – and then at the last minute on Tuesday we heard – it should be by Veterans Day – well here it is Veterans Day and we have not been notified –

Why is that?  Why does this intel come in so strong and all of a sudden we don’t get it – What’s happening? Well I can tell you today that I found out why – this week at least – why we have not yet received it but there is good news – so stay tuned for it –

Alright – so we find out that the QFS is finding and making determinations on who is white hat – a gray hat – and a black hat – It knows – or it’s in the process of knowing that and finding it out and it allows for removal of black hats and gray hats so only the white hats essentially are involved in the system – ok – and that’s primarily banking for international institutions – trading – could include – talking about paymasters – talking about people that are recipients of bonds and CMKX – all of that stuff is being determined very strongly by this Quantum computer the QFS –

That is why we have not gone yet – the good news is that as of 9:30 Pm EST last night (Wed) the official stop was there for what I have called for years clean up on aisle 3 & 4 –  so in other words the clean up finished up last night by 9:30PM – that is global by the way –  not just here – that’s a really good sign – and when I heard that yesterday it gave me pause to think – well this is looking really solid then for today – Veterans Day –

Even though we don’t have it yet – I think personally one of the reasons is that all the banks are closed today – Wells was – and all the tier one banks were closed –


If your Mom & Pops was open – good on you – because I thought well – it’s not that we couldn’t do redemption centers activity on a day where the banks were closed – they could have –  and they did – actually but it wasn’t exchanges and it wasn’t us being notified –

But what it was was between 9:30 and 11:30 this morning redemption center staff was checking and testing the link that came from the call centers that were going to use with our toll free number from that call center number to the redemption center hard line phone number –

In other words when we call in on the call center most of us will get routed to directly to the redemption center that is the one in the zip code that we have indicated at the beginning of that call – when we were prompted for that or if we happen to get a live person we tell them what zip code we want to exchange in – it could be our own zip code or it might be a zip code where an area we believe a redemption center is located –  and we don’t know where all of these centers are located – we might know where a few of them are – but we don’t know where most of them are – because some of them will be attached to or adjacent to an existing tier 1 bank or it could be completely separate – a completely separate office / redemption center type building – ok – and it is in a lot of cases – so be aware of that –  that is really good news that everything was theoretically wrapped up –

Hello, World!

Now —- since then – today – remember the QFS tests were done and they had to get a certain number like 60 or so calls – test calls – between the call center / redemption center – ad we understand that went very well and they passed the tests – everything is looking good for us

Now – as far as what else has been going on we have to defer to the bond recipients – because we do have strong evidence that the bond holders /bond recipients – are being paid out from basically 4 centers – one in either Hong Kong or Singapore – could be both – but we heard the last was either of them – Zurich – Miami – and Reno – those are the main 4 –

Now – we know this afternoon in a 4 ½ hr period until about 8:30 PM about 2,000 bond holders were paid out – in that last flurry of activity – now they don’t stop and start over again the next day – this is going 24×7 through the end of the month – is what they anticipate for paying out these bond recipients – and this includes what happened today – included the Zimbabwe sheet bonds  and they are quite valuable  and that is included as well as they are still paying out groupings  of the Chinese Red Dragon – Yellow Dragon Bonds – the German bonds – all of the other bond category types and actually when the bonds are completed then they will pay out on the certificates for precious metals – so called assets – boxes of assets and they are referring to certificates for gold – silver – palladium – platinum  and the like – those are so called hard assets categories and those will be paid out I guess last – after the bonds are all done – so that’s ongoing through the end of the month


So – where does that put us?  – let’s put in one more bit of information – and it’s very important – I mentioned to you over a week ago – probably a couple weeks ago that the tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 tier 4 banks have all received the new USN currency – that is the United States Treasury Note – our new money – our folding money that would go in a wallet or purse – our “cash” –

That has already happened – they are in the banks – already there – have been there – for a little while – they will be at the redemption centers for us – all the denominations from 100’s all the way down – including singles – same denominations but different – and these will not say Federal Reserve Note – they will say United States treasury Note – USTN alright – So that’s going to be … plus the look of our money I think is different – there’s so much – so many security features in the new bills that we have it’s going to be amazing –

Alright – so Today they wanted to make sure all of the Mom & Pop banks and the credit?? can’t remember that one word  (maybe credit union?)  when you try to get a loan on a car or a boat or something it is a bit cheaper usually than going to the banks – at these particular locations – I have not used one – it is like a federal credit union – ha ha hello I got it – Credit Union — this is what I was trying to say –

Credit Unions had been left out of the new money  – they finally got all the credit unions to have the new USTN by 7PM tonight – so they wanted to make sure that happened – by then – so what does that tell you?

Does it tell you we are close? It should – Does it tell you we have a possibility of going between now and the weekend? I would say so and the redemption centers staffing is prepared for a full day tomorrow – meaning a 12 hour day – at least –

So that has not happened this whole week –  oh they might have gone in today for 2 hours to do that testing  may have had a conference call – which they did have – last Friday – do you see what I’m saying? They had off days – but that changes tomorrow – with full days staffing – at the redemption centers – so that’s a good sign – a good indicator that maybe we will get notified in the morning – maybe we will set appointments and maybe we will start as early as tomorrow afternoon

Soooo – if we started on a Friday which is conceivable – we would continue on Saturday –Sunday – right through next week – they are prepared to do that – if we are to start tomorrow –

So — there is an “IF” in place and it doesn’t mean we know absolutely anything that we are “there” for that but there are some very good signs that are pointing to the possibility that we could be and should be notified between now and Sunday

So that is the gist of the information that I wanted to bring to everybody tonight because I think it’s very positive and I think the bond holders- we had 2000 bond holders paid in 4 ½ hours and that’s going to continue – that doesn’t stop and start over next week – it starts and continues on a 24 hr cycle – I’m sure there’s a little time for a reset but beyond that it is ongoing –

So let’s talk about when the bond holders are to gain access to their funds – our belief is – we don’t know absolutely – but we believe that the bond holders will be able to get access finally to those funds that they can see in their account – just can’t touch it – we understand that tomorrow they should be able to gain access to those funds in their accounts –


Now – they have been pushed like we’ve been pushed for weeks – maybe even months – let’s call it months – on getting started – gaining access –

I’ve been of the opinion that we tier 4A & B will get notified ad set appointments and start about the same time as the bond holders receive access to their funds – so if they receive access to the funds tomorrow it’s a good indicator for us – a very good indicator – and we should be coming right along side

Remember we were supposed to go on the heels of the bond holders being paid and we still believe there’s some adjudicated settlements and fines and penalties and all of that that still needs to be paid – but again we’re thinking a lot of that would probably be paid out along with us going in for our exchanges and redemption of zim

So – we’ll see how that plays out – I am not too concerned about that but more concerned about when we’re getting notified and how that’s going to go – and I believe we are just about there – hopefully we don’t have to wait until next week – Our people – what we’re getting from our limited bank sources and other sources is indicating this possibility as early as tomorrow – so we’ll see –

I feel like we are closing in on this guys – they do not want us to know the exact timing of it – obviously – but we’ve got some hints and right now the hints are really good – so let’s just stay with it – stay in faith

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:16:40

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