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DJ from The Office of POOFness Weekly Report

November 28, 2021


Did you know? The goals of China are far loftier than the public is aware of. The public generally pays little attention to global affairs unless it is some massive tragedy reported by the broad cast news systems. What is sad is China isn’t hiding their ambitious plans. They have publicly stated they plan to take over global electronic technology by 2025. To show they mean business, China has committed to increase it’s research and development division by 7% of it’s GDP annually (which is more than their military budget at 6.8% annually).

Currently China controls 90.6% of the global supply of personal computers, 70.6% of the global supply of smart-phones, 80% of the global supply of air conditioners and roughly 38% of total electronic production globally. (Then think about their control over global pharmaceuticals as well).

But there is a flaw in their ambitions world domination plan , “microchip”s. Which much of China’s electronics production rely on. China can only produce about 16% of the semiconductors needed to produce their products the rest must be imported. This puts them having to rely on the producing nations leaving their economy vulnerable. What makes China the global leader in its electronic production is its outsourced assembly, packaging and testing or OSAT. It doesn’t make the parts but it puts them together.

Over 70% of China’s microchips are imported from Taiwan. Taiwan and China have been locked in a political dispute for over 70 years. They separated in 1949 when the Chinese Communist Party took control of the mainland and the National Party moved to Taiwan. China claims sovereignty over the island, but Taiwan rejects their call for unification. So when we see all the military movement by China concerning Taiwan it is not some ideological of social reunification dream it is for the economic survival of China’s economy.

The reason for pointing these facts out is for those wondering where the GCR is and why it keeps getting delayed. This is but one factor that has to be remedied prior to the engagement of the GCR. All the money in the world won’t do you any good if there is nothing to buy with it. Contrary to most belief China is not the end buyer for the currencies. Their participation is strictly self motivated and they have very little interest in helping the rest of the world. But to gain the cooperation and access to the global markets of the rest of the world they have to play ball and assume liability of their historical debt, ie:(Historical Bonds) and release the holds they have on the global collateral accounts which include the gold wrapped accounts.

Like situations exist throughout the planet . Each nation that is participating in the upcoming event all have specific interest and conditions that must be fulfilled for that participation. It could be border disputes, water rights, raw material production or human rights violations, whatever it is for that particular country.

So before you get yourself all excited by the ongoing rumors of the GCR/RV igniting consider the massive complexity of all these nations singing off the same song sheet, at the same time, and fulfilling their obligations and commitments to the global environment (known has humanity), before it can happen.

In other words pay attention to right things and not the speculation and misdirection narratives of the quote “Intel providers” and you will be light-years ahead of understanding what this is all about.

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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