The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 11-18-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 11-18-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday November 18th  and you’re listening to the Big Call –  glad everyone could find their way in with our new numbers that we had last week – hopefully everyone has adjusted

Well we’ve had our challenges tonight – so I’m going to make the assumption that you can hear me okay and hopefully I can get this intel segment out without interference – hard to say what it is that was causing that of course – and I’m going to say this much – let’s go ahead and get this intel out to the people that might still be live on the call – and hopefully anybody that’s listening to the replay is hearing it continually without breakages that we’ve had

So – I wanted to tell everybody that what we’re getting now is some of the most definitive information we have had at all – over the last 10 years – and the reason I’m saying that is that we know – for example from 4 confirmations out of Zurich that the bond holders funds are being made liquid or their accounts are being hydrated –

That means that the accounts that are based in Zurich are being made liquid as of 10 am this morning Eastern time – we understand that the remaining bond holders and this is in groups of bond holders – these groups will be paid out over night tonight and tomorrow –

So  it seems that they are finally going to get access to the liquidity that they can actually see but not touch yet in their accounts – starting tomorrow for the United States – that is a very positive move

We know that yesterday there was a very important meeting in the afternoon in Reno – that was temporarily halted due to some improper activity with one of the attending’s there that had improper access code and that was remedied yesterday and then it was resumed – the planning and scheduling meeting was resumed and we believe the Chinese Royals were paid out yesterday afternoon and the things moved forward to where the remaining intermediaries that needed  to be paid out are not only scheduled but hopefully have been started  –


This is a hard thing to get confirmation on but we believe the process itself is moving forward even though there was a stoppage in the activity yesterday – for a while – definitely –

So where do we stand now? We know the bondholders are moving through but we have very good information suggesting that the rates for the currencies that we know will be changing for some of the dealers that are left or the currency sellers will be getting notified or have been notified of a rate change for this weekend – which may take certain currencies out of the mix for them to continue to sell – because the pricing at the new rates would put that over the top and unaffordable to purchase – and that is very good and it looks like we’re getting confirmation of that timing for late Saturday into Sunday – but I am referring that to change because we heard out of Iraq that they have 2 sets of ATM machines – they have the older machines and they have brand new machines  installed – 

The new machines have the new lower denominations notes – The IQN refers to the new Iraqi Dinar Notes – those denominations are similar to ours in the sense of 5’s/10’s/20’s 50’s/100’s  – so they have their new notes – their new currency in those ATM’s loaded but they have not been turned on yet

What we understand is the new currency in Iraq – new ATM’s will be turned on Monday morning Iraq time

What does that mean? It means that revalued dinar will have been made available to them with their new currency in Iraq starting Sunday – That means that their rate for their dinar in their country and their international rate should be out and useable internationally – we believe starting Sunday – 

Now we believe for tier 4 A & B that our notifications based on that information and the other information about rates changing in the selling dealers that are currently selling currency – that change to take place Saturday night – into Sunday – this weekend – should allow for us to be early next week – either Monday or Tuesday with exchanges starting with Monday or Tuesday we hope – and that’s what we believe – so that we do get this exchange process started before Thanksgiving

Now the redemption center staff they are obviously like us have been through this time and time again –and they are on call this weekend – on a 1 hr call  – meaning in one hour they have to respond to a call and be in the redemption center in one hour – ok that is the status they are on for this weekend –


The f ull schedule which would be about a 12-16 hour day – in redemption centers is to start on Monday – and Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday we’ll see if we have an opportunity to go Mon or Tues – for exchanges and redemption of zim and then Thursday a week from tonight – is thanksgiving Day – they have already made provision at the redemption centers to work a – ½ day on Thanksgiving –

We do not know which ½ of the day (am or pm) it will be but I believe it will be the morning half that they will work and the afternoon and evening half they will be off –  so probably scheduled just enough redemptions appointments for a morning session going only til 2 PM – or so let’s say – I don’t know this – only projecting what I think  – now once Thursday happens and so called Black Friday – they should continue doing exchanges and redemption of zim right on through to the end of the month with no problem –

So we are highly anticipating a notification by email and the toll free numbers to come out starting as early as Sunday or Monday or Tuesday – so this weekend is sort of in play for us and we can’t completely disregard the weekend –  something could happen – because of what’s happening in Iraq Saturday night our time – Sunday morning their time –

So that is very exciting and I know we’re going to see a lot of rates change on any remaining sellers  – some currencies will just be removed to keep from being sold – they will be gone – will not exist anymore – because the rates would be way too high to buy into them as you could imagine –

So that’s primarily what I wanted to bring to you tonight in terms of where we are and where we have been – and a lot of interesting things that have come in pointing toward this happening for us before thanksgiving –

Let’s hope and believe and pray that is the case – that we get this prior to thanksgiving and we have a short celebration before thanksgiving and then of course we’ll have the rest of our lives to enjoy and celebrate this great blessing  – Have a great night and a great weekend

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins:  1:04:30

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