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11/19/2021 A Failure to Launch

A Failure to Launch

Spaces between ladder rungs have increased because Americans are getting taller.

Manufacturers claim it’s due to climb it change.

They can make up some stories, can’t they? We are seeing less in everything and calling it Build Back Better. Let’s go Brandon…

To continue with the theme of The Big Con, obfuscation and chimera, is the Thursday, Friday-pump, the party-line with its-happening-right-now, Christmas-in-November, RV GCR folklore. We are so jaded with this chronic fake-pump. It’s been years and years of this repetitive theme for way too many of us. We’ve literally been there, done that, too often to be invested in this story line today. It’s near impossible to get excited with the rhetoric.

What can we get excited about? That the culminating real time events leading to the jumping off point are real and verifiable, and coming from many generous shares. We have verified details about bonds delivering liquidity and accounts being further loaded. At least that’s something positive. It’s still not about CURRENCY REVALUATION, the GOLD-BACKED US NOTE, or the long awaited, “NATIONAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY AND STABILIZATION ACT.” NESARA is a serious acronym and the serious done set in, no kidding.


How much worse can it get before NESARA is enacted? The PTB, the US TREASURY, and the Treasury Direct Accounts, have been ready for NESARA for decades. This was directly confirmed in 2017 when the manager of Treasury Direct said, “We’re ready to go.” Ready for what? Ready for a national crisis requiring economic aid.

How bad can it get before RV GCR is let fly? This is the gazillion dollar question asked by the 1% of (the exotic-currency holding) US population. We’ve had legislation for NESARA since Clinton’s presidency. Now we have Quantum computers, and Quantum software, and Artificial Intelligence driving the bus. It’s a Brave New World. Like Aldous Huxley portrayed in his iconic work of science fiction, the issue of over-population is now looming large and being addressed by the “Great Thinkers of Our Time.” (Really?) We have to wonder, could this be what NESARA is waiting for?

We RV GCR Believers, represent a very tiny number on a large island, representing a small percentage of people that are actually prepared. People aware of and ultimately charged with and ready to correct this crisis. If anyone doubts this is true, please do a straw poll next time you’re out among the public. Ask around. How many people you come across are aware of NESARA? Does anyone you meet know about the Revaluation of Iraq Dinar? If they do know about Iraq, ask how about the Revaluation of Vietnam Dong? You’ll be surprised how small the RV GCR Believer population really is. We’re living in a Bubble of Believers while the rest of the world is oblivious. That so many are oblivious isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

NESARA is designed to be the answer to a massive, earth-shaking crisis; something that has crippled the world. When we first hear about this it doesn’t quite sink in. How bad can it get? Sadly, it can get much, much worse than it is today. Like 9/11 bad, when thousands died, and an entire city was shut down. A great tsunami brought about by the sliding, separation of an island such as the LaPalma volcano threatens, is one such event. This would devastate the US and the world as we know it would forever be altered. All of the US along with the entire population of this planet would need help. Build Back Better takes on new meaning in these circumstances.

The Systems of this world are broken. Fiat is dead and must be handled with a graceful and deft hand, lest the World’s Reserve Currency – the currency that every nation of the world is pegged to; dies an ignominious death and no one in any position of authority in any Central Bank of the world, will support that happening. The alternatives are what’s being prepared right now and the scrutiny, the what-ifs are being played out behind the scenes. The ball is in the air and various entities are vying for their turn, their right, to carry the ball.

To the ultimate victor go the spoils.

The US, China, Australia, Russia and the world are prepared and have been working toward this shift for decades. Our task as the 1 percenters that are aware and prepared, and ready to act; is to plan to survive and thrive. Nothing more and nothing less is expected of us, and more to the point, nothing more is desired. In other words, stay informed and prepared, the best is yet to come.

While the DoD, the PTB, the authors of the plan, may all prefer our quiet acquiescence, there is more that we can do and should do. Stay strong, and confident, share your best with others and be the best you can be for your family.


Prepare for the worst and expect the best. We’ve got this.


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