“We Must be Close” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 11-12-21


Friday Evening News update with MarkZ 11/12/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


MZ: I can tell you absolutely 100% that we have more whale groups that are flying out to Reno tomorrow in great anticipation. I know of another one heading to Miami in hopes of a redemption.  

MZ: There are more bond redemptions going on in Europe today and over the weekend. We are seeing a consistent move forward right now. They are absolutely paying people and money is moving….

MZ: We don’t know when it will get to us….but, it is a “when” not an “if”

MZ: I do have folks getting there very early tomorrow so hopefully I will know more by the noon stream. Hopefully I will have an update from Reno by then.


Member: If we look at the movement and paying of bonds remember we are at the heels of it paying out. We are very close not weeks days even hours.

Member: When you say whales are exchanging…what are they exchanging?

MZ: They are not going for bonds….they are there for currency. Mostly Dinar and Dong. So whales traveling to exchange currency should give you an idea of timing. We must be close.

MZ: I also know of 2 large church groups that have aggregated currency that have sent representatives to Reno to hopefully redeem as well over the next few days…Some whales have also gone to Miami as well as Reno. .

Member: So the average currency holder is getting aced out again

MZ: No- it’s part of the process. Keep in mind these whales are in tier 4a. They have already turned in and verified their currency and now have SKR’s. (Safe Keeping Receipts) So they are going because of that. They are not bringing in new currency. They are being funded for their SKRS.

Member: What kind of bonds are being paid out now Mark?


MZ: Historic German bonds and some Yellow Dragon bonds. We have heard of redemptions in Reno, Zurich, Miami and Hong Kong.

Member: What’s in Reno?

MZ: When we talk about Reno….it is basically the US treasury West.

Member: one of the biggest foreign currency banking centers there.

Member: Got a text today from friend. She went to BoA and asked the teller if they were getting for the QFS. She said “YES”!

Member:  Hi Mark, do you know if the contractors in Iraq got access to their funds at the $4.71 rate on their debit cards? Think we first heard of them receiving that on 10/16.

Member: Is the date for T4B 11/24?  Saw that a couple places lately

Member: Do we know where the rate for Dong and Zim is at now?

Member: Noone will know the true rates until we get to the banks to exchange………

Member Where do us “beginners” start so we can understand enough to be involved? You all are leaps and bounds ahead of us.


MZ: I can talk about that tomorrow at our stream at 12 est…..but , if you are new to this…be sure to watch the chat scrolling at the side. …many of these people have been in this many years.10 years, 12 and 15 years …they will help you. They know 99.9 % of the answers..imo

Member Yes, pay attention to the chat(I know it goes by fast) A lot of us plus the mods will answer your questions that go by too fast for Mark to see.

Member: and we’ll just quote what Mark has said before so it’s almost as good as getting it direct from him 😉

Member: Recaps has posted a lot of info this week….a good one from Fleming today about exchanges, and definitions of everything we talk about everyday…..CMKX, rates and stuff…If you are new with lots of questions……go read that…

Member: I still don’t know what a whale is?

Member: Whales have massive amount of currencies….


Member: Whales=Influential wealthy people

Member: When can we exchange?

Member: we are waiting for the secured website to get our 800 to set appt at redemption center


Member: What is a SKR???

Member: SKR = Safe Keeping Receipt ! Basically you already brought in all your currency, verified it, verified you, and will thus exchange shortly before us

MZ: Correct…….they have done all the verifying…tier 4a have been in line long before most of you ever heard about this…..…we in tier 4b still have to be vetted, we still have currency in our possession’s to exchange. So they go first…but not by much.

Member:  buckle up people the market will crash soon…we are close to the end!!

Member: Any idea what gold and silver will rise too?

MZ: people I know in the metals industry expect gold to go to about $5000 and oz, and silver to about $500/oz. Just their opinions.

Member: Mark…I sure appreciate all of your hard work for us and patience with us! Can’t hardly wait for the movie to end!

Member: Thank you to the great mod’s as well… all should take a bow.


Please listen to replay for all the information


The next stream is tomorrow at 12 noon est……..

Source: Dinar Recaps


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