“Be True to Oneself” by Luna – 11.16.21


Entry Submitted by Luna at 12:26 AM EST on November 16, 2021

This time in our human history is like no other anywhere on this planet or even in this universe. Yet there are many people caught up in the propaganda of the third density rhetoric whatever it is this week. I know it’s hard being around people who can’t see the very truth in front of their eyes but that is their path and we have to let them do what they feel is right for them. Though we know it’s not really them but the ‘AI version’ of them and they only hear whatever has been programmed for them.

Believe me I know that it is much of our population that is caught up in the fear programming. It’s very sad for those of us watching our family members giving up the fight because the peer pressure is getting to them, but we must believe that they will wake up when the truth comes out. Not the way you and I would like to learn this kind of truth but many will wake up and not really know whether they are coming or going. Can you just imagine that? You and I have had many years to digest all that we have learned about the truth of our society, and sadly our world.  

Please don’t let anyone or anything stop you from being who you are. In other words, be who you came here to be. They say “nothing can stop what’s coming” but I say “only you can stop what’s coming to you” just believe that what you are learning is true and go from there. Your curious human nature will take over thereby freeing you from the matrix. You have been conditioned since before your birth. You don’t know anything different. I’m asking you to step out of your comfort zone. Break free and realize your wildest dreams. Do not be afraid for fear doesn’t really exist. It’s a program to keep you stuck right where you are. In that way you don’t have to do anything but stay as you are even if it’s miserable.

 We cannot cushion the trauma that our loved ones may feel afterwards once they learn the many lies that surround them.  All we can do is be there for them perhaps to just listen to them. Then you can gently explain things as they really are. Not too much detail though as they will be vulnerable but you can be there for them and just make them feel welcome. It’s not about saying “I told you so,” that is not what they will need. They need us to listen and explain little by little all that they ask with gentleness and kindness because a lot of what they will hear they will not want to swallow. The only way we can all heal as a global society is to bring Light to the darkness that has invaded our world.  So it must be exposed. A clean slate is what is needed.

Most of us that were born awake in this life-time have a heavy responsibility and that is because we have a special contract or mission to help humanity during this transition. By humanity, I don’t just mean those people that you don’t know. I’m talking about your family and friends and those who have rolled up their eyes at you while you tried to tell them the truth about the world we live in.

I found myself thinking about what my life would have be like if JFK’s assassination in 1963 did not happen. How different would all of our lives be? Because JFK’s life was cut short his mission was also cut short thereby affecting each and every person’s life on earth.  All the peace activists in that time period were also cut out of this timeline. In other words, our timeline was hijacked and I know how this will sound to those just waking up but it was hijacked by the satanic Illuminati. It has been hijacked for 6 generations and likely more like thousands of years or the beginning of time. We didn’t have a chance since they had mapped out our ‘so called lives’ from birth to death and then back again through the death/rebirth portal so they were continuously fed.

Yes I sad fed. I am referring to the Reptilians who need us as a food source for those that need the ‘loosh’ which is created when we get sad or depressed. It’s our sadness/depression/anger etc.  that feeds them. In other words, it’s our negativity. No wonder there is so much mental illness in our world. It was planned that way and doctors complied giving out more medications. Of course, you thought the doctor was looking out for your best interest because they took an oath right? Well they lied to us about that too.  They took an oath to make the drug companies richer at any cost while the drug companies gave them all kickbacks/bonuses. 


I worked with foster youths and so many of them suffered from anxiety/depression and most, if not all, were medicated. Of course, many were in organizations like CPS and many of these kids were also trafficked. The cycle would keep going generation after generation because none of their social issues were ever corrected. No supports, just more drugs.  So do you see how the cycle works? One organization feeds the other. It’s all about the money. It’s disgusting but mostly, I am sad that this kind of evil preying on our children.

On a happier note with in our New Earth whatever we need will come to us. No more worry about whether I should pay my electric bill so I can eat that was a third density construct to keep you in anxiety, etc. We are moving away from the three hells of fear, anger, and never having enough.

At this moment we are ascending to a higher state of consciousness. Leaving all that pain of third density behind. Love and service is all we will need to do in the New Earth. Do no harm is the only rule.  I know that sounds surreal but you must believe it to go there like anything you want to manifest. Staying in third density will only keep you stuck in a loop of that fear matrix.   

No one can ascend for you, that’s your job. Keeping your vibration high is essential daily. How you can do that is by simply replacing any sad or negative thoughts with positive ones and eventually the negative ones just go away.  I’m sure many of you are wondering how we are going to know if we ascended? I won’t give you the long version since talking is something I do quite naturally so I’ll keep it short instead. 

 This is truly a magical time in our history and each day as our old world is crumbling around us we should be dreaming of what you want your New Earth to look like. In other words, I’m telling you to dream your dream and believe with all your heart that you are here to be a witness in your own life. What kind of life would you like to live? No holds barred. Nothing can stop it. Do you want your old life pre-COVID or do you want to re-create your life? I would tell you that it’s your choice and that choice will stand.  Fear does not exist only when we give it form therefore it can’t exist in 5D.

You can say this sounds crazy and that’s the cabal programming. Only you can break that programming and that is to believe that we are magical beings who have a guiding force and we came here to succeed and see that all of our dreams come true. I’m always telling our members in the World Benevolence Group to not only dream their dream but dream bigger. The reason for that is that we are made in the image of God and we carry his Light so we too are Gods and Goddess’ in our own right.  That means all of our dreams WILL manifest and the magic is that we believe it is possible.

You make the choices for your life and if your belief systems have not served you in the way you hoped, then you have nothing to lose. Go ahead and try something different. It may be just that simple but we have to do our emotional work and release all that has not served us. I’m serious when I tell you that this is the first time we will shift with our planet. Simply put we are basically shifting as a whole universe! 


Those that are spiritually ready can ascend and with little to no difficulties because we have been readying our bodies for most of our lives.  We did that by doing all of our emotional work some as it came about in our life but some that came up to be released and we worked with our guides or we found people who could help us release that which was ready to be.

I’ll give you some examples of questions that you could start asking yourself. You see the drama that surrounds you in your life is actually trauma. Incidents from our past are first evoked through traumatic emotions i.e. anger, sadness, resentment, guilt, refusal, etc.  Those emotions are trying to tell you what area you need to work on. Emotions help you figure out what is wrong and why.

All you have to do is ask yourself some questions to identify current indicators.

Questions like:

“When did you begin to feel that way?”

“Whom do you feel that way towards?”

“Where were you when you began to feel that way?”

“What was happening at that time?”

“How do you feel about the situation?’ and”

“What action would you like to take from the feelings you are having about the situation?”


Then once you identify the feeling evolved:

‘When was the first time you were in a similar situation and experienced a similar feeling?” and 

“How did you feel then?”

Witness beliefs being released and changed on the four levels of belief (core, genetic, history and soul). 

Download the feelings that are needed to help you recognize the bottom belief.

Then ask yourself:

“What did you learn from that experience?”,

 “Why did you have to experience that?” and

“How did it serve you and how does it continue to serve you?”

 I know you think it can’t be that simple but it is. I know because my whole life was used as a teaching tool via my angelic guides. Each angel I was told was a specialist in something so whatever it is we need it was there for you.  For example, if I needed to have a serious conversation with one of my children or my boss at work, I would call on the Angel of Communication to help me word it in such a way that they would be able to get what I was trying to relay.


 Did you know that our bodies hold trauma memory in our energetic emotional body and then transferred to the muscles when the chakras start to shut down? So for years, you may have experienced aches and pains that are explainable because you never fell or hurt that area. That pain can come on suddenly or sometimes accidents bring those emotions to the surface and we feel the pain in our body. The idea here is so you will pay attention and hopefully, decide to do something about it. 

Another thing that most of us don’t realize is that our emotional body is actually a spiritual template.  That body is what vibrates at various levels as we let go of emotions that don’t serve your highest purpose. Any and all emotions can be released but you have to do it. It’s no one’s job to do that and no one could do it even if they wanted to. It’s your job and only yours. It’s hard looking at yourself but that’s why we were born in third density so we can work that stuff all out. When it stops feeling good it needs to be released.

Just because we are ascending doesn’t mean you get to skip any steps everyone has to do the work in order to ascend. Let go of all that has not served you. You are magnificent and beautiful beyond belief and you matter in the greater scheme of things more than you realize!

Join us and make a difference. We need people who know how to work from their hearts or want to learn. If you feel guided to join this group of humanitarians, who are all beautiful souls doing what they came here to do. Humanitarians are here to spread their love and kindness back into the world for I truly believe that what’s been missing along with compassion! I wish you all much love, light and joy.

Peace, Love, Light, Joy,


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