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Iraq.. Calls for the Al-Kazemi government to remain until 2022

Iraqi political forces called for the survival of the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi as a caretaker, until elections are held in the middle of next year, with the continued demonstrations of supporters of the armed factions, which lost in the early elections held on the tenth of last October, in front of the Green Zone in central Baghdad. 

Sources who attended part of the negotiations between the political blocs of the “Union” revealed that the option of the Al-Kazemi government’s survival until organizing new elections is seriously proposed. The sources indicated that Al-Kazemi’s name is proposed, in all cases, to form the new government, especially by the “Sadr movement”, which led the results of the early elections, by obtaining more than 70 seats.   link

It Reached $20 Billion.. The Government: The External Public Debt Is In Relinquishment

Adviser to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, announced on Saturday that the country’s external public debt has decreased to $20 billion, while stressing that the year 2022 will be free of financial hardships and financing restrictions.

Saleh said in an interview seen by / the information /, that “the external public debt of Iraq is in a waiver and is within the limits of 20 billion dollars, and the public budget bears the debt-extinguishing services according to set timings,” noting that “the internal debt is still the largest at the present time, It exceeds the external debt three times, but remains confined to the framework of the government financial system exclusively, and is not related to the public.”

He added that “Iraq is in recovery and will inevitably live in the next 2022 without financial hardships or financing restrictions, caused by a lack of revenues, due to the recovery of the energy market and the boom in demand for oil, as well as the increase in the proceeds of Iraq’s oil production by 400 thousand barrels per day,” noting that “” This addition to the current total oil production and alone will generate an additional annual revenue estimated at about 17 trillion Iraqi dinars if the average price of a barrel of oil reaches $75.”

Saleh pointed out that “the issue depends on the total spending ceilings in the budget, and if it is assumed that the spending ceiling in the 2022 budget is the same in 2021, and that the average price of a barrel of oil achieved throughout the year is not less than $75, then the oil revenues will alone cover the expenses.” The college is included in the budget and achieves something from the surplus in the availability of other non-oil revenues.”

He added, “This means that for the first time, there will be a budget that achieves a financial surplus without the need to borrow, and if borrowing is achieved, it does not exceed 3% of the gross domestic product, which is stipulated in the financial management law in force due to ongoing construction projects linked to its financing with international loans,” he added. By saying: “In my estimation, it does not exceed 3 billion dollars per year, in addition to the construction loan whose bonds are offered for circulation to the public at a trillion dinars.  link

Hundreds of demonstrators close Baghdad’s Green Zone

Hundreds of Iraqi demonstrators protesting the results of the parliamentary elections have closed one of the three gates of the Green Zone in Baghdad, following failed attempts to storm the heavily-guarded area, Anadolu Agency reported on Friday.

Iraqi security forces ramped up reinforcements at the gate near the Ministry of Planning as a precautionary measure.


The demonstrators erected tents following their attempt to burst into the Green Zone, which includes government and ministries’ headquarters, as well as foreign missions and officials’ residences.

The protesters claim that the results of the 10 October elections were inaccurate and are calling for a manual count of the results.

Iraqi media said that the protesters see the pro-Iran militias as the biggest losers in the parliamentary elections.

There were reports of an exchange of fire erupting after dark on Friday, following a day of tense rallies and scuffles between Iraqi forces and protesters who have been outside the Green Zone for over three weeks.  link

I know we can’t quote other gurus here but listening to their time frames and for the various, 90% of them are in the same window. The few who are not have never been in sync. A few don’t even think it will RV but increase in value from where it is and that would take 6-9 months before reaching the $3.22. If that were so, why hadn’t it been increasing since 12-20-20? It decreased at the program rate.RI then RV later

Yada, yes, the next 10 days seems like prime territory for the RV. I’m in full agreement with the trigger finally being pulled. Let’s get underway.

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