“Bad Info about QFS Coins” by Ron Giles – 11.20.21


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 9:42 PM EDT on November 20, 2021

There is info being spread around from normally reputable sources that the QFS will be using a coin-based system for currency. This is inaccurate intel. Very few people really understand the QFS, but many try with limited knowledge.

This use of 0ne billion coins and the crypto type use of transferring funds is not part of the Quantum Financial System and never will be. The QFS uses digital gold certificates that represent actual currencies, not coins, and are backed by GOLD, not by assets that can walk off and be sold by the unscrupulous elite types. No use for endless audits to be sure all assets are safe. Rollover Nixion, you had your day, now you and your version of the Gold Standard is gone forever.

The Global Currency Reset, once instituted, will reset all currencies to the same value. This means that a US dollar will be the same value as the British Pound. This is necessary because the existing fluctuations of value in currencies from one to another will not be calculated when paying for purchases from one country to another.  This is why there will be a Global Currency Reset. It will come before the RV begins.

There is so much garbage intel from those who do not know what is going on and make speculations about the QFS being active before the GCR has taken place.

Is it so hard to understand that all things must be in place before the RV is released? And until all things are in place there will be no RV or QFS activation. The GCR will be an omen that the RV is ready to begin.

So you fake guru guys need to get your sources fixed up and quit speculating from the unknowing misinformed sources that are muddying up the Swamp water so nobody can see what is going on.

I am reluctant to say this but it is time for intel providers and “Truthers” to tell their source of intel. If it is not from the Alliance, then tell us it is not from the Alliance. Those who get their intel from the Alliance must begin to prequalify their intel by saying that the Alliance is the source of their intel and is approved for release. If a person wants to stop being confused then ask for and only seek out intel from the Alliance to be disseminated as intel. Is there any wonder why so many are confused by guru intel? Their sources are not the Alliance. Is it that important, you ask? Guess whose money will be used for the redemption of Zim Bonds? They have their process for the redemption of Zim Bonds, not following this process will leave you with zero funds. I’m reluctant to have people give us their Alliance resources because the guru dirtbags will start lying about them being appointed by the Alliance to give out their intel. Liars lie, that’s what they do.


Here is a clue for you to know if the Alliance is involved in the intel. Unless it is for Military deception, the Alliance will not give dates, rates, or other Redemption Appointment information prior to the appointment info being released. The Alliance will be contacting vetted Alliance Humanitarians through channels yet unknown for notification of how to redeem Zim Bonds. Not one vetted Humanitarian will be left out. No, not one!!! And unless you are a vetted Humanitarian, you will not know the RV has even begun because of the NDA.

So if you get a rate or a date, know it is not from the Alliance and disregard it unless you want to believe in Military deceptions which are meant for the elites, not for us.

So if you are inclined to believe in rates ($11 million for a 100T note) or dates (July 4th, 2019), you can just know that it is either from a misinformed guru or the Alliance giving Military deception. Either way just disregard dates or ridiculous rates, they are not for us Humanitarians.

BTW, have you ever wondered why the Alliance chose the defunct Trillion-Dollar Zim Bond series for our Redemptions? The reason is there is no intrinsic value left, they are useless. So the gurus are only going to give us $11 Million for a 100T note? Let me say that another way. Which one of these Central Banks would give us $11 Million for a worthless defunct currency that has no resale value? Give us the name of one banker that would do that. So gurus, tell us again that a bank is going to redeem a useless defunct currency for $11 million dollars. So bankers let’s go over to Zimbabwe and give $11 million dollars for every 100T note even if it was used as decorations on their walls. You guys are dumber than a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe. These gurus have created a major scam to hide what they are doing. How many are believing this garbage? If you are a Humanitarian, don’t let other people do your thinking. Connect your own dots on this matter. They do not want you to have your Humanitarian funds. They are not on our side. Question everything a guru says.

Having said this, my connection with the Alliance does not allow me to speak for the Alliance, but every document I publish publically or privately for training Benefactors has been approved by the Alliance as to the accuracy and the timing of the info. I have created a few documents that are awaiting approval before they can be released. I’m not under an NDA, I just work for the common good in harmony with the Alliance.

There is a transition that the QFS will go through where 3D creations might be used to give 3D public credibility to the transition. What does this mean? The Starlink satellite system is based on a 3D creation using Satellite Technology. This use gives a plausible technology that people can believe in. It gives some logical 3D explanation of how the QFS will be implemented, but in the finality of the release of the QFS, the 5D purity of the QFS creation by the Quantum Consciousness or Divine Consciousness will prevail. Not everyone believes in the Divine Consciousness so they use 3D stuff in the transition, again, for credibility. The Starlink system will be discarded over time without any fanfare or announcement. It will only be used in the transition for credibility. The QFS is embedded into the Quantum Consciousness that has no need for satellites to function.

I trust in the Divine Alliance plan that it will be perfect for our use as we create the Golden Age of Mankind.


Just trying to keep it real.

Ron Giles


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