“A Wake up Call” by TJP – 11.23.21


Entry Submitted by TJP at 5:47 AM EST on November 23, 2021

Dear Readers,

I write this post in the hope that in will help us all refocus amidst the emotional rollercoaster of this thing we call the ‘RV’ but more importantly the transition we are in.

To all those of us who are ‘holding on for dear life’ in the hope that we will be included in what has been noted to be a “great transfer of wealth”. That somehow WE (the everyday joe blogs) would be included in the exchange of currencies (to change our personal situations and lives), and for the redemption of defunct bonds that could be used for projects that could change the lives of others. 

Do we forget that the love of money is the root of all evil? Why do we think that one evil banking system run by degenerate families is going to be ‘allowed’ to be exchanged for a fair ‘quantum’ system run by a ‘higher intelligence’. Nearly every guru or intel email recently has included some form of dumbing down of the ‘redemption”. Getting less for the zims, Projects getting hard to do. Rates being lower. The list goes on, getting watered down and changed each step of the way.

1 – None of us have any real idea of what’s truly going on behind the scenes.
2 – None of us know the rates and procedures or timings
3 – It IS a Privilege IF we get to even be included in an RV or Exchange
4 – Dont make the RV the main thing.
5 – We are at war and are trying to be exterminated. Think about your children’s future!


Everyday all of us may read another post on multiple forums about repeated, and recycled information of cabal exposure, yet with no realworld change. Our hearts skip a beat as we sign in to read our emails in the hope of real change, we read of things the “White hats” are doing behind the scenes to ‘get the RV started’ and to initiate a worldwide EBS from AF1 that would seemingly signal the beginning of martial Law worldwide, and the exposure of evil to level the playing field of humanity. To bring in 1000 years of peace. Arrests behind the scenes, royal families as illegitimate bloodlines, Dumbs, Med beds, full disclosure, etc etc etc. As truthful as some of it may be for whatever reason, all this is hearsay and rumour until confirmed. We the people have more capacity for the truth coming out than we are led to believe, so if it’s truth then let it come to the light NOW!

Noted intel and guru individuals that we have looked to, provide us their “inside military sources” who give us nothing but continual excuses for the delays and then ramble on about non intel. I can understand smoke screens, I can understand the quoted chess game and ‘dis-info’ that is happening to throw the opposition off the scent. I understand that there is much going on underground, and above the ground. But have you forgotten the battle in the heavenlies…?

Does all the delay and lack of action more so imply that the ‘white hats’ are not as powerful as we are led to believe..? Something to ponder. Hopefully ill be wrong.

Real people are dying from the V, real people are losing their jobs for standing up for their choices, real families are breaking with the lockdowns. Real children are suffering in homes, How long does this evil have to go on before someone in power who actually has an ounce of compassion steps in to push the final button…

We have been living in an evil world for so long, what makes you think that NESARA and the QFS is not a more refined system of evil masquerading as the light…? 

It has been stated so many times by Whiplash and others that the military is the only way. 5-11 year olds are targeted as next, are we all brainwashed…? CHILDREN!!!! 

Today in the news we have confirmed reports and first hand accounts that the Australian military were called in to a northern territory aboriginal town, rounded up all the indigienous people, with noen allowed to escape, and then force injected with a life altering poison. Where is the honour and choice in that? If Milliary is the only way, and the end point, then we have truly lost and there is no hope.

We do not need millions of dollars first, we need our lives back and our sovereign freedoms. An RV is just a cherry on the cake to make your life better, but even then how much money do you need for that? Life is what you make it.

For the record, YESHUA promised tribulation, not peace on earth, (except that which is found in the Prince of Peace). Wars, rumours of wars, disease, earthquakes, all these would come as signs of the end. Deception is rampant right now, you must discern rightly. HE IS COMING BACK, ARE YOU READY?

This little post is not intended to bring sorrow. I like all of you am hoping for my family, refusing an evil V shot, and hoping that the change would come and i can RV and exchange to begin my projects to do something meaningful for others, but please i urge you to…


Stop waiting for Trump to reappear and JFK JR to jump out of hiding. Stop waiting for your TETELESTAI EMAIL or your #800. An RV is temporal, think eternal. Stop looking to political figures as your Messianic Deliverers. There is only one Messiah, Jesus Christ. All these things are good things if/when they happen, but fight for your families and for your lives. The battle belongs to the Lord. Get on your knees and pray for your loved ones, your little ones, and for righteousness to return to your country. Hide yourself under the shadow of his wing, SEEK first HIS kingdom. Judgement has to come but YAHWEH is merciful. 2 Chronicles 7:14. 
Stop “Watching the waters” Start walking on them. If we are nearing the finish line then be vigilant and finish the race. Hope differed makes the heart sick. Have faith in the right person.

Stay Strong. Take deep breaths, and don’t get sidetracked in the here and now.

John 16:33
I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace. In the world you have tribulation and distress and suffering, but be courageous [be confident, be undaunted, be filled with joy]; I have overcome the world.” [My conquest is accomplished, My victory abiding.]


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