Dinarland Highlights for November 12, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 11.12.21


The news yesterday was so positive we are about to receive this long awaited blessing. It could come any moment or any day. We are on the threshold of the liquidity.

…We who have believed and have waited for years will be blessed. Continue in faith and let go of any doubt! The news yesterday was fantastic!

The RV is happening. We are not waiting for it to happen it is happening it is ongoing it’s in real time. It’s not at our level yet but it is working down to our level. As far as the RV what my Contact told me today it’s happening sit back grab popcorn and watch it get to you…So relax everybody we should see it at our level by the end of November, If not it’s not that far off because the world cannot wait much longer. It’s being released in stages or by the tiers



Iraq is in IMF Article VIII [?] That is incorrect they are an article XIV. This is verifiable by going to and under Iraq choose Iraq’s position in the Fund.


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Firefly boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV update]

FIREFLY TV today now saying the study of the deleting of the zeros has been officially completed and it has been turned over to the CBI. They said that the strategy of deleting the zeros is to reform Iraq’s currency and payment system…

FRANK: Mustafa now has a scientific approved monetary reform study. What do you think Mustafa is going to do with it?  ...he’s about to give it to the citizens because he’s been bragging and bragging that he’s in control of the monetary reform.  He’s in control of deleting the 3 zeros.  He’s in control of the new exchange rate.  He’s in control of the new currency that they’re about to give them...



Late Thursday Night…I just need to tell you that I have had great intel coming directly from the source and not from a third person or I’m hearing this and that. Let’s just say we are really close to release this now…



MilitiaMan (KTFA)

…The project to delete the zeros from the exchange rate of the Iraq Dinar (IQD) is not new and has been on the table for many years of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). The project has had to evolve along with the education process for the citizens…Many obstacles have been in the path of success to actually deleting the three zeros from their exchange rate…the PM himself having survived …the recent attempt in the Prime Ministers life…assured the country that he was moving forward with reforms.  …There are many examples that project to delete the zeros is not something that is to be studied now, as it already has been studied and the study supports that it is time for implementation…



Finally a portion of the announcement I’ve been waiting for has arrived…

Lukoil announces the discovery of the Arido field in Iraq, with reserves of 7 billion barrels

Remember I told you there was a big field of oil that was discovered and I didn’t know why they hadn’t announced the discovery of it yet but it should put them about as much oil as Saudi Arabia if not in font of them?  This is part of that.  This ain’t even the big one yet.  Now they’re starting to make this announcement.  I was waiting for this months ago.  I’m not sure why they delay…you can see right here they’ve announced, ‘Oh look we magically just discovered...’ I knew about this months ago (Guest Guru Nate was the one who told me about it)


Mountain Goat

…there is one important issue I need to cover closely today.  It is the quantum financial system…They are now coming out in the public and talking about implementation of the QFS…The central piece of the QFS is to be able to track and convert existing currencies in the SWIFT system into a gold-backed Basel III, IV and V compliant currencies…I believe…they are now getting ready to implement the QFS currency piece. The piece that we investors are waiting for.

Of course there is much coordination with the CBI so that the RV and Reinstatement of the dinar will coincide with the timing…They can not implement the QFS for the currency reform piece until they are…Ready to release the new currency rates and SDR baskets.  Today they gave out news to the public to inform us that QFS for currency reform is coming shortly. This is amazing news and is one more item that points to the real possibility of our January 2022 reinstatement of the IQD with the new rate along with the other currencies in the new SDR basket.



Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

…today – remember the QFS tests were done and …we understand that went very well and they passed the tests – everything is looking good for us…there is an “IF” in place and it doesn’t mean we know absolutely anything that we are “there” …but there are some very good signs that are pointing to the possibility that we could be and should be notified between now and Sunday...



[via PDK]

I can tell you absolutely 100% that we have more whale groups that are flying out to Reno tomorrow in great anticipation.

[Whales have massive amount of currencies…]

I know of another one heading to Miami in hopes of a redemption…Keep in mind these whales…have already turned in and verified their currency and now have SKR’s. (Safe Keeping Receipts)…They are not bringing in new currency. They are being funded for their SKRS.

[…what are they exchanging?]

...they are there for currency. Mostly Dinar and Dong. So whales traveling to exchange currency should give you an idea of timing. We must be close…We don’t know when it will get to us…but, it is a “when” not an “if”...

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