Dinarland Highlights for November 18, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 11.18.21


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I am hearing that they are pushing to get it out the door as quickly as possible...The Reno meetings were great.

…It was very productive…Nobody knows the exact timing but I am thinking …based on chatter…that we should at least be making appointments before Thanksgiving… 

I guess there are a lot of folks out there calling for it between the 21st and 23rd… Not hearing anything new from Iraq or the middle east yet …but overall the news is pretty solid that they are moving forward and not going backwards…hopefully it will start picking up steam.

In Iraq, I am being told they are planning to introduce the lower denominations on Sunday or Monday. Not just in some places but all over the country. This is big new IMO…it has been a solid news day with the word out of Iraq…So to me the news today was a huge win.  It does not have us in the banks yet, but gives us hope that we will be there in a very short period. Also being told that they are pushing hard to have everything released before Thanksgiving. Don’t know if that means we will be in the banks or just making our appointments …but it’s very encouraging.


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You don’t see them denying it anymore.  That’s been cleared up.  You don’t see them talking about 1 to 1 rate – that’s been introduced.  You don’t see them talking about floating and going international – that’s been explained…The CBI governor and prime minister of Iraq both are talking alike.  There is no more confusion.  We are so close to the end.  Both of these gentlemen are echoing each other’s words in front of the citizens on the topic of both of their reforms.  Every day this is being sent out to the citizens of Iraq…IMO all this education should be exposed/done before January the 1st 2022.


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…the real target we can put our arms around is still the early January 2022 timeframe. This is the only date, if we wanted to speculate, that makes any sense…The CBI has told us over and over again that the BEST time to change the currency rate is at the beginning of the FISCAL year.   Jan 1st begins their new fiscal year.

I am not now talking about changing the program rate but doing the reinstatement which is much, much bigger and much different…

In 2012 the CBI planned for a January reinstatement preceded by the project to delete the zeros. This is FACT and is backed up by Dr Shabibi’s own words when he addresses a news conference in 2015 saying that Iraq has an unpresented opportunity reinstate the Iraq dinar in early 2013 having all permission do so. If it were not for the raid on the CBI by Nori al-Maliki and the ousting of Dr Shabibi as the chairman, I would not be writing this…today...



I had news last night that things should be flowing today. It is too early to get confirmation, so keep the positive thoughts going…

…I did hear meetings were still on going, are going well and should be done today. Progress is being made and we will get there sooner than later!…




Again more Iraq dinar exchange rate talk.  We know where they’re going with this

A financial official determines the possibility of changing the dollar exchange rate in next year’s budget

…there is a lot of talk about the exchange rate – back-fourth-back-fourth…  My thought is that they’re gonna at the very least put it back to the rate it just changed from…right now you get 1450 dinar for every one dollar.  They’re talking about going back to the old exchange rate which is you get 1190 dinar for every dollar…you want that number to continue to shrink.  At least we’re taking a step in the right direction…I’ll take it in increments as long as it’s consistent…


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The execution of a strategy…we are in the final countdown and to see the international world reacting to Iraq the way they’re doing right now – why didn’t they do it last year?  Why didn’t they do it 10 years ago?  20 years ago? Because the conditions were not for what is happening now.  There’s security and stability.  There’s actually a government that is being run by good leaders – Kazemi – and the central bank has been cleaned up…

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