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Kuwait confirms receiving $1.47 billion in war compensation from Iraq

30th November, 2021

The bank said that “Kuwait received compensation payments from the United Nations Committee from Iraq for the war, amounting to 1.47 billion dollars (0.4 billion dinars) in April, July and October of this year.” LINK

Deepwoodz » November 30th, 2021

$1.47 usd / 0.4 iqd = 3.675

Imo The wording is clear. This ain’t no typo. Frank said they are paying their debts in dinar. Which in this article…..amounts to 1.47B dollars. 

Oh yea, and been goin on for a minute…building trust=value. Thank you FRANK!!!

Tell me it ain’t so!!!

Zeeman » November 30th, 2021

deepwoodz could that be possible

Deepwoodz » November 30th, 2021

Imo…If the article is accurate then YES. Since it’s from Kuwait I’d say they aren’t as adept at keeping Iraq’s secret as Iraq is. 

Besides, we’ve been taught here at KTFA that
1) they are paying using their currency
2) Supply and demand will demand trust which increases value
3) Don’t you have a gut feeling something HUGE is about to happen? I do. (HOLY SPIRIT)
4) Glory days
5) digital transformation complete
6) higher than 3? 4-5? I don’t know but CoM (Council of Ministers)  had a vote the other day about trade mechanisms between all importing and exporting countries and an audit.

Sounds like a vote for another rate change to me.

At the very least it’s to confirm the past years results with the existing rate. Before the release maybe?     Results have been….silent.

Got to have an exchange rate to do international business.

The exchange rate will determine the prices of all imports and exports. 


PS…..the more I consider the articles that mentioned things like trade exchange agreements, countries can have more than one exchange rate, dual books, secrecy, and the like, the more it seems to make sense.

Does this make sense? Keep the build up of the new rate secret from the citizens, and the world at large, until you have given that new rate time to stabilize and see if all your planning actually comes together successfully.(Before the announcement)

In other words, you have two rates for the last year. One that you use for trade that’s secret(high rate). This allows you to buy building supplies and do contracts to your advantage.

The lower rate has to stay until you know what you’re doing works. Prove it to the institutions that can make you or break you, like the IMF and World Bank. After all, you’re jockeying for the top spot and it’s important to the world. 

Just some thoughts as they begin to roll…

Popeye7 » November 30th, 2021

Good analysis Deep… Imo… Before the end of the year for the release, (as others have declared on this forum), would be the most logical… In order to endure that they can hit the ground running in early 2022 with the new budget… So much happening right now that shows we are in any time mode… Again imo…

Samson » November 30th, 2021

After 40 days of polling, the announcement of the final results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections

30th November, 2021

The Independent High Electoral Commission announced on Tuesday the final results of the early legislative elections that took place on October 10.

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Jalil Adnan Khalaf, said in a press conference followed by Shafak News Agency, “After the judiciary completed all the appeals, it made a change in the preliminary results, and it was one seat each in: Baghdad, Nineveh, Erbil, Kirkuk, and Basra,” to include the total of five seats that were changed. He added that the total number of voters reached more than 22 million, adding that the number of voters reached more than nine million.

Khalaf explained that the number of voters in the elections amounted to 44 percent of the total number of voters.

The members of the IHEC read out the names of the 320 election winners in all governorates of Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region.

The Sadrist bloc topped the final election results by obtaining 73 seats, while the “Progress” coalition led by Muhammad al-Halbousi won 37 seats, and the State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki won 33 seats.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party came fourth with 31 seats, while the Al-Fateh Alliance led by the Secretary-General of Badr Organization Hadi Al-Amiri came fifth, with 17 seats, and the Kurdistan Alliance came sixth with 17 seats, with a difference in the number of votes between it and the Al-Fateh Alliance.

The “Azm” coalition won 14 seats, the Extension Alliance won 9 seats, and the New Generation Movement got 9 seats, while the “Canon Sunrise” got 5 seats, the National Contract got 4 seats, the state forces also 4, and the masses of our identity 3 seats, and the movement Three seats were also settled for Islah, the Iraq Turkmen Front one seat, while 16 political parties won one seat each, in addition to the independents winning 43 seats.  LINK

Godlover » November 30th, 2021

Excellent news today on their election results. Once approved by the Federal Supreme Court, sworn in & seated, will bring the security & stability their country needs & we want to see, to move forward. I am encouraged by the possibility of parliament passing the 2022 budget, God willing by the end of this year.

Also Iraq’s debt with Kuwait is becoming more newsworthy as of late. Some articles mentioned completely paying them off by the end of this year. Things certainly are lining up for a possible 2022 budget opening up in early 2022.

Muqtada al-Sadr sends a brief message to the Electoral Commission after announcing the final results

30th November, 2021

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, commented on Tuesday, after announcing the final results of the 2021 parliamentary elections.

Al-Sadr said in a brief message to the Electoral Commission via Twitter, followed by NRT Arabiya, (November 30, 2021), ” Thank you to the Electoral Commission.”

The Electoral Commission published, earlier, the final position of the number of seats for political parties and alliances in the Iraqi parliament, after announcing the final results of the elections.

The Sadrist bloc topped the list with 73 seats, while the coalition won 37 seats, while the State of Law coalition won 33 seats, and the following is the number of seats for the rest of the alliances and political parties in the Iraqi parliament during the current parliamentary session.  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » November 30th, 2021

Oil prices continue to bleed .. Brent falls to its lowest level in more than 3 months

30th November, 2021

Oil prices continued to decline, today, Tuesday, and the “Brent” mix fell during trading below the level of $70 a barrel for the first time since the end of August of this year.

And “TASS” agency reported that the futures contracts for the “Brent” mixture fell today below the level of $ 70 a barrel, and that the mixture fell below this level for the first time since the end of August 2021. By 16:34 Moscow time, “Brent” contracts fell by 4.63 By 4.45% to $69.84 per barrel, US West Texas Intermediate crude contracts fell by 4.45% to $66.84 per barrel.

The decline came amid economic concerns about the impact of the new strain of the Corona virus on demand for crude. The president of Moderna Pharmaceuticals told the Financial Times that it is unlikely that Covid-19 vaccines will be effective against “the virus.”

Source: Dinar Recaps


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