The Nomad Economist: Sadly a Crash is Inevitable



The Nomad Economist
Premiered Nov 16, 2021

Sadly, a crash is inevitable. Quarterly annualized GDP growth projected at 0.3%. Manufacturing in it’s third quarter of recession. Farm debt at a record high. Farm bankruptcies up 24%. Investment down. While a staggering number of Americans live paycheck to paycheck with little savings, they also owe massive amounts of money that many will never be able to pay back. The Fed Reserve is pumping hundreds of Billions into the Repo market. Quarterly annualized GDP growth projected at 0.3% for Q4. Oh, yeah, things are doing great. The industry is bloated with debt. Debt destroys them every time because as the debt monster grows, it incentivizes them to sell more. Then they have to induce sales by more stupid crap that people want, but don’t need. Prices go up and up. Executives get paid more and more. The market becomes flooded, people get tapped out, and the industry goes bust. We live in debt based system. A debt system where the debt must ever expand. And since the entire industry is built on that debt system, it must ever expand. Any contractions will severely damage the global debt system. Downturns lead to layoffs. Layoffs lead to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy leads to less sales, and less sales lead to layoffs. They will have to figure out how to hand out money to keep the Ponzi going. But then, what’s the point if you are just paying yourself to keep a ponzi going. Wasn’t the trump tax cut supposed to result in corporate investment, rising wages, and new jobs. Too bad the stock buybacks and artificial growth of the stock market were more important to his corporate overlords. There may be jobs, but real wages have stagnated under Trump. And it’s a fact that the manufacturing sector is in recession and business investment is at a seven-year low. People may be spending for Christmas, but what happens in January will be more predictive. And hey, if we aren’t heading for recession, let’s raise those interest rates to keep up with inflation and offload some of that balance sheet. So buckle up and hold on tight, because it certainly looks like we are in for a very bumpy ride in the months ahead. Welcome to Atlantis Report. If the FED already did 2 “insurance cuts” and plans to do more, that pretty much means we are already in recession. You can’t have it both ways. A distinct feature of this bubble is that corporations have taken on unsustainable levels of debt. When that blows up, household names will be waving bye-bye along with jobs and capital. Creative Destruction! Corporations do not create jobs. Corporations destroy jobs. Get the government entirely off of small business, and jobs will be created. Just get the government off of small businesses’ backs and no more free dollars. Small businesses will figure out the rest. Get rid of 99% of the government, and we will be just fine. What we have today is fascism. Will take a war or a comet to do that, but there’s hope. In 2001, countless tech companies had rounds of layoffs in the tens of thousands at a time (Nortel, Cisco, Ericsson, Broadcom etc. We’re not there yet, but signs are pointing down for sure.



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